• Plot Box Printing outside its boundary in Version 5.10

    I use the plot box to quickly printout sketches, now after installing the new version 5.10, my plot-boxes are printing data outside its boundary. See attached sketch. Are there any new settings to be applied?Alan Sharp
    Terison Kurimwi
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  • Roadbed Surface Area

    How can I calculate the in-situ roadbed surface area of a road (Corridor) i.e a combination of the area after cut (area below layer works after cut) in cut and the area prepared for fill before fill ? See attached cro...
    Terison Kurimwi
    created by Terison Kurimwi
  • Drawing Export Error

    When exporting to a .DWG or .DXF the following error is present when "Export point  as Yes" is used. When using "NO" in the point toggle the drawing is exported but the point symbol is converted to a "#" for all...
    Tom Mauriello
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  • T10 Setup issue

    I just setup 2 new T10 tablet and now every time I boot it up it ask to choose Windows 10 or OS Restore. I was able to determine a work around for this issue by going to 'Control Panel' -> 'System' -> ...
    Tony Edwards
    created by Tony Edwards
  • Rotating plan view

    Does TBC HCE or 5.0 have a function like cad with the navcube . can i rotate the plan view to north is facing down.  
    ryan kolt
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  • Explode Corridor Surface in TBC

    When I create a triangulated surface in Terramodel, I can edit the points and sets easily by deleting line segments and modifying point elevations.  Is there a way in TBC to break apart a corridor surface that I ...
    Joe Willis
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  • Independent baselines

    Anyone know how to identify independent baselines inside TBC?
    Santa Julia
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  • Leica Base with Trimble Rover

    Would like to ask if anyone has experience of setting up Trimble Rover and will work with Leica Base Station (GS15)? What are the right configuration for the Leica Base Station to make Trimble and Leica Rover work....
    Denmark Marcelino
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  • Trimble business center vs Bernese v5.2

    Anyone know how accurately is between TBC and Bernese software. I use want to create several control points using PPP technique. How accurate both software? Now I am using tbc. 
    Santa Julia
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  • How to create Point Base?

    Dear All, I have one question in doubt with me, I want to create my own base using PPP that occupied 24h per day and 7 days which has 6 points in different location. Do you have any suggestion how to do it?
    Santa Julia
    created by Santa Julia
  • International Survey feet Horizontal shift issue

    Built a model for a client. Send to client.. Engineer notifies client that the project is shifted and should be in International Survey feet, Oregon North. I have adjusted the project setting to the international Su...
    Ryan Lanser
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  • TBC v5.0 and GCS900 export - Coordinate System Error

    Hi    I am trying to export a surface and the background map from the project to GCS 900 v10.0 without clipping boundary defined. I am failing all the time though as I get the error as shown on the screensh...
    Pawel Hasiuk
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  • Star Observations with Trimble S8

    Hi interested parties,   I am planning a trip to Poeppel's Corner in the Simpson Desert of far Western Queensland. I would like to undertake a star observation and check the latitude and longitude of the corner...
    David Lees
    created by David Lees
  • History Log wir bei DWG-Import sehr groß

    Wenn ich eine DWG-Datei in TBC 5 importiere, wird offensichtlich das erzeugen jedes Element in der History Log protokolliert. So entstehen LOG-Dateien mit der Größe von mehreren 100 MB! Grundsätzlich fi...
    Titus Emanuel
    created by Titus Emanuel
  • Just Getting Started

    Hello,           I am new to  TBC-HCE. When reading 'Installation and Basic Operations' I am prompted to import a 'Trimble building .layer' file. My problem is t...
    Cody Tweedie
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  • Release Notes

    When using TIM to update devices, the link to view the Release Notes does not work for the heavy civil equipment.  I searched for it on the community site, but no luck.  Can someone post a link to the releas...
    Nancy Lewis
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  • Import CAD files directly to a Layer Group?

    Is it possible to assign a Layer Group when importing CAD files?   I see that it's possible to assign a Layer name prefix when importing a file but it would be handy to send each imported CAD file (eac...
    Ben Dixon
    created by Ben Dixon
  • plan view issue

    In the plan view window how can i rotate the view so north is facing towards the bottom of the screen .  all the pdf plan are north is facing on the bottom of the page. 
    ryan kolt
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  • Updating Earthworks Remotely

    Looking for some advice if possible, I have been sent over an update for Earthworks and I am struggling to upload the firmware onto the machines remotely, wondering if anyone had any idea if there is a way to do this ...
    Matthew Pitt
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  • Surface Sampling Distance

    Is there any way to adjust the sampling distance per individual surface other than the global settings for the project? Quite often I find the need to have my Finish Design surface densified more than an existing grou...
    todd horvath
    created by todd horvath