• site calibration report unavailable

    I am trying to provide a calibration report to a subcontractor who is running topcon. when I go to do the site calibration report, it is gray and nothing happens when I select it. Also, my .cal file shows the right la...
    Buck Lawson
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  • Earthworks Simulator in Windows 10

    Does anybody know how to run the earthworks simulator using windows 10?  Thank you
  • Video Recording Your Screens?

    How and what is the best way you all have found to record videos of your screens for sharing?   Thanks
    Dane Myran
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  • Feature Request - Snap to vector pdf data once import

    I thought this was mentioned before but couldn't find anything on the community.   The ability to snap to a point on a vector PDF would be very useful. Yes you can import the linework but you also get all of the...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Anyone else having issues with creating a dynaview?

    I am running the latest build of BC and I am having issues creating dynaviews. I cannot seem to create them.    
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Pointcloud error, somtimes before and now almost every time.

    Hi!   Anyone have the same issue or maybe know whats wrong? For some time i been having this issue in some projects (a small amount) and a restart usally does the trick. But now its a bigger problem, now its alm...
    Fredrik Bergström
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  • Feature Request - TBC - SiteVison Exporter

    Currently when exporting a surface using the new SiteVision exporter, the color of the surface gets exported. It would be more beneficial to export the material color of the surface, especially for surfaces that have ...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • TBC - Takeoff Overexcavation

    Is there a way to specify an overexcavation to a closed bounded line and associated surface that pulls the elevation and limits?   Thanks!   Jeff
    Jeff Reinhard
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  • Progressive Error in BC while Joining Lines

    I've had this issue for some time (since before 4.0) and it has never gone away.  I'm not sure if it is a problem between BC and my system or if this problem shows up with other users.  I'm forced ...
    Ben Wall
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  • antenn32.dll Error When Using Construction Data Design Export

    When trying to export a project, see the attached error I receive. I tried reinstalling Business Center and used the Cleanup Utility. I tried exporting and importing my surface and linework into a new file to see if t...
    Adam Bower
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  • I don't see a way of sorting points by "date measured" in Points Spreadsheet in TBC 5.1. Am I missing something?

    There are some options to add columns in Points Spreadsheet in TBC, but "date measured" is not one of them. This is a crucial information for several of my workflows, including tracking a project progress, creating as...
    Garrick Raczek
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  • Is there a way to automatically increment numbering in drafting?

    In Terramodel there was a command to increment from whatever number you started at. So if you were numbering lots for example you could start at 1 then just click and it would increment to 2 and so on placing the text...
    Patrick Perkins
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  • Internal Boundaries on surfaces

    Wondering if anybody would have an idea on this.   I have a site where one of the roads is a closed loop, this is not uncommon, however I would like to be able to make the surface a little cleaner for the machin...
    Matthew Pitt
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  • Points created - Not Visible

    On an alignment that I have created, I created some points that are offset.  They are not visible.  I have tried creating them in multiple layers, new layers, etc.  I have double checked the "show Disco...
    Robert Stallings
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  • How to change elevations along a linestring for a Corridor

    I have converted a PDF from set of drawings into a vector PDF, after importing vector PDF data. In the past I have been able to change the overall elevation of contours, but this model requires elevation changes every...
    Kaden Dauter
    last modified by Kaden Dauter

    I have been having an issues for some time now when it comes to selection objects in particular linestrings.  It started when I went to 5.x.  What is happening is that when objects are to close together or o...
    Ben Ryschon
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  • Points - Station/Offset Label

    Can you quickly add a Station/Offset label to a point description and it dynamically link to the point so that if the point or alignment is moved then the Station/Offset updates?
    Glenn Etienne
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  • Working with large Orthophoto Images from Point Clouds

    The project I'm working on had a drone flyover done, I received the point cloud, but also asked if I could be supplied with an image to work with. The guy who was processing it said that he could generate an ortho ima...
    Adam Bower
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  • Smart text for description field?

    Hello everyone    Does anyone here know if there’s a smart text for the description 1 and 2 in the point properties? Or the description fields for utilities?   If not I would suggest that as an ...
    Joseph Torres
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  • How to display topo point cut/fills to surface

    I would like to know how to display measured topo point cut/fills when compared to an active surface.  This can be done in SCS900 and displayed on the data collector screen.  Would be very useful if this fun...
    Patrick Neisler
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