• Can a vertical alignment start after the POB of the HAL?

    Regarding this, the vertical alignment in question starts in a vertical curve with the VPI being 11 feet from the start. In other words, while the vertical curve is 680' long, only 351 feet of it are actually part of...
    David Bonds
    created by David Bonds
  • TBC5.2 - DXF gets bloated when surface contours are included

    I have an exported dxf that is 104mb when I include surface contours created by my modeled surface. If I turn off the surface contours and re-export, the file is only 9mb.    Anyone else seeing this behavio...
    Patrick L'heureux
    last modified by Patrick L'heureux
  • Capture Image - PDFS- Reduce dead space and keep clarity

    Is there a way to reduce dead space when using the capture image function? I would like to shrink this up to the border of the pdf.   My primary reason for this is for exporting this data to Siteworks. Also, is ...
  • Earthworks Simulator in Windows 10

    Does anybody know how to run the earthworks simulator using windows 10?  Thank you
    Eric Condemilicor
    last modified by Eric Condemilicor
  • Why can I not see shading of a surface in plan view?

    In older versions of TBC I was able to see shaded features of a surface in plan view. Since the release of 5.0 this feature has ceased to function.  Even with the "Show shadows" turned on I only get a flat, non-d...
    Brandon Knight
    last modified by Brandon Knight
  • looking for Earthworks emulator

    I am ooking for:   Trimble Earthworks and Cat GRADE for Dozers, Excavators and Motor Graders Version 1.10.X Release Package   is there anyone hlping me getting this package?   thanks in advance, ...
    Cees-Jan Klos
    last modified by Cees-Jan Klos
  • Does TBC have a command similar to the Terramodel "Of Line" command to select line with the points along that line?

    Bruce Flora
    last modified by BRUCE FLORA
  • Vertical Design Tools and Breakline Approximation Parameters

    First go around with the Vertical Design tools and I have a question regarding break ine approximation parameters.   When changing breakline approximation parameters - maximum sampling distance settings, it appe...
    Matt Voge
    last modified by Matt Voge
  • SPS930 DR Plus Total Station

    Hi,   I've just got our total station back into the office and need to update the firmware. Can anyone direct me to the firmware update installation software. I've searched the resource center, products and solu...
    Julius Newman
    last modified by Julius Newman
  • Elevation Snapping

    Is there a method or setting that prevents the elevation snap on a line or object and has the program pause for a user input elevation? Otherwise it's a 5 step process to revise the elevations which, when you hav...
    Richard Tyndall
    last modified by Richard Tyndall
  • Export Boring Log

    Is there a way to export/import a boring log? I am trying to get the boring log from an old drawing to a new drawing without having to recreate the boring log.
    Bradley Rask
    last modified by Bradley Rask
  • Error when choosing Design Map linework

    I have a user in our office who is getting an exception error when he chooses the line work for a design and then clicks add. It won't attach any line work to the design. He has tried a full clean install using the cl...
    Erik Petersen
    last modified by Erik Petersen
  • 'Create at Intervals' not creating points at proper intervals

    I have an alignment that I need to create points from beginning to end at an interval of 6,330'.  I used the 'Create at Intervals' command and selected the alignment, gave the interval of 6,330', and a starting p...
    Robert Stallings
    created by Robert Stallings
  • TBC, plant and point clouds

    Good morning, We use the laser scanner to calculate stock piles and earthworks volumes in our site. Does TBC have a module/function to remove plant and noise? Regards
    William maestre larrad
    last modified by William maestre larrad
  • Bug? - Point Style Manager and Selected Points

    It appears there is a bug with the Point Style Manager when you have points selected. When you close out of the screen, TBC cycles through the properties of all the points selected (at least if you have the properties...
    Patrick L'heureux
    last modified by Patrick L'heureux

    Is his something I need to be concerned with?  I hit yes and things seem to be working.  I am running windows 10 just so you know.
    Ben Ryschon
    last modified by Ben Ryschon
  • Surface By Elevation

    When did the default color scheme flip for Shade By Elevation?  Red used to be low.  Can we change the Default back?  Help still shows Red as low...  
    Tim McCann
    last modified by Tim McCann
  • Exporting KMLs - Too many vertices are created

    When exporting a linestring ass a kml, too many vertices are created. this is a pain when trying to use this kml in other software such as drone mapping software.    Is there a way to reduce the number of v...
    Patrick L'heureux
    last modified by Patrick L'heureux
  • TBC5.2 - Bug - Vertical Design Layer - View Filters

    The vertical design layers gets added and turned on to all view filters despite  the "Include newly created layers and surfaces" being checked off.    This also applies to locked view filters.  
    Patrick L'heureux
    last modified by Patrick L'heureux
  • TBC CAD Extrude Objects

    Is it possible to extrude CAD linework in TBC
    Gavin Jones
    created by Gavin Jones