• Linestring 2D Snap

    Is there a way to edit a linestring's horizontal coordinate by snapping to a point object without the elevation of the linestring being set to the point's elevation? Essentially, is there a way to 2D snap instead of 3...
    Alex Culbertson
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  • Security Certificate

    I have been receiving this security alert when I open TBC. I install the certificate, but it keeps coming back. Any ideas on how to fix this?   -Tommy      
    Thomas Tomsu
    created by Thomas Tomsu
  • Vertical Design - Source ID Illegal

    Does anyone know what this means? I have done hundreds on instructions (in different vertical designs) and this is one of the few times I have seen this.   Also with the elevation shouldn't it be target line and...
  • Computer spec

    Hi!   This is not a TBC question but almost .    I am about to buy a new stationary computer to one of the guys in the office and we have always been working on laptops so i wonder what kind of spec t...
    Fredrik Bergstrom
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  • Double-precision patches use?

    Could someone explain what the "double-precision patches" does in the display options? The TBC Help description "Select this check box to specify that double-precision patches be used for surfaces." is not much help. TY
    steve schuler
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  • Vertical Design - Moving Instructions to desired Locations after created

    There does not appear to be an easy way to move instructions to desired locations after they have been create. A user can drag an instruction very easily but there is not a way to move an instruction to say Sta 101+50...
  • Has anyone else lost the properties pane before?

    I have lost the properties pane and cannot seem to find it. It doesn't appear to be hiding.   I tried some of the windows tricks and none of these seem to work. https://www.techjunkie.com/find-recover-off-s...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Surface Minimum Warning Distance changes via .vcl

    Under Project Settings -> Computations, the Surface: Minimum warning distance value seems to change to 0.01 ft when I either export or import a .vcl file. It seems that the program shouldn't change this value, as i...
    Jeff Scott
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  • Using a TTM as a takeoff Surface

    Hello   I sometimes get original ground surfaces supplied as TTMs or XMLs, often they are just the triangles and none of the original observations or breaklines.   I would like to be able to use these surf...
    Sam Williams
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  • Bug - Plan Sets - Dynaviews are not sorting Alphanumerically

    Dynaviews are not sorting alphanumerically in combo boxes. please address.     Thanks You!!
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • How to model bottom of MSE wall

    I have the bottom of an MSE wall that I want to model for machine control. I created points for each elevation then created a linestring to join them. Trying to figure out the best way to create a surface so the steps...
    Pablo Giraldo
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  • Feature Request - Plans Sets - Import PDF - Keep PDF Quality

    Is there a way to import a PDF page in a plan set and keep this in its original PDF quality?    This would be very useful when adding pages from other parties, such as survey data, into a plan set and reduc...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Any way to create flow arrows?

    Wondering if there is any way to create little flow arrows to indicate drainage or flow channels along with my slope text? Or maybe they are already made in TBC and I can't find them.I have attached a screenshot of wh...
    Dane Myran
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  • Is there a way to print with the map view as an underlay?

    Typically I will bring in an image from Google Maps to overlay linework or control points on but that seems redundant with the capability of turning on Map view in TBC. The snag I ran into this morning is that it does...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Feature Request - View Filter Manager - Collapse all button

    Please consider either adding a collapse/expand all button to the View filter hear or a right click option to collapse/expand all.   enhancement request   Thank you!   There is a trick: Hold shift an...
  • Trimble Connect - Document Description

    Is it possible to add an additional field to Trimble connect, it would be great if it could display   Document No.   DN1052-DWG-123 etc Document Title    Cross Sectional Drawing Sheet 1 of 1...
    Gavin Jones
    created by Gavin Jones
  • Purpose of "Usage" list when creating a boundary?

    Do Cut, Fill or Barrow Usage Zones have any connection for Mass Haul zones? If not what's their purpose?   I can't seem to find the answer in help files anywhere. Thank you.
    steve schuler
    created by steve schuler
  • Let me try a different question and approach.

    Since there seems to be no solution to my "Name linestring by near point" question, Let my try a question that could be  an alternate route. Say I have a earthwork only project takeoff where all paving...
    steve schuler
    created by steve schuler
  • Features Request

    -Right click on linestring grip to add/remove vertices (with ability to shift select multiples).  -Make Macro commands available for right click "recent commands" use. -Allow Layer Manager columns widths t...
    steve schuler
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  • Mouse Wheel Scroll on Ribbon Bug?

    Just a little QOL question here.   I use my mouse wheel a lot while navigating TBC and noticed that mouse wheel scrolling in either direction while hovering the ribbon causes it to scroll left towards the "Home"...
    Matthew Pitt
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