• Create Side Slope - Copy or Offset

    It looks like you cannot copy or offset from a linestring that is part of a side slope. If you do the copied or offset line is connected to the side slope and the line will disappear when you update the side slope. &#...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Point to Surface Reporting Enhancement

    Why is that when I process point to surface report shows numerical order after clicking "From" column but by clicking "show report" for final printing will revert back to the original order? Please see below Clients ...
    Eric Condemilicor
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  • TBC .SVL export breaking joined lines and changing their colors. 

    Is anyone else having the issue with Trimble Business Center breaking joined lines after exporting linework to an SVL file? The DXF export is fine and maintains joined lines but the SVL breaks them and changes their c...
    Rich Joslin
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  • Point Cloud Export Error

    I am encountering an error upon trying to export a point cloud to LAS or RCP format.  Has anyone encountered this?  
    Matt Bergstrom
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  • Material layers not working

    Anyone ever have your material layers just stop working? Seemingly out of nowhere, I could no longer select material layers in the corridor template outside of finish layer. This is absolutely crippling as far as my r...
    Buck Lawson
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  • What is needed in a 3D model for a machine control curb machine?

    Our company is thinking about getting a stringless curb machine and asked if I can make the models. I know our mainline paver needs a corridor, but what does the curb machine need? Linework, surface, etc...? Just curi...
    Taylor Popham
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  • Can you lengthen a Line to given Elevation?

    Is there good way in TBC to Lengthen/shorten (Extend/Trim) Line to given Elevation? What I mean, I've got ex Line Start (E=100, N=100, Elev=10), End (E=300, N=300, Elev=20), I'd like to extend this line till end...
    Radek Myszak
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  • Can you lengthen a Line by a given Distance?

    Is there a good way to lengthen a line in Trimble Business Center?. My current workflow to add Feet to a line is to draw a circle at the end of the line with a 5' radius, Use Extend Command, Delete Circle. This p...
    David Martin
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  • Happy Memorial Day Weekend

    I am checking out for a long weekend - apologies but I will get answers to your questions early next week after the break.   Just wanted to thank all of those people out there that are serving or have served in ...
    Alan Sharp
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  • Array for striping

    I know there is not an array function in TBC, but is there another quick way of doing something similar? I am working on a concept for a parking lot and cannot think of a quick, semi-automatic way of doing this and do...
    Patrick L'heureux
    last modified by Patrick L'heureux
  • Issues when uploading videos

    Within the past couple of weeks trying to upload videos on the forum is not as smooth as it used to be.   In most cases, I have to post the question and then go back in and edit and then I can add the ...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Understanding and Using Linestrings.pdf

    David Kosakowski
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  • Feature Request - Trim and Edit

    Could we have the trim and edit tool default to one line to bounding line and trim/extend shortest distance?    Small enhancement request but I find that the tool defaults to trim and most of the time I wan...
    Patrick L'heureux
    last modified by Patrick L'heureux
  • Cutting Plane View Parallel to Line

    Is there any way to create a cutting plane view parallel to a linestring? I have a point cloud where the median of the highway has a stretch of guardrail against each direction of traffic. I need to get rid of the gua...
    Adam Bower
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  • object marking disappears

    Sometimes, when I mark a object, the marking diappears, when the cursor leaves the object. In that case, i have to restart TBC, then all works fine again. Is this a known problem?
    Titus Emanuel
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  • CAD profile to Business Center

    Could you or did you create a video on the "Best Practice" of transferring an AutoCAD profile into Business center to be utilized with a Horizontal alignment on the proper station and scale? Thank you.
    last modified by BRUCE FLORA
  • Working With The Forum

    All of the TBC Users out there that are using the forum as a reference, I am going to ask you to help me in my quest to give you better support and help on the product by using the forum to a greater degree going forw...
    Alan Sharp
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  • Feature Request - Alignment Label Settings - Import/ Export

    I think the alignment label settings would benefit  an option to import and export settings and the ability to store different label profiles within this tool. For projects with only a few alignments this se...
    Patrick L'heureux
    last modified by Patrick L'heureux
  • Is there a way to explode solids?

    I ran into an issue yesterday where one of my layout foreman was missing striping data. It was because the arrows were solids from Civil3D. In TBC there is no way of exploding these. What is the best way of handling s...
    Patrick L'heureux
    last modified by Patrick L'heureux
  • PDF Imports to Locked layers as Visible and Selectable

    Is there a setting to keep PDF imports Unselectable by default and not visible on Locked view filters? These are my settings but if this view filter is current at the time of import, the PDF will be visible and select...
    Glenn Etienne
    last modified by Glenn Etienne