• What is this Loading Graphics for Plan View slowdown? Anybody else? 4.11

    When I load a large cad file I keep getting this. Why does it take so long? Is there a setting somewhere?
    Shea Huckaby
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  • better way to enter series of points at certain line chainages?

    I work since quite a few years with TBC but never had to do that specific task in TBC, only in Terramodel were it is no trouble at all. I did check the help but couldn't find anything better. But maybe I miss th...
    Ronny Schneider
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    Getting an error message "NoneType object is not subscriptable" when I launch TML Status. Clicking OK results in TML status page being blank. Clicking update says "No TML's to update"   What's going on? Thank...
    Marshall Cant
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  • Plotting - Sheet Numbers & text

    With plotting a full drawing set including plan views, long sections, cross sections etc is there an option for including the total sheet numbers for the Planset, not just each individual section ie cross sections?...
    Chris Whelan
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  • Printing marked up plans

    I have currently started taking off a DOT job.  I have added the plans and georeferenced the needed sheets and have built the alignments for the road, out fall ditches, and have made linestrings for the storm pip...
    Brian Sarvis
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  • Markup.ltp

    Here are a couple of Linetypes that you can use to Markup and Highlight Lines on Plans
    Alan Sharp
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  • Issues - Printing User Defined Utility Runs

    It looks like you cannot print user defined utility runs with dynaviews and plan sets.   Am I missing something? If not please considering adding. There is no option to represent a run in 2D like there is with c...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Feature Request - Drafting - Print Plan Set - Add Sheet Set Name Column

    5 votes
    Please consider adding a sheet set column name, the ability to hover over a sheet and see which sheet set this sheet is associated to, or a group header.   This would be very useful when working on projects with ...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Modify / Copy CAD Line Style

    Can you modify & save the CAD line style which can in from an external drawing. 1. how to modify / copy this line style 2. can this line style be saved to a Trimble library for reuse  
    Gavin Jones
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  • "LIGHT" Interface Option Missing From TBC 5.3?

    My installation of TBC 5.3 is missing the option to use the "Light" interface in Options. Has it been moved? Screenshot attached. Marshall
    Marshall Cant
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  • Cursor Starts in wrong box... Workflow Issue since latest patch

    Help please!  If this is answered elsewhere, I apologize, but I didn't get a resolution the first place I posted this.  I'm not sure if I posted it in the right place or not.    So this was Assume...
    Ben Dyer
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  • Cross Sections - Tables

    Hi, I am plotting cross sections and long sections within the drawing (Planset) and would like to alter the table properties (width/heights) of the boxes. There is 'wasted space' above the numbers and also the w...
    Chris Whelan
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  • Linetype.ltp

    Here is an example Linetype File that you can load into TBC using the Linetype Manager - if you don't have one to work with
    Alan Sharp
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    I am having problems with my line strings getting erased and or disappear when I change the grade tolerance in my project settings.  I have created a cut fill map and I wanted to change the tolerance but when it ...
    Ben Ryschon
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  • How to tie two designed surfaces together?

    Anyone know the best way to tie two surfaces together? I have a surface coming in at an angle and would like to make a smooth transition with correct slopes. Thanks.  
    Pablo Giraldo
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  • Is there a video on teaching how to build surface from CAD cross sections?

    Is there a video on teaching how to build surface from CAD cross sections?
    David Ballew
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  • v5.30 Issues with 4K displays and Corridor Interface

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post about an issue I've discovered in the latest TBC update. Feel free to move it if it needs to be moved.   I updated to TBC v5.30 today, and I use a set of 4K monito...
    Tyler Lindsay
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    Does TBC no longer import a excel file with station ans offset and make them points to a alignment ? i know is was worked in the past . any one know a work around
    ryan kolt
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  • Point Symbols Not by Points in Sheet View

    I seem to be having an issue with my point symbols not showing up beside the label/point location when I create my sheet views. It seems to be linked to my dynaview being at an angle and not perpendicular to the CAD f...
    Ben Wall
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  • Help Guide Typo

    I just wanted to point out a typo I found.
    Patrick L'heureux
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