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Janis Dzenis
Click to view contentHello! Thank you for the new Trimble Connect web interface, a lot of improvements but it has some silly drawbacks: In ToDo's section, it is not possible to sort issues by ToDo number or date of creation (ToDo-1, ToDo-2, ToDo-3, etc), see picture below. It is important to have this sorting option, because in projects, with 500+ ToDo's it is… (Show more)
in Trimble Connect
Kostiantyn Khrameshkin
Hello! My colleague invited me to the project but when I login to my Trimble account I cannot find any projects. Could you help to solve this issue?
in Trimble Connect
I have created a folder & added files. I sent an invitation to my client & he went thru' the process to create an account & activate. He clicked onto Asia, but he can't see any files. He is using Chrome on Windows laptop. I would have thought once activated, the link would have put him directly into the folder he is assigned to. I have not set up… (Show more)
in Trimble Connect
Carl Dortu
Bij Solibri live connect worden de foto's (camera beeld) niet mee overgenomen naar de server trimble connect ?  Weten jullie wat hier mis gaat ? 
in Trimble Connect
Jonas Mayabb
I don't see any of the work I was building since the update. Are my models lost? Please help
in Trimble Connect
Cedric Marc
Hello, I am not able to connect to my Trimble Connect account since last Friday. When I log on, the web page loads, display a begining of interface and then disapear to a white web page.   I join here a GIF to display how bad it is.   I tried several things : -  Clear cache - Firefox, Chrome, Edge - 2 different computers   If anyone has a… (Show more)
in Trimble Connect
Graeme Parritt
Share Data People Field not working. Despite adding an email address to the People Field, I keep getting the red message saying "this field is required"
in Trimble Connect
Hoa Nguyen Duc
Click to view contentHi Guy, To day I check feature share data in TC to other user with option Any users with the link I input the email but it not work. Please check and help me to fix this issue? Thanks  
in Trimble Connect
Gabriela Ghelbere
The project is saved with an old version of Tekla Bimsight. I can't open it. What can I do?
in Trimble Connect
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