• PDF Image Boundaries are deleted with the image

    Is it possible to break the bond between a imported PDF Image (plan sheet) and the rectangle used to trim the image?  When I delete a pdf image to replace it with another, usually due to updated plans, the ...
    Richard Tyndall
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  • Is BC-HCE not able to import linework from DGNs with multiple model spaces?

    I have two DGNs. One with multiple model spaces and one without. The one with one model space, "11238Qply_Newingto - One Model Space" I am able to successfully import the linework into BC. The one with multiple model ...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Custom Report - Take Report- No holding Report layout file location

    There is a bug with the Edit Custom Report pertaining to the Takeoff Report. If you create a new takeoff report and assign a report layout file it will save correctly but if you go back in and to the edit custom repor...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Exporting a dem or tif file

    Is there a way for me to export a .dem or any .tif convertible file of my surfaces?    My workflow right now on producing such file is exporting my surface into a .dwg and recreate the surface using Autocad...
    Karen Anne De Guzman
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  • TBC- identify areas of OG surface by slope range

    I'm performing a takeoff for a job that requires regrading the existing slopes of a canal if they are steeper than 2H:1V. The canal is a little over a mile long and I'm hoping there is an easier way to check the slope...
    Landon Mattson
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  • TBC Error When Trying To Publish Designs for Earthworks

    I'm trying to publish two designs to the project library for Earthworks and I keep getting this error. Any ideas?
    Rich Joslin
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  • Feature request - DWG Compare

    I just downloaded Civil3D 2020 and noticed they have a new feature called DWG compare. I haven't tried it. i have no frame of reference on how well it works but conceptual this is a fantastic idea that we need in TBC....
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Feature Request - Add Point Symbol to Drafting Tab

    Can we add Point symbol to the default drafting tab? I think this would fit well in this category?  
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Command/TML Request - Elevate Profiles

    There is a trick to elevate profiles using the planar surface and change elevation tool but I think this is a process that warrants a dedicated command or TML especially when dealing with a lot of profiles; alignments...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Feature request - Quick Move of Objects

    It would be awesome if there was a quick move option for moving blocks around when setting up drafting templates and some model applications.   if you had items highlighted like line work for a locus map or tree...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Cutting plane view, dont se surface

    Hi!   This is probably a error 60 but i cant understand what i am missing here.  I have a (almost) vertical surface wich i made by sideslope command and its suppose to represent a propertyline. I want to s...
    Fredrik Bergström
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  • Feature Request - Sort Customize Commands Alphabetically

    I just found this customize tool and have started building some floating toolbars.    One thing I noticed is that the commands are not sorted alphabetically. Could they please? This would help make building...
    Patrick L'heureux
    last modified by Patrick L'heureux
  • Drafting - Automated Index

    Is there an automatic way to create an index for a plan/sheet set? It would be useful if this updated automatically.   Maybe the option to have it on both a plan set level and a sheet set level.   Thank you!
    Patrick L'heureux
    last modified by Patrick L'heureux
  • Surface - Quick Contours and Regular - Missing Contours

    I have noticed that when you use the quick contours or the regular create contours, the command will sometimes miss contours that are part of the surface as a breakline. The surface is correct but the visual represent...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • antenn32.dll Error When Using Construction Data Design Export

    When trying to export a project, see the attached error I receive. I tried reinstalling Business Center and used the Cleanup Utility. I tried exporting and importing my surface and linework into a new file to see if t...
    Adam Bower
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  • Create Points Along A Line That Reference an Alignment

    I need to create points on along the edge of pavement and top back of curb that reference the centerline alignment. Example: points at station 1+00, 2+00, etc.
    MIchael Stallings
    last modified by MIchael Stallings
  • Million Dollar Question - How do I share files to non-TBCers?

    I am working on a project with a mix group of engineers, architects, consultants. I have used a combination of fancy tools such as point clouds, sidelopes and other tricks. I want to share this. How do I successfully ...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • How do I view SCS900 designs on an iPad?

    The closest app I've seen to this is the Trimble Connect App.   On an iPad, want to be able to:   1. view the design in 2D superimposed over the pdf plans. 2. view the ttm surface in 3D combined with the ...
    Matt Eklund
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  • Match Properties needs to be more flexible

    I think match properties needs to be more flexible. If I want to copy something such as color it shouldn't matter what the source object is and what the target object is as long as they both have that same attribute y...
    Patrick L'heureux
    last modified by Patrick L'heureux
  • Working with GCS900 and Earthworks Systems

    I get a lot of Questions around creating and managing data for the GCS900, Earthworks and Siteworks / SCS900 systems. So much so that I feel that the creation of a Blog Post (that is easy to locate) that captures all ...
    Alan Sharp
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