• Feature Request - Snap to embedded Block Linework

    Please consider adding the ability to snap to linework embedded in a block. I am hoping that the field controls follow suit in the future because there are certain items that are much more useful as blocks than explod...

    Well I need to go back to a job that I have archived in WM but I a little confused on how to do this.  Is there any documentation explaining how to do this?   Thanks,   Ben
    Ben Ryschon
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  • Feature Request - Line Type Editor Update

    Is there any chance or updating the line type editor? The TBC version is a little dated. I like how quick and smooth the Autocad editor is.    How to make Line Type (Line with Text) - YouTube 
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Trimble Vx and TBC

    We may be using a Vx Spatial Station for a job we have coming up. Are there any issues using Vx scan and image data with TBC? Do you need the Scanning Module in order to process Vx data in TBC? Are there any other is...
    Marshall Cant
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  • Having trouble getting started with custom reports

    I get an error when trying to experiment with custom reports using  the docx functionality.  It happens after hitting the edit layout button.  Here is a screenshot.   Do I need something addit...
    david moriarty
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  • Publish Field Data to Project Library - Check/UnCheck

    I have one out of 36 pre-selected file to publish. So now I need to uncheck 35 pre-selected files to publish one file. The other day I had to uncheck 96 pre-selected files, to publish (wait for it) one file. Do you th...
    Richard Tyndall
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  • feature request - macro "offset surface"

    I would like to extend the "offset suface" macro to include the possibility of calculating the new surface perpendicular to the old surface. If the slopes have different inclinations and you have to apply the same lay...
    Titus Emanuel
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    Hi.   After updating to 5.31 drafting stopped working with some things.  Dynaviews dont show, zoom extents in sheetview goes a long way out but it is nothing so far out. New and old dynaviews dont show. In...
    Fredrik Bergstrom
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  • DCEditor.exe

    Can someone please point me to where I can find the download for this utility?   Many thanks, Marshall
    Marshall Cant
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  • Trying to edit LAT/Long units error

    This is what it shows when I go into it. When I expand the lat longs the second I hover over anything in this box it shows the bottom screenshot and errors out           Excepti...
    Erik Petersen
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  • Create Tool Tab (custom floating toolbar)

    How can we create the custom Tool Tab that floats around the screen? I did it once, but cannot remember. You could drag and drop tools onto your tool bar.
    Tylor Foster
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  • Edit a line referencing a different alignment

    Is there a convenient way to edit a line while referencing a separate alignment?  Many times a profile sheet has ditch profiles that reference the road alignment.  I would like to be able to select the ditch...
    MIchael Stallings
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  • Export SVD/SVL with TBC 5.30

    I want to export my project as SVD/SVL files for machine control. With TBC 5.20 it worked well. Now I had to edit some little things with TBC 5.30 and the export is not working any more. I get this error: "The high ...
    Titus Emanuel
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  • Dynaviews in 5.31

    Hej! I made some drawings yesterday in TBC 5.3. It worked fine. Today I updated to 5.31 and my dynaviews in the sheet view doesn't show anymore. Anyone else seen this problem or know what's wrong? After a downgrade t...
    Magnus Bengtsson
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  • Customize The Ribbon

    When a new version of TBC is released I always like to customize my ribbon with a new tab of my most frequently used commands.  It would be great if you could export just this tab and import it into the latest ve...
    Fred Lusted
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  • Fonts does not look the same, Word - TBC

    Hi!   Take a look at the picture here. When i change the fonts to thoose 2 i want to use (Kanit and Work Sans) they almost look the same and i cant make them bold and so on. When i use those fonts in my word doc...
    Fredrik Bergstrom
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  • File Flipper and user defined coordinate system?

    Hi Guys,   I am sure someone has come across that one before, but I can't find the answer for it.   I have machine files for CB460 and I want to change them to Earthworks. I downloaded a File Flipper and i...
    Pawel Hasiuk
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  • Exporting Points/Attributes with Georeferenced Images from TBC

    Hi There,   First time post so I hope I am in the correct area.   I am currently collecting large amounts of site data using the R12 which consists mainly of Single attributed points with accompanying Geo-...
    kevin Bryce
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  • Works Manager File Steal

    I'm posting this in a couple of places as the WM site doesn't have a questions tab. TCC is not functioning properly.   Grant, i don't see a place to ask a question on the site. I have an issue with my Earthworks...
    Thomas Mauriello
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  • Need for a block editor

    I think there is a big need for a block editor in TBC.    I have run into a few cases where I would need to make a modification to a block and currently in TBC the only way to do so is to explode the block ...
    Patrick L'heureux
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