• Setting Up a Project Template

    To the community: Another TILOS user (in the pipeline and telecom domains) wrote in asking for your best practices when setting up a project template, as well as any other tips and tricks you have for getting started...
    David Kosakowski
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  • New TILOS Marketing Piece out on MarketSmart

    Just wanted to let everyone know that there is a new TILOS Marketing Piece out on MarketSmart - check it out!
    Bruce Thomas
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  • Export - missing attributes

    Dear All,   I'm using TXT Export format to get information across. Which works in general good.  But in one case the attributes at the column "Categories Path 1" aren't exporting! Below a screenshot of th...
    Juergen Reicher
    created by Juergen Reicher
  • TILOS to MSP/P6 export

    When I export from TILOS to MS Project, the system generates a MS Project XML file. The file is opened by Microsoft Project but the same file would not open when using Asta Project Viewer. The same when exporting to P...
    Daniel Busquet
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  • Cloud Based Solutions

    We in North America are getting more and more requests for a TILOS cloud based solution. Some of our existing clients and prospects are moving a great majority of their applications to a cloud based service provider (...
    Bruce Thomas
    created by Bruce Thomas
  • Filter: long descriptions truncated

    The windows at the FILTER tool have fixed width, so it is not possible to enlarge the view. It creates a problem when the VALUE dropdown list truncates long descriptions, not allowing to see the whole text. See image ...
    Daniel Busquet
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  • TILOS Spanish translation

    TILOS 10 Spanish version, has done a big step forward reaching to Spanish spoken markets with its Spanish version. There is, and it will always be, room for improvement. And here's one, the TILOS Explorer has been tra...
    Daniel Busquet
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