• Is it possible to use smart text to show the volume of a surface?

    I am hoping to use smart text to cut down on the time it takes me to interrogate surfaces that I create for house foundations.   I'm hoping that there might be an easier way than running a stockpile/depression r...
    Matthew Pitt
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  • Earthworks Simulator in Windows 10

    Does anybody know how to run the earthworks simulator using windows 10?  Thank you
    Eric Condemilicor
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  • Error when choosing Design Map linework

    I have a user in our office who is getting an exception error when he chooses the line work for a design and then clicks add. It won't attach any line work to the design. He has tried a full clean install using the cl...
    Erik Petersen
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  • Problem with C/F maps and legends in Sheet view and while plotting.

    Any one else experienced this problem when using C/F maps in the sheet view. Every C/F map i use in my dynaviews is showing almost the opposite colour grading if not as in this case, it turns almost everything white.&...
    Joakim Andreasson
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  • TBC Locking  Up in Plan View after Loading CAD File

    I've had problems viewing a Plan View tab after I load up a CAD File (see link).  The 3D view seems to still work fine but the Plan View snaps to (0,0), or close to it, and I can no longer Pan or Zoom.  I've...
    Ben Wall
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  • Point Clouds - Classify Regions

    Is there a way to create a point cloud region using a polygon? I recognize you can use the polygon select tool to create a polygon region, but what I'm looking for is a way to have an editable shape that I can use to ...
    Logan Whitehead
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  • Mass Earthwork Excavation and Backfill with Slopes?

    I have asked this question a couple different times without an efficient response as of yet. I get my bore holes and define my strata. I build my sites and input my site improvements. However, excavation is never dire...
    Chase Swalling
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  • Point Clouds 3D transformation

    Does anyone have experience with 3D transformation of point clouds between two different local coordinate systems? I can't find this function in TBC 5.10, but I don't have much experience with point clouds options, an...
    Jaroslaw Swiercz
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  • Trimble Unified Login - Buggy

    Anyone else having issue with the Trimble unified log in? It usually takes multiple attempts to get in. I am seeing this with WorksManager, Trimble Community and Stratus. Appears to have started about a week to 2 week...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Points to surface results report not appearing in Report list

    The points to surface results report is a handy item however on one of our PCs even though it is enabled in the "Report options" setting of "show on reports menu" it doesn't appear in the menu.  Nothing is g...
    Frank Karau
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  • TBC 5.20 Freezing Up

    I have had BC locking up on me an unusual amount of times recently. 7 times in the last 4 hours of working.I am running Ver. 5.20. Anyone else having this issue? Perhaps some light could be shed on why. It's becoming ...
    Dane Myran
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  • Vertical Design Layer and Project Cleanup

    When you check the "Remove unprotected layers with no objects" box in the project cleanup and run the tool, it will remove the vertical design layer even if there are vertical rules on it. Can the vertical design laye...
    Mike Damschroder
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  • Siteworks workorder .spj file will not open in 5.20

    Custom data definition record should have been a point but was not! This file opens ok in BC-HCE version 4.20
    Roan Blake
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  • Why can I not see shading of a surface in plan view?

    In older versions of TBC I was able to see shaded features of a surface in plan view. Since the release of 5.0 this feature has ceased to function.  Even with the "Show shadows" turned on I only get a flat, non-d...
    Brandon Knight
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  • Elevation Snapping

    Is there a method or setting that prevents the elevation snap on a line or object and has the program pause for a user input elevation? Otherwise it's a 5 step process to revise the elevations which, when you hav...
    Richard Tyndall
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  • How to create hatch!?

    Hatch Patterns   Can anyone explain how to crate the hatchin patterns. i have certain areas such as building pads or pits that i wish to create a hatch pattern on to easily identify them on the machine control m...
    Dane Myran
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  • TBC CAD Extrude Objects

    Is it possible to extrude CAD linework in TBC
    Gavin Jones
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  • Mass Earthwork Takeoff by Material Strata Based on Boring Logs

    I'm working on a takeoff where the owner has provided several boring logs with different materials; namely clay, sandy clay, rock and silty sand.  I have all the logs entered and defined which material is usable ...
    Ben Wall
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  • TBC 5.20 Locking Up

    I'm having issues with TBC locking up while joining lines.  I get the attached error message and then it usually locks up.  Sometimes I am able to save my work before this happens and if I'm able to save it,...
    Ben Wall
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  • TBC5.2 - DXF gets bloated when surface contours are included

    I have an exported dxf that is 104mb when I include surface contours created by my modeled surface. If I turn off the surface contours and re-export, the file is only 9mb.    Anyone else seeing this behavio...
    Patrick L'heureux
    last modified by Patrick L'heureux