• Profile table

    How do i adjust so my profile table wont be int the grid? If i change the scale it will be better but other things f*** up. Sometimes tje lines are below the grid and sometimes the grid is in the table. How do i fix t...
    Fredrik Bergström
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  • Text White Out Size

    Alan Sharp   Is there a setting to increase the text white out size?
    Matt Voge
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  • Where can I find point metadata from an spj?

    Is there a place that I can find point metadata in TBC?   Items such as: Operator Name Time Date Target Height     If these are not available in TBC can we please make them?    I am currently ...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Missing Data when importing a Xref Block

    I tried importing a dwg that contained what appears to be a xref block and noticed I was missing data in TBC. I went back to the original dwg with Civil3D, exploded the block, and reimported into TBC and I was able to...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Converting a .mch file to an older version for a CB460

    Is there a way to use TBC-HCE 5.0 to convert a .mch (machine control) to use an older version of firmware.  In otherwords, if the original file was built in a CB460 on version 13.10, and it may need to go on a CB...
    Robert Stallings
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  • Grid Only Points in 5.1

    I would just like some clarification on the new create point options in TBC 5.1.  In past versions we had to import our control points from a csv file so that we could set them as "grid only" so that they would n...
    Ben Ryschon
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  • Feature Request - Object Explorer for Drafting

    I think it would be beneficial to have some type of object explorer in drafting or have the ability to select a object in edit mode and see the properties of the object, such as its layer. It would be useful if the to...
    Patrick L'heureux
    last modified by Patrick L'heureux
  • Hidden UCS geometry from imported DGN file?

    I have imported a designer .dgn file.  Cleaned it up and sent the .dxf linework file out to the field.  I then get this picture from my guys. Here is that same line before he selects it:     ...
    Tysen Ellison
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  • TBC 5.1v Locks-Up during export function

    TBC 5.1v Locks-Up during export. After the export dialog opens, the software freezes up causing me to use the task manager to close the program. Has any one else ran into this issue? If so, please let me know if the...
    Brian Van Pelt
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  • Does anyone know how to delete "ghost" VPI's? They only show up when you toggle line markings, but they act as VPI's and are no able to be edited in the VPI editing window.

    last modified by JEFF GONZALEZ
  • Start TBC with different "options"-file

    Normaly I work in my office, so I have access to my network and server. Then TBC uses the files from the mapped drive. But sometimes I don't have access to the network, so TBC can't find the network-drive an I get som...
    Titus Emanuel
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  • Point Cloud Export Error

    I received this error message when trying to export a point cloud as a rcp file type.   Is there a way to test the cause of this?    
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Slope arrows to EarthWorks, possible?

    Is the a way to get the slope arrows on a surface to show in EarthWorks, export them in any way? Or is there a fast way to place slopearrows on a surface (not manual) wich i can export?
    Fredrik Bergström
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  • I am trying to use drafting for a simple plan sheet, my sheet is always blank

    Good morning,   I am trying to do a drafting sheet for a simple site.  I just want to have one plan view.   No matter what template I try to use when I make a new sheet view everything is blank.  ...
    Robby Stein
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  • Is there a way to create a custom table?

    I know I can create a table for points, polygons, and lines. But what about when I want to create a table with different information to display in TBC for plotting purposes as part of a planview? For instance Cut/Fill...
    Elaine Cairns
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  • Pointcloud from SX10 or BC-HCE to Sketchup, is that possible?

    Does someone have a video for an workflow to use pointclouds in sketchup collected from a SX10 and exported from BC-HCE?  Or maybe it doesent work to do that? It is an extension in sketchup (Trimble scan explore...
    Fredrik Bergström
    last modified by Fredrik Bergström
  • Side Slope - Building Foundation Comments

    Here are a few comments on using the create side slope tool to model a building foundation model and what I think would help speed up the process.   Summary: Layers need to default to the last layers used Copy...
    Patrick L'heureux
    last modified by Patrick L'heureux
  • Is there a way to merge several surfaces at once? IE: I have a mainline corridor surface and several side road surfaces. I want to make one complete surface for the machines. I have only seen that you can do one at a time. Also when I do one at a time I h

    Trying to merge multiple road surfaces at one time to make one overall model for the machines. I have several side roads and one mainline surface. Would also see being able to exclude triangles with the merged surface...
    Steve Lacey
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  • Pointcloud error, somtimes before and now almost every time.

    Hi!   Anyone have the same issue or maybe know whats wrong? For some time i been having this issue in some projects (a small amount) and a restart usally does the trick. But now its a bigger problem, now its alm...
    Fredrik Bergström
    last modified by Fredrik Bergström
  • 5.10 logo image "disappears" from sheet

    Hi, I've been creating some template sheets for us. When I imported an placed our logo image everything did work, until I saved it as template and reopened it. On first glance it seemed that the image had gone but it...
    Ronny Schneider
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