• Cross Sections - Tables

    Hi, I am plotting cross sections and long sections within the drawing (Planset) and would like to alter the table properties (width/heights) of the boxes. There is 'wasted space' above the numbers and also the w...
    Chris Whelan
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    I am having problems with my line strings getting erased and or disappear when I change the grade tolerance in my project settings.  I have created a cut fill map and I wanted to change the tolerance but when it ...
    Ben Ryschon
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  • How to tie two designed surfaces together?

    Anyone know the best way to tie two surfaces together? I have a surface coming in at an angle and would like to make a smooth transition with correct slopes. Thanks.  
    Pablo Giraldo
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  • Is there a video on teaching how to build surface from CAD cross sections?

    Is there a video on teaching how to build surface from CAD cross sections?
    David Ballew
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    Does TBC no longer import a excel file with station ans offset and make them points to a alignment ? i know is was worked in the past . any one know a work around
    ryan kolt
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  • Point Symbols Not by Points in Sheet View

    I seem to be having an issue with my point symbols not showing up beside the label/point location when I create my sheet views. It seems to be linked to my dynaview being at an angle and not perpendicular to the CAD f...
    Ben Wall
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  • Help Guide Typo

    I just wanted to point out a typo I found.
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • antenn32.dll Error When Using Construction Data Design Export

    When trying to export a project, see the attached error I receive. I tried reinstalling Business Center and used the Cleanup Utility. I tried exporting and importing my surface and linework into a new file to see if t...
    Adam Bower
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  • Export Trimble Access Road Strings Error

    (Backstory) I am hunting for the best option to be able to reuse my corridor build to perform stakeout operations in the field. Specifically i am attempting to cut out the need for my field guys from having to key in ...
    Joe Melchiori
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  • Siteworks - Unable to load projection, GEOID

    I recently tried to load a site with siteworks that was using a GEOID for the first time.  This is the error I'm getting.    I loaded the site in SCS900 and it loaded just fine. I also tried it on t...
    Erik Petersen
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  • Export SVD/SVL with TBC 5.30

    I want to export my project as SVD/SVL files for machine control. With TBC 5.20 it worked well. Now I had to edit some little things with TBC 5.30 and the export is not working any more. I get this error: "The high ...
    Titus Emanuel
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  • "Cannot be saved as .vce"

    I received an email from a customer that is getting an error when trying to save his project. The error is "The current project cannot be saved as a *.vce file". Has anyone else come across this error and figured out ...
    Steven Slaugh
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  • .spj File Data Access

    Regarding the .spj files in the Work Order folders on TCC,   Is there a way that once the .spj file is refreshed after a controller sync, that the record.txt file can be automatically generated and placed in the...
    Matt Eklund
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  • Corridor Template Crashes 5.20

    When I try to make a template for my corridor 5.20 crashes.  Completely shuts down business center. I'm using command "InsertCorridorTemplate" It does it on all jobs so I don't think it is a data problem I hav...
    ron fucinaro
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    I am having problems running the Explode Surface TML.  It will work as long as I don't check the Only at slope break option.  When I do I get this error.  I tried various break angles ranging from 1-5.&...
    Ben Ryschon
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  • No more auto populate boxes in 5.3

    It will not longer auto populate in 5.3. Say I want to break a line at a crossing line  Before it would auto populate the crossing line box and I just have to click the line I want it to break at. Now I have t...
    Erik Petersen
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  • Create DYNAVIEW issue with Cut/Fill Grid [5.30]

    So I spent a couple of hours trying to figure out why I could not get a Cut/Fill Map DynaView to draw in a Sheet View. Have done them probably 100 times without issues. I did tests in new files and was having no probl...
    Richard Tyndall
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  • The Traditional Menu Option

    Is the Traditional Menu settings going to be added back into TBC 5.30.  The Light setting is not desired.  it is too bright.  
    Ron Ciccarone
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  • TBC 5.30 Problem

    Having this error 2/3 of the time when opening a file.... any ides why??     Thanks,   Rick
    Rick Chaffin
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  • Access to Line Type Editor and Symbol Editor

    Did something change with the line type editor and symbol editor? I can't seem to access the editor interface. There also doesn't appear to be the standalone products on my PC anymore. 
    Patrick L'heureux
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