• SPS930 MC search window not accepted

    I've seen this in the past and have a customer dealing with it.  Point the gun to opposite corners for the search window and it says there must be at least 2° difference between them even though a large area...
    Keith Knifer
    created by Keith Knifer
  • New ”D5” ARO for EW Installation Manual

    I found CAT New D5 Installation Manual about GCR(EW) and ARO(CB460). But I don't find out ARO(EW). What number is Installation Manual for ARO(EW)?   D5 GCR(EW): 119984 ARO(CB460): 119977 ARO(EW):?   I ...
    Hirotake Ishiwata
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  • How to use the Georeference Point Cloud Scans function in the point cloud module?

    How to use the Georeference Point Cloud Scans function in the point cloud module?
    yz s
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  • IBSS Advantages and Disadvantages

    Hello   We are looking to set up a site soon where we will be using up to 8 3D machine control systems, plus 2 rovers for surveying. The cell coverage is good across the site, however the cost of VRS for each mac...
    Sam Williams
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  • triple frquency l5 useful?

    my sitech dealer is fighting me on turning on triple frequency tracking on my 855 base and 985 rover. is there a downside to using the l5 sattelites? he also says my machine control ms992's are already triple freque...
    george webster
    created by george webster
  • Quick Release Issue in Siteworks

    Has anyone run across an issue with Sitworks not adjusting for the for the quick release offset? If not I hope the info below helps anyone that may encounter it...   Scenario A customer running a TSC7 with Sit...
    Chris Mata
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  • Create Region / Site Improvement on Road Corridor

    I'm having an issue creating site regions along a MOSS Genio road alignment Is there a quick way to divide the pavement area along the road corridor? so I can attach the site improvement Currently, there seem to m...
    Gavin Jones
    created by Gavin Jones
  • all satellites turned on but not being seen

    I have scs900 software, tsc3 up to date, sps985 rover up to date, sps855 base up to date, ms992 machine receivers up to date, and earthworks machine software up to date. I have always had gps and glonass turned on. I...
    george webster
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  • Feature request - corridors: node via station and offset

      I have a wish for the instructions for the corridor: It would be nice if one could calculate a new node from a line (from node to node) via station and offset. So one could also generate in a statement, pa...
    Titus Emanuel
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  • Generating multiple corridor surfaces

    Is there a way to create multiple corridor surfaces at once instead of having to generate them one at a time?
    Bruce Hopkins
    created by Bruce Hopkins
  • SNM941 Verizon SIM Connectivity Issues

    Hello, A little background:  We use an IBSS and SNM940 units via Verizon MIFI boxes for connectivity on 8 pieces of equipment (all Hitachi or Deere).  We recently upgraded one of the SNM940 units to an SNM...
    Barry Dikeman
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  • Map gridline overlay.

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to overlay gridlines on the map at set distances for use in topographic survey? TSC7 w/Trimble Access 2018
    Jacob Larson
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  • Does anybody know how to run the earthworks simulator using windows 10?  Thank you

       Does anybody know how to run the earthworks simulator using windows 10? Thank you!
    qinbo wu
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  • Earthworks and Published Coordinate Systems

    Hello   I have encountered an issue with Earthworks/ CAT grade and exporting designs from TBC.   We currently have 3 machines working on a site in the UK, before we had TCC set up I manually set up a new p...
    Sam Williams
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  • Xline equivalent

    Is there anything in TBC that is the equivalent to the Xline command in Terramodel? I use Xlines constantly  in Terramodel. In TBC, I have been using as workaround that is several steps to get me to the same...
    Sean McCarthy
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  • Problem rover SPS785 radio reception distance

    Hi,   I would like to know if somebody has compared RTK distance of reception and accuracy between SPS785, SPS986 and other brands like Stonex?   Because we have a customer that the reception is lost in 2.16...
    Miguel Espinoza
    created by Miguel Espinoza
  • Elevation labels in Cross section sheets

    I'm having an issue with elevation labels going all the way from zero to my surface elevation, which obviously doesn't fit on the page nor do i want it to. I have had this happen once before and i'm not sure what i di...
    Mike Kohler
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  • Export Trimble Surface Files into Civil 3D

    A member of my company has requested that my 3D model I created within Trimble, and the surfaces in particular. be exported so he can work with them in Civil 3D. I have attempted to send over the linestrings but he ne...
    Kaden Dauter
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  • Cannot export machine files since update to 5.10

    I upgraded my TBC to version 5.10 and now I get these error messages when I try to create machine files.  I have tried removing and re-downloading the program but I still get the error messages, also tried differ...
    Kris Van Dyke
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  • I made a correction of the data and got the results and when I changed the level of the main point on which I rely on the correction get the same results knowing that the difference between the two points about 70 centimeters

    Hany Said
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