• Best Approach to Model Corridor Gaps?

    What is the best approach to manually modeling between gaps in a corridor? I have recently started adding my manually created linework to gapped sections in my corridor "finish" surface to create my "still dynamic" fu...
    Joe Melchiori
    created by Joe Melchiori
  • Feature Request - Right Click - Isolate/ Unisolate Layer

    I think the isolate/unisolate toggle would be a great right click option and save some back and forth on the screen.   enhancement request   Thank you for consider!  
    Patrick L'heureux
    last modified by Patrick L'heureux
  • Alignment Geometry Report

    Is there a way to run multiple or all Alignment Geometry Reports at one time? There's usually several alignments in most projects, recently I had a project with 53 alignments.
    Eric Schmeusser
    last modified by Eric Schmeusser
  • Enter Start Station When Creating Alignment

    Title says it all. Can you add the ability to enter a station when creating an alignment. The workaround of entering the desired station in the Alignment Editor is cumbersome if you have a vertical alignment, even if ...
    Andy Hill
    created by Andy Hill
  • Solid hatch black is not black

    Trying to fix up my title block and I can't figure out how to get solid hatching to be darker. It appears to be screened back or maybe transparency is set to 50%. Color of hatch is black, but appears gray on screen, i...
    Thomas Tomsu
    last modified by Thomas Tomsu
  • Feature Request - Smart Text - Additional Codes

    Please consider adding these additional codes to the smart code list:   Plan set name Sheet Set Name     These would help with deliverable prep.   enhancement request   Thank you  
  • Running object snaps Hotkey?

    Is there a hotkey or quick way to turn ALL running object snaps off then your previous active snaps back on? Like F3 does in AutoCAD.
    steve schuler
    created by steve schuler
  • Drafting Profiles and Cross Sections - Missing Ability to label which alignment is referenced?

    I must be missing something but I can not find a way to create a label for the alignment that is being used in a profile or in a cross section.    Normally I am just dealing with one or two roads so I would...
    Patrick L'heureux
    last modified by Patrick L'heureux
  • FXL Process Re-Layer

    I have experienced a problem when I relayer my lines and point after doing a "Process Feature Codes".  I relayer all my lines and point even thou my FXL has specific layers onces processed.  We do a bit of t...
  • TBC Flat Alignment Image

    Is it possible to flatten the alignment to create a schematic image/drawing   Something like below
    Gavin Jones
    last modified by Gavin Jones
  • Copy Corridor Table ?

    Trying to wrap my head around an issue with coping table in corridor.   When I copy a offset/slope table,  the slope gets copied in the VC Length column.  What am i missing to get the slope in the ...
    Francisco Guerrero
    last modified by Francisco Guerrero
  • How to lock two plan view tabs together?

    Hi,    I'd like the Plan View to be centred on the same point in both views, if I choose to Pan or Zoom in one tab, the same operation would be performed in the other tab.   Is it possible, while work...
    Marian Plucinski
    last modified by Marian Plucinski
  • tbc

    Hi I have version 3.40 TBC. My question is. J, export my klm polygon with the numbers at each vertex in google earth numbers are not displayed possible to send me a solution   Best regard.   yvon Laurin
    yvon laurin
    last modified by yvon laurin
  • Can I import either a Terramodel or DXF Plan Sheet as  Plan Template?

    I've got a Plan Form I've been using in Terramodel - can I  import this into TBC as a Drafting Template ?  Either "natively" or by DXF?
    John Mill
    last modified by John Mill
  • Vertical Design - Support for Blocks

    Any intentions of supporting blocks in the vertical design tool? I have some ideas where this would be very useful and save a ton of time   enhancement requests    
    Patrick L'heureux
    last modified by Patrick L'heureux

    Would it be possible to highlight the line activity in the gant view (and have an option to change the color preference & opacity )  
    Gavin Jones
    last modified by Gavin Jones
  • Selection Set - Unassigned Objects - Explode removes link to import file

    I have notice there is a significant amount of objects that get unassigned when running the explode command on blocks and mtext.   Would it be possible to keep these objects associated to file they were imported...
  • TML or Feature Request - Utility - Distribute Slope along Run

    When designing gravity runs, it would be very useful to have a tool that would allow you to select runs and distribute a desired slope.   Controls: Start Invert elevation End Invert Elevation Select Run to Ap...
  • Utilities - Create Utility Line from Linestring - Creates a line on layer 0

    I just noticed that when you use the create utility line from linestring command, it creates a duplicate line on layer 0.   Why? It doesn't appear to be tied to the utility run except with the selection set. Doe...
    Patrick L'heureux
    last modified by Patrick L'heureux
  • Drawing 2 Best Fit Arcs with No Straight Section

    Is there a simple way to draw 2 best fit arcs with no straight section back to back? I could be missing something but there seems to be now way to tell the program that you want to do another best fit without having a...
    Patrick L'heureux
    last modified by Patrick L'heureux