• drop down field in IFC exporter unnecessary/counterproductive

    We've got different IFC files with a lot culverts in them. Different types come in different files. They are spread over a wide area. We try to export the IFC data for a specific small area, means the data we'd l...
    Ronny Schneider
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  • Disappearing Buttons

    I have an issue that seems to be a personal issue, with various portions of the macro commands disappearing off the screen after moving the mouse cursor over them.  This has been happening for several years now, ...
    Wayne Welshans
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  • Select Points by Undefined El

    I am trying to select a group of points by elevation in advance select. I have the point group selected > current selection > sort by Elevation > equals > ? undefinded. It will not select the points undefi...
    nate doyle
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  • Overexcavation

    Does anyone use the Overexcavation tool in the Take-Off module?  On my workstation it bloated my take-off model from 17 mb to 257 mb.  Curious if anyone else has experienced this.  
    thomas swink
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  • label cross-sections with irregular stations

    Hello, how can I label the stations of cross-sections in planview, if the cross-sections have irregular station distance (for example 0.05m, 1.243m, 20.604m)?   best regards Frank Pötschke
    Frank Poetschke
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  • view priority and order don't work properly in Plan view, Sheet View, PDF

    V5.31 + V5.32 and I had my issues with that before. See here How to manipulate the display sequence of CAD elements and in addition to the recent question How do you control display order?  &#...
    Ronny Schneider
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  • Does TBC v5 have a problem with Point Cloud Import?

    Hi   I have just updated my TBC to v5.10.2.  I am trying to import a point cloud into a new project file and it gets to 96% then the program just hangs up.  Is there a problem with this version.  ...
    Fred Lusted
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  • Arc/Polyline Curve Direction flipping on export to Siteworks

    I am seeing two instances of strange curve behavior. Please see the below images. Black background are snips from TBC. White background are snips from Siteworks Emulator.   Instance 1   When I check the ...
    Samuel Egelhoff
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  • Can not get Trimble Business Center 5.32  to install on a new computer

    Can not get Trimble Business Center 5.32  to install on a new computer.  The company I work for got hit by a ransom attack and we are rebuilding all our machines.   I download the offline...
    Andy Griner
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  • Feature Request - Linestring Vertical Type - Delta Elevation

    I have run into several cases where it would be useful to have a delta elevation option for a vertical type in linestring.    Example: - Building Footprint   The front of the building is at an elevati...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Error importing Lidar laz file

    Dropbox - usgs18-70cm_14RMU995660.laz - Simplify your life    Trying to import a laz file into TBC 5.32, but keep getting this error:     It imports into Autodesk Recap just fine and I can expo...
    Thomas Tomsu
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  • Realworks - Demolicense

    Hi!   I have also asked this question in the Geospatial form but also asking it here.    Anyone knows where i can get a demolicense for RealWorks today, a saturday?  I have a project with a lot ...
    Fredrik Bergstrom
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  • Drafting issue - Scale bar

    Hello everybody.   The last couple of days I've been doing some drafting and plotting and it seems like the scale bar text is acting up. Not a big thing but come on this doesn't look and feel professional sendin...
    Joseph Torres
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  • Random Plan View Error

    Does anyone else experience this problem? I have been experiencing it for a couple of years now on multiple different computers. It happens randomly as I select a line. All of the line weights go to the maximum and th...
    Rich Joslin
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  • Background map

    How to get beter quality for background map?? Lets see the pictures, the map in TBC is very very very poor...   is it from google?.... how old is the map?
    Luboš Bejček
    last modified by Luboš Bejček

    Well I need to go back to a job that I have archived in WM but I a little confused on how to do this.  Is there any documentation explaining how to do this?   Thanks,   Ben
    Ben Ryschon
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  • Cancel command for TBC?

    As a Civil 3D user, I find it very frustrating that TBC doesn't include a "Cancel" command. Is there any way to include a "Cancel" command keybinding to the ESC key?   The video below shows that in order to clea...
    Nicholas Nikula
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  • View TBC 3D model in Autodesk Viewer with elevation shading?

    Does anyone know how to export a 3D model for Autodesk Viewer that will keep the shading based on elevation like shown in TBC?   I would like to be able to share a 3D version of the model created with team membe...
    Tylor Foster
    created by Tylor Foster
  • corridor volumes based on surface needs improvement

    I've got a subgrade surface created from a finished level surface and site improvements applied. I can do an overall quantities report with the earthworks surface to surface report, but the engineers want it like a c...
    Ronny Schneider
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  • Editing Alignments for ditching/drainage

    I started a new position at a rural municipality as a surveyor/drafter where we just received three excavators with trimble machine control. In the past they have used Map Info to edit and determine the suitable grade...
    Tim Janke
    last modified by Tim Janke