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Hola.Soy nueva en esto y me he decidido por este programa (me lo han recomendado), para empezar a iniciarme en el mundo de proyectos en 2D y 3D. Al ser principiante, me gustaría iniciarme en el aprendizaje en la parte que se me pueda facilitar de prueba, para posteriormente decidirme a la compra del programa. Mi pregunta es Cómo debería acceder… (Show more)
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Maciej Dejer
first result on google after entering "trimble connect": https:// strange is not it?
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Kevin McGuire
There appears to be a bug in the unit setting in Trimble Connect Web. The goal is to get the volume unit to display as  cubic yards. Thus far I have gone into settings and set the units to imperial and set the Volume unit to "C Yard (yd3)". However after saving this setting and, upon returning to the model to inquire the units, I found that TC is… (Show more)
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Patrick Schemkes
Click to view contentIn Trimble Connect Desktop, version Januari 2017, There is a possibility to add a pointcloud. But when I want to add a folder, I get the next warning: 'Invalid point cloud data folder'. How can I select a valid pointcloud data folder, or what is a valid pointcloud data folder?   Wich pointcloud filetype extensions can be read by Trimble Connect… (Show more)
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I cannot access the pull down for the states, is there any way around that
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Marc Londo
I'm just getting started setting up Trimble Connect with the anticipated conversion from TCC to Trimble Connect.
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Paul Jennings
Click to view contentHi,   On the details page of project settings there is an option to add Custom Attributes to a project. Whenever I select this I see a drop down box with "Machine Control attributes" in a drop down box. There are no other attributes available. Can someone explain what the intention with this function is?     Regards   Paul
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A Silvas
Has conversion to unreal engine become easier? I read about materials or face problems from Sketchup when converting to obj or converting over to put Textured models in unreal engine.   Thank you.
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Barbara Brunnick
On our new Geo 7x, the icon for ArcPad is positioned at the bottom of the start screen.  It requires us to scroll down, and it is very easy to inadvertently open other programs.  It would be easier to find our program on a list (similar to the one on the Geo XT).  Is it possible to chage the menu to a list rather than icons?
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Douglas cicero
sou um dos representantes da empresa KEMP OFICINA DE PROJETO E GERENCIAMENTO, no final da apresentação vocês disponibilizariam um link para pode fazer o download 
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