Is there any way to create a drafting sheet set for the utilities module or drafting module To produce a manhole detail sheet & pipe run detail sheet sheet   Would be a great addition to the utilities modul...
    Gavin Jones
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  • can you merge multiple surfaces at a time?

    is there a way of merging multiple surfaces at a time?   example-  i have my finished grade surface and then multiple trench surfaces/corridor surfaces and some side slope surfaces for machine control. ...
    john west
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  • Labels at random Chainages on Alignment

    Is there anyway to create labels (text) at random Chainages along an Alignment,   I've got a Railway CL about 20km long and an Excel Spreadsheet of about 20 points where Overhead Power lines cross this alignment...
    John Mill
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  • TBC - Nearmap function

    Will TBC be adding nearmap high res image functionality, in future releases? This would be a great feature?   See that SketchUp now has this functionality to access hi-res images   
    Gavin Jones
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  • Publish Field Data to Project Library

    Can we please get "Select All" "Select None" buttons on the dialogue box similar to whats shown below........please.     Thank you for the consideration. 
    Richard Tyndall
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  • Pointcloud wont restore

    Hi!   Please take a look at the video. I dont know why but the restore-button for pointclouds dont seem to be working. Anyone know why?    http://somup.com/cY62lzlBqw 
    Fredrik Bergstrom
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  • No longer displaying Deltas for isopach

    I used to be able to get the delta between two surfaces in the coordinate box, I recently updated to 5.32 so im not sure if its a setting that reverted back to default but im not able to find a setting to turn it back...
    Eric Salgado
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  • Site Mass Haul - Force Full Use Of Borrow and Waste Sites

    Hi   I am working on a bid for the earthworks of a decommissioned power station, to turn it into a new housing estate.  The earthworks strategy allows for completing a cut and fill to 1.5m below the formati...
    Fred Lusted
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  • Surface Edge Extrapolation

    Is there a way to extrapolate (extend) a Surface at the same slope as at the edge triangle? (I could take the Data into Terramodel and do this)   Specifically I have surveyed the underside of a Bridge Deck and w...
    John Mill
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  • TBC - Convert CAD polymesh to utility network

    Is there any way of converting a CAD polymesh to a TBC utility network?  
    Gavin Jones
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  • Feature Request - Points to Surface Excel Report

    Is it possible to add an excel output option for Points to Surface?
    Anthony Gothard
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  • Can we change surface viewing defaults?

     Every time we make a surface we change all of the view properties to "no" (e.g. wireframe, breaklines, drapelines, etc.) and leave only the shading on. I'd imagine other users do the same for the most part. If i...
    Devin Rogers
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  • Utility Module- Issue with connection at branches

    Hi all, My first time posting on the Trimble forums.   Overview:  Project scope required building a stormwater system model to be sent to an excavator for digging the trenches.    The main run ...
    Sabrina Mohammed
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  • Can we add an option to LOCK a surface?

    I'm aware of the option to set rebuild method to "by user" but this does not lock the surface to a set triangulation. Essentially I'm looking for an option to create a snapshot copy of a surface that will not rebuild ...
    Devin Rogers
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  • Feature Request: Create Side Slope: Side Slope expandable item in Project Explorer

    Could we please get a expandable item containing all side slopes generated using the "Create Side Slope" command in the Project Explorer.   Currently I am keeping all of my template nodes in a special layer grou...
    Scott Threet
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  • Interoperability between Tekla Structures and TBC?

    I'm totally new to TBC and looking for information on interoperability between Tekla Structures and TBC.  I'd like to use IFCs (or other means) of our foundation created in Tekla Structures and import into TBC to...
    Michael Boehmer
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  • Feature Request - Plot Color Table

    Would it be possible to add a feature similar to AutoCAD's pen table? Or at least add column to layer manager for "Plot Color" - so when creating plans/exhibits we do not have to change the color of everything? 
    Kenneth Herwig
    last modified by Kenneth Herwig
  • Site Haul Road Design Class

    10/15/20 8:00 AM
    Site Haul Road DesignLearn the best methods and procedures for effectively designing your site and landfill haul roads with Trimble Business Center. Topics include: How to build a centerline alignment How to use the...
    Mike Tartaglia
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    Site Haul Road Design Class
  • Overlapping Areas of Interest Error

    I am trying to segregate a site takeoff by certain areas of interest. I keep getting an error that the boundaries overlap, but I am 100% certain they are not. For example I have an boundary line that is a square, and ...
    Tylor Foster
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  • Cut Fill map coloring difference from Plan View to Sheet View?

    I haven't run into this before so I did some searching on the forum but can't find an answer.  Below is a cut fill map in Plan View but when I view it it in Sheet view (second photo) I get a solid red.  You ...
    Jason Smyth
    last modified by Jason Smyth