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gerard van booma
sync issue, new version of ifc and rvt flies won't be synced from tc server to local backup what to do ?
in Trimble Connect
Ankit Sulodia
Click the icon to skip to the section you are interested in. Feature supported in shown platforms only.   Trimble Connect Web IFC (2x3), IFCZIP SKP (2018 and below) 3DM (Rhino 5.0 and below) DWG (AutoCAD 2013 and below) Revit (2017 and below) DXF DGN OBJ, FBX, 3DS, 3DM, STP, STEP, IGES, IGS, STL, SLDASM IFCXML TCZIP   Trimble Connect…
in Trimble Connect
Karthik Rajagopal
This is a minor release focused on improvements and bug fixes only.   Improvements Replace attachment icon with paper clip icon Check Box-sizing Reset Make column resize invisible to the user on the Connect Pages Checkbox sizing throughout application Release - Add 'multiple files' to folder from release [TEAM] - Sorting lists across team…
in Trimble Connect
Jose Gonzalez
Inviting Users to a Project Adding users is as simple as sending an invite. If the invited user already has a Trimble Connect account they'll receive and e-mail with the project link, otherwise they will be instructed to create a new account.  Once they have joined, they will be able to access the project and the files and folders they have been…
in Trimble Connect
Kestutis Zemlickas
Hi,   I'm making a real time construction status monitoring solution. Idea is to change model objects colors by status from our database. I made a test app with Trimble Connect Desktop API to set model object colors. And it's working: var allModelObjects = activeProject.ModelObjectManager.GetModelObjects().ToList(); {foreach (ModelObject… (Show more)
in Trimble Connect
Ryan Barker
Is it possible to change the status of objects retroactively? In the Connect status tool for desktop, we are unable to change the date to a past date in order to record statuses. Are we missing something?
in Trimble Connect
Yves van Loon
What is the "Map Worspace" used for?  
in Trimble Connect
Dan Chereches
Hello,   I am using Trimble connect desktop version, and I cannot sign out from the account. Every time I click on the "Sign out" button, it tries to do something and then comes back to the main page. Is it not possible to sign out?   Regards, Dan Chereches
in Trimble Connect
Paul Jennings
When selecting models from folders in Trimble connect web, why does it open the folders and files in a new explorer window? . If you have breadcrumbs like on the desktop version you can see the folder route. I have enquired on a couple of models in the screen shot and have new windows for each model. I think its confusing and unnecessary.  
in Trimble Connect
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