• Why Can't I Log Into the Forum Today

    Trimble is migrating the forums to a new platform currently. As a result all content creation except by admins is frozen. Your account has been temporarily suspended during the migration period. The new system should ...
    Alan Sharp
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  • What PC specs?

    What sort of PC specs does everyone run?  Processor/RAM/Graphics Card. I quickly realised 16Gb isn't enough and 32Gb is a bit average. 
    Bevan Waller
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  • Can't find model tab to start the geometry creator function

    Would like to define a  plane to complete a surface to model inspection.  A Trimble Realworks tutorial indicates this is done in the geometry creator under the model tab.  I do not see a model tab....
    kevin beat
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  • Corridor trouble, errors after changing line

    Hi!   Look at this video, anyone knows why i have this problem? I have to redo the whole template after changing alingment...   https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cYXZj8LC6N 
    Fredrik Bergstrom
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  • Feature request: A project setting that allows you to adjust surface view settings?

    More often than not, when I create a surface, the first thing I do is adjust the properties of the surface to meet my preferences in 2d and 3d views. For example, I usually prefer to have wireframe and breaklines turn...
    Devin Rogers
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  • Profiles in CAD Data

    When I am given CAD data that includes profile views of alignments (pic attached), is there a way to elevate an alignment from it?   I've always just typed in the vertical data from the plans when building&...
    Matthew Judice
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  • Selection Sets - Drafting - No option to add to current selection set

    Selection sets hold some real power but they can also lead to some serious confusion. One issue is when drafting and using selection set filters. The items that you are creating are not added to the selection set you ...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Coordinate Scroll for Point Clouds?

    I'm not sure if this feature exists but having the ability to have an option for point cloud elevation in coordinate scroll would help so much. Not only to check if points are being accurately recorded for point sampl...
    Nicholas Nikula
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  • Slow/Laggy Layer Manager

    Running ver 5.2 trying to do anything in the layer manager has always been painfully slow. I was hoping my brand new 4.7Ghz 64Gb PC would help to wake it up, but it didn't. The overall laggyness plus the failure ...
    steve schuler
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  • Boring Logs - Edit as Spreadhseet

    Is there a way to edit existing borings logs in TBC as a spreadsheet?    Example:    Engineer gives 24 inches of loam as a strata layer but you field verify that there is only 4 inches of loam. W...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Point list Error

    Hi   I dont know where to send errors. This happend today. It is few days back I couldnt export reports to excel. It doesnt alow me to display point list today.   What to do with that?
    Luboš Bejček
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  • Feature Request - Combo Box/Filter - Selection Set Filters

    Selection Set filters are an area that would greatly benefit from a filtering combo box or some sort of filtering. This would dramatically increase the speed of navigating through this list, especially on larger proje...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Point Label export

    Hej! I have some trouble with point labels. When I export them and open in another cad software the symbol shows as something else. I think that it would be great to be able to choose not to have a symbol and just th...
    Magnus Bengtsson
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  • Project Cleanup- Joining Misaligned Linestrings

    I have never had any luck with this. I've got two lines with only a .05' gap and a 0*6'34" misalignment and I cannot get them to join using project cleanup regardless the size of the Misconnection Tolerance. What am I...
    steve schuler
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  • WorksManager-TCC Workflow

    We're starting to slowly build our upcoming new jobs in Works Manager and has already came across some hurdles. I'm wondering if anybody else are having these issues and how to prevent them.   First, there is no...
    Karen Anne De Guzman
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  • Trouble with point labels

    Hi.   I have trouble with labels. First issue is the representation of point names and added labels together. I have a label style for points, it is cross symbol 35, I have a label style for point name and...
    Luboš Bejček
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  • Creating a Side Slope

    I am trying to create a side slope that has a slope of 2:1 for most of it but then where it transitions back to the existing ground it is more of an arc. As you can see by what I have attached below. Is there a way to...
    Nathan St Laurent
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  • Pointcloud looking like sparse cloud sometimes, why?

    Hi. Sometimes when i click on the pointcloud my computer starts to work a lot and after a longer time the pintcloud gets choosen but when unmarking it its like a sparse cloud. Most of the points dont show. This happe...
    Fredrik Bergstrom
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  • Totals by siteimprovement AND Aoi, Possible?

    Hi.   Probably this is possible but i just dont understand how to do it or configure the take off report correct.  This is my problem:   I have a project with 3 different houses and 3 different custo...
    Fredrik Bergstrom
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  • Simplified Demolition Totals

    Is there a simple way to total demolition improvements?  I'm looking for something like the image below which I have to manually create using an excel formula and very specific "improvement" and material names.
    Tyler Ramon
    created by Tyler Ramon