• Legacy versions of TBC HCE

    I have an old licence for TBC HCE V3.6.  Is there somewhere I can download a copy of HCE 3.6 so I can utilise this licence on another desktop?
    Fred Lusted
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  • Convert to Linestring "Dumbed down" my Smart text

    I ran the convert to linestring on my site map that I sent out to the field and it "dumbed down" my smart text by converting the leader lines to linestring   A couple requests: Convert to linestring In the con...
  • TBC 5.1 Point Cloud Import

    In TBC 5.1 the point cloud import has seemed to get a new face lift in which I don't really care for.  I typically fly my sites using a P4 PRO and use Datumate to complete the processing.  In the past when I...
    Ben Ryschon
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  • Closed Linestring Figure Start Points

    Due to the way the stringless slipform curb machine needs to look ahead to start it's turn to extrude curb through tight radius, such as "hotdog islands", the linestings can not start at a PC/PT. Otherwise, when you g...
    Richard Tyndall
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  • Feature Request - Quick move of start and stop for a closed polyline

    Is there a way to quickly move the starting point of a polyline? I would use this for dynaviews but I have also seen the need for this when modeling other entities such as footings with the create side slope tool. ...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Feature Request - Project Settings  - Address

    Can we get dedicated fields fort he address of a project? I use the comment fields but it would be nice to have dedicated fields for the street address and city/town.   enhancement request   Thanks!  
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Problem with Alignments in 3D View

    For some reason I'm having issues with alignments not displaying correctly in 3D view after I edit their stationing.  In some instances the alignments are shown shorter or not at all but in all cases everything l...
    Ben Wall
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  • arc display settings

    Is there a setting for how the software displays arcs? Ever since I updated to v5.10, arcs are being displayed as short straight segments. The further I zoom out, the worse they appear. I didn't have this problem in t...
    Kenneth Herwig
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  • Is there a video on teaching how to build surface from CAD cross sections?

    Is there a video on teaching how to build surface from CAD cross sections?
    David Ballew
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  • Utility Module Error message

    I Keep getting this error message whenever performing a utility module takeoff. Has any one encounter the same issue. We have Microsoft office installed in all computers.   Thanks 
    Bryan Sarmiento
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  • How can I export my CF Map into Google Earth?

    I have a guy here at the office who is trying to export his CF Map into Google Earth but every time he includes the CF Map TBC throws an error and will not execute. I tried doing the same thing on my computer sta...
    Eric Salgado
    created by Eric Salgado
  • Create Side Slope, Curb Machine Models, and Corners

    When stringless slipforming typical vertical curb, a flat surface following the profile of the reference line, among other things is required. It is recommended that on the machine side of the reference line, the...
    Richard Tyndall
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  • Trimble CAT Used IP Ports

    Please see Trimble CAT Used IP Ports - Google Sheets for the most current information
    Alan Sharp
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  • Can you adjust the dimensions (size) of the Status Bar on a 4K monitor?

    The Status Bar on my 4K main monitor is 'clipped'. The width seems fine but the height is cut off (see attached screen shot). Is there a way to adjust this or is this a Windows 10 issue with scaling on 4K monitors? I...
    Marshall Cant
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  • Has anyone built a feature definition .fxl file that equates to the FDOT Cadd symbology standards

    Looking to see if anyone has put together a .fxl file that matches the FDOT symbology standards for design projects
    Danny Deal
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  • Feature Request - Feature Definitions - Multi Line text

    I would like to put in a request to have a multi line option for an attribute in the feature definition manager. I am try to put in a bunch of recorded data for test pits and there is not a great spot to put this info...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Best Practices for Modifying a TTM

    I had to adjust an old mode lthis morning that either myself or one of my colleagues prepared 4+ years ago. I did not have the original data but I did have the ttm that we provide to the field crews. I needed to adjus...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Feature Request - Dynaview Collection - Set sheet Names

    Is there a way to set sheet names for the dynaview collections? The default to sheet #. I would like be able to set to the prefix.   Reasons for this:   Exporting as pdf Hopefully in the future TBC w...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Import and assign media files to points with GPS Location

    Is there a way to bring in pictures with geolocations and assign them to points via proximity?   I know you can assign media data which is pretty cool but this is a manual association. I am looking for something...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • How to create corridor material layers from designer provided roadway breaklines

    If we have designer provided breaklines for finish grade and all subgrade layers, is there a workflow that would allow us to use the corridor commands and material layers to perform a volume takeoff on those subgrade ...
    Devin Rogers
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