• How can I transfer a Trimble Access "ground coordinate" based calibration to Siteworks and GCS900?

    I have a project where the local DOT has asked that we utilize a single "shared" base station. I have set up our SPS855 base station using a known point coordinate that they had given me, as well as using their extern...
    Brandon Tobias
    created by Brandon Tobias
  • Customizing Ribbons Crashes TBC Version 5.21

    I installed the TBC 5.21 today and noticed that customizing my ribbons crashes my TBC.
    Eric Condemilicor
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  • Is there a way to have TBC place the name of a closed feature (rectangular or polygon) in the centroid of the feature after processing the feature codes. For example placing the name St. John's Church within the drawing of the building?

    For example placing the name of the feature e.g. Harry's Bar within the drawing of the bar. The name should be entered while gathering data in the field. This would lessen the chances of wrong naming.
    Trevor Isaac
    created by Trevor Isaac
  • Problem Installing 5.21

    I've downloaded 5.21 but can't get it installed.  Each time I get to this point and it gets some kind of error and shuts down.  See screenshot below.  Any ideas on where to go from here?  I'll try ...
    Ben Wall
    created by Ben Wall
  • Issue w/Create Design/Design Manager in 5.21

    The 5.21 update seems to have created an issue or modified the workflow for producing designs.   Upon the initial setup of the project, the Job Site Manager allows assigning of controllers as usual, ho...
    Richard Tyndall
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  • Is there a way to generate a linestring where two surfaces intersect each other?

    I'm trying to generate a linestring where an OG surface intersects my model. I have some blast regions that I need to quantify where the OG intersects the proposed roadway and I want to get a linestring of that inters...
    Rich Joslin
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  • TBC v5.21 LOCKING UP

    I was wondering if anyone else was having issues with TBC V5.21 locking up.  I am creating a site and I am using point cloud data and I have had it lock up three times in a row when trying to offset a line. ...
    Ben Ryschon
    created by Ben Ryschon

    Anybody know if TCC is down?
    Ben Ryschon
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  • Cross Section Takeoff - Navigation through View SHeets

    Is there a way to set page up and page down on the keyboard to cycle through sheets when there is an active sheet view open?
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Alignment Report Using PI Stations

    We use a online plan app that we upload our alignments.  The alignments are in CSV format and the PI N/E with radius is used.  For tangent lines only need the N/E.  The Geometry Report comes close, I wo...
    Francisco Guerrero
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  • Plan Sets - Is there a way to copy sheet sets?

    Is there a way to copy sheet sheets? If not enhancement request. I have my sheet set all set up with a dynaview collection. All I want to do is copy the sheet set and change the view filter that is active for the shee...
    Patrick L'heureux
    last modified by Patrick L'heureux
  • Replacement For SPS930?

    Any hints as to when we might see an updated version (or replacement) for the SPS930? How about an SX10 style instrument? The current SPS series is about 12 years old and in the field the expectations for scanning, la...
    Marshall Cant
    created by Marshall Cant
  • Which TBC Edition/Module Do I Need To Model a Penstock?

    I have to model a 3.1m diameter Penstock that is basically encased in a concrete structure with an additional 2 conduits running beside it that are also encased in the same concrete structure. The Penstock has several...
    Marshall Cant
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  • Best Approach to Model Corridor Gaps?

    What is the best approach to manually modeling between gaps in a corridor? I have recently started adding my manually created linework to gapped sections in my corridor "finish" surface to create my "still dynamic" fu...
    Joe Melchiori
    created by Joe Melchiori
  • Feature Request - Right Click - Isolate/ Unisolate Layer

    I think the isolate/unisolate toggle would be a great right click option and save some back and forth on the screen.   enhancement request   Thank you for consider!  
    Patrick L'heureux
    last modified by Patrick L'heureux
  • Alignment Geometry Report

    Is there a way to run multiple or all Alignment Geometry Reports at one time? There's usually several alignments in most projects, recently I had a project with 53 alignments.
    Eric Schmeusser
    last modified by Eric Schmeusser
  • Enter Start Station When Creating Alignment

    Title says it all. Can you add the ability to enter a station when creating an alignment. The workaround of entering the desired station in the Alignment Editor is cumbersome if you have a vertical alignment, even if ...
    Andy Hill
    created by Andy Hill
  • Solid hatch black is not black

    Trying to fix up my title block and I can't figure out how to get solid hatching to be darker. It appears to be screened back or maybe transparency is set to 50%. Color of hatch is black, but appears gray on screen, i...
    Thomas Tomsu
    last modified by Thomas Tomsu
  • Feature Request - Smart Text - Additional Codes

    Please consider adding these additional codes to the smart code list:   Plan set name Sheet Set Name     These would help with deliverable prep.   enhancement request   Thank you  
  • Running object snaps Hotkey?

    Is there a hotkey or quick way to turn ALL running object snaps off then your previous active snaps back on? Like F3 does in AutoCAD.
    steve schuler
    created by steve schuler