• Need for a block editor

    I think there is a big need for a block editor in TBC.    I have run into a few cases where I would need to make a modification to a block and currently in TBC the only way to do so is to explode the block ...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Trimble Earthworks simulator, where to download?

    i have been searching everywhere (probably not but it feels like it) and i cant find the latest emulator for Trimble Eartworks for installation on my PC. Is there a place on trimble community where i can find this? 
    Fredrik Bergstrom
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  • importing Sokkia total station data in TBC 5.2

    Hi all. Has anyone the right script to import in TBC data from a Sokkia total station? We would to use TBC for all our survey jobs. Many thanks to anyone would help us. 
    Gabrio Rossi
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  • TBC - Triangle Grid of Point

    Is it possible to create a triangular grid of points within a boundary at 1.2m centers on an existing surface? 
    Gavin Jones
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  • Feature Request - Managing Imported Points - Construction

    As someone that prepares as-built data, it would be very useful to have a way to quickly correct text that is misspelled or incorrect.     Excel Tricks: Using Excel Find and Replace in the most effic...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Linestring Elevation Text

    Hello, Is there a setting for the VPI text size along a linestring? They are hard to see on complex models. Please see snap below.    Thanks, Tom  
    Thomas Mauriello
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  • Coordinate System error exporting GCS900 machine file

      I am getting this error when I try to export a GCS900 machine from a particular job site. Any help would be appreciated.
    Rui Wu
    created by Rui Wu
  • .PRO (road surface) files from TBC directly to WorksManager

    Hello all, Is it possible to publish .pro (road surface) files from TBC directly to WorksManager so that SiteWorks user can open those files on their TSC7 controller?   Greeting, thanks in advance for your respo...
    Jaroslaw Swiercz
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  • Exploding Linestring

    Hello, I have a drawing that has many line strings like the one shown below. I need to explode into segments to delete portions of them. I have tried the explode lines command but the endpoints seem to loose elevation...
    Thomas Mauriello
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  • Importing PDF intermittent display issue.

    At times there are issues with getting a newly imported pdf to display. Usually, switching the display style to my usual "dimmed" style will make it appear. If that doesn't work, invoking the "Georef Vector PDF" comma...
    Richard Tyndall
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  • TBC - Layered PDF

    Is there a way to get a layered pdf when printing a sheet or plan set in TBC?                               Thanks!
    Eric Schmeusser
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  • Machine Control SVD ?

    Recently I did a machine control file ( motor grader ) on a roadway.  The file contained the SVL which had the edge of road base,  the edge of concrete pavement and crown( center line of the road).  I w...
    Francisco Guerrero
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  • Densify Corridor Surface Issue

    Doing a MSE wall with a combination of 90+/- corners and fillet corners. When the Corridor is un-densified, the 90 corners are as expected but the fillet corners are excessively corded, also as expected.  Howeve...
    Richard Tyndall
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    TCC takes you to status screen says everything is working but its not
    Ben Brown
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  • TBC 5.3 Slow Locking up at Opening File

    Today I went to open an existing 5.3 file from the dashboard. The file locked up at Restoring Views (See Snap).   TBC 5.3 seem to be running very slow & locking up compared to the previous version, anyone les...
    Gavin Jones
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  • TBC has stopped working error

    I have been getting this error on and off since I updated to 5.30.  I am unable to open any projects or even a default project.  Any help would be appreciated.   Tysen
    Tysen Ellison
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  • 'FindSurfaceArea' create text error

    Ran TML Status in TBC 5.3 to update/install macros.  Now when I try to 'Create text' using the 'Find Surface Area' tml, I get an error that states "global name 'macroFileFolder' is not defined and cannot create t...
    Steven Vorpahl
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  • antenn32.dll Error When Using Construction Data Design Export

    When trying to export a project, see the attached error I receive. I tried reinstalling Business Center and used the Cleanup Utility. I tried exporting and importing my surface and linework into a new file to see if t...
    Adam Bower
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  • Closest points between Lines/Arc

    Is there a command to compute the location of the minimum seperation between two arcs / lines,   Specifically in my case I have an external 12d  Design Road Centreline and Kerb line and I want to find the c...
    John Mill
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  • Yellow Flags in Subgrade Surface

    I don't know if anyone else is having issues with this but I seem to be getting yellow flags in my proposed subgrade surfaces at random.  The flags don't follow any proposed linework or grading breaklines and don...
    Ben Wall
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