• Importing PDF intermittent display issue.

    At times there are issues with getting a newly imported pdf to display. Usually, switching the display style to my usual "dimmed" style will make it appear. If that doesn't work, invoking the "Georef Vector PDF" comma...
    Richard Tyndall
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  • IFC imports in wrong location

    I am trying to import an IFC file into TBC but it comes in at the wrong location.  I am exporting from AutoCAD Civil 3D, which has it in the correct location, and then importing it into TBC. I have attached a scr...
    Shaun Carman
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  • Machine Control SVD ?

    Recently I did a machine control file ( motor grader ) on a roadway.  The file contained the SVL which had the edge of road base,  the edge of concrete pavement and crown( center line of the road).  I w...
    Francisco Guerrero
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  • Feature Request - Utilities - Network Schedules

    Please considering adding the ability to create network schedules for utilities. This would make presenting this type of data a lot easier.    Uses: Design Takeoff Project Management As-Builts and Redli...
  • Linear Dimension - Include arrow size in scale objects?

    When using the scaleobjects command could we have this include arrow sizes? This is something you have to do anyway in a separate step. This would help with cleanup of plumbing, architectural and structural CAD files....
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Enhancement Request - Georeferenced Image Display Styles

    I like using Business Center to compare plan sheets; the ability to adjust the transparency and precisely align sheets with each other (and at real-world scale to take accurate measurements!) makes TBC one of the hand...
    Stephen Gibson
    created by Stephen Gibson
  • CAD profile to Business Center

    Could you or did you create a video on the "Best Practice" of transferring an AutoCAD profile into Business center to be utilized with a Horizontal alignment on the proper station and scale? Thank you.
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  • Linestring Editing in Profile View

    The profile view for linestrings (accessible by selecting a linestring, right-clicking, and selecting "Profile Viewer") could stand to have some of the editing functionality available in the alignment profile view add...
    Stephen Gibson
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  • Block Components when exploded do not keep the import file association

    I have noticed that when you explode blocks, the components of the block do not keep the reference to the imported file they came in with like they do with the parent block. Please consider adding as this would be ver...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Duplicate Corridor

    I am still in the stages of playing with Corridors and making one corridor mutliple times.  So, here is where are here in our office.  The higher up people choose to have two seperate reports and at time mor...
    Francisco Guerrero
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  • Node numbers in corridor templates

    When adding reference lines to a corridor, is there a way to control which node number gets assigned to each reference line?   I am working on a highway project with very many crossovers, all of which have t...
    Wayne Welshans
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  • Layer Groups - Feature Request

    When I open my TBC project, all of my layer groups are shown open in the view filter. I have to click the "-" very often to close the groups. I woult like a button that closes all groups at once. It would be nice if ...
    Titus Emanuel
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  • CAD circles becoming lines and 'edged' in .svl

    Hi,   This has only occurred after i switched to TBC v5.0. I am running v5.10 but the same issue remains. I have a challenge with all CAD circles in my drainage model. When I export my drainage (3Dlinework) mo...
    Martin Matti
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  • Drape Object vs Elevate Line

    How of curiosity,  what difference is there between “drape object and elevate line”? One thing I do know about drape object is. That object can not be used after it has been draped to a surface for an...
    Francisco Guerrero
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  • Looking for TBC 4.10 download

    Need help finding a download link for TBC 4.10
    Xavier Madrid
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  • Trimble Crashing When Trying To Change Line Styles

    When I change the line style of a layer within the layer manger the program crashes. Not sure if it is something with my computer or with how TBC was installed. I have tired both my laptop and desktop and they both cr...
    Nathan St Laurent
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  • Categories - Typo - Field & Machine Control

    This isn't a big deal but I noticed there is a type with the Field & Machine Control Category.   
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Siteworks Error "Index was outside the bounds of the array"

    I am running TBC 5.30 and Siteworks 1.20.20102 Build 355 on a TSC7.  I am creating a road surface in TBC and using the WorksManager commands to create the files and upload to WorksManager.  On the controller...
    Shaun Carman
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  • Feature Request - Georeference Image - Right click and export image with jgw

    It would be super valuable to have the ability to export a georeferenced image with a jgw file with a simple right click option. This would be a huge compliment to Siteworks ability to view background images and great...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Override Segment Length Tool/Macro?

    I was curious if the development team had considered creating a stand alone tool or macro to establish linestring segment length by numbers of segments/length?  I run into situations where I need to densify surfa...
    Matt Voge
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