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Philip Mitchell
Hi,   How can I change my Trimble account email address?   Philip 
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Jay Willoughby
Hello All, I was wondering how I can see the properties panel on Trimble Connect for Desktop.  For the web browser version it is at the bottom whenever you select an object but I can't find it anywhere on the Desktop version. I need to know the length, and weight, and other properties of a beam or whatever I need. Any help is appreciated. Thanks,… (Show more)
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Thats the issue. Using latest synctool, and nothing happens
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How can I wiev content of my PDT or UNV files? I mean in WEB browser or on my Win 10PC.
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Jack Haugen
how do I take myself off a automatic mailing list?  
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Olivier Pellegrin
Hello,   We want to use the Trimble Connect Plugin to export IFC files on TC from Tekla. It seems to not be possible to use the same ifc name as an existing file. It is quite annoying since the revision feature in Trimble Connect is very usefull...   See image attached , it says "choose a unique name".   Is there a way to solve this? Thank… (Show more)
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Danilo Esposito
I have a Trimble Connect for Business subscription but I can not publish more than one project
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I need to have detailed information on the work done: - work advance per day - work progress by structures - work breakdown by hours and days produced - production progress parameters by hours and days
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Kelvin Ng
For Trimble Connect for Desktop, the Developer Guide shows and example of using a single AttributeFilter:   // Gets the model objects where the Length property value starts with 7200. var modelObjectsByLength = model.ModelObjectManager.GetModelObjects(new AttributeFilter("Length", "7200")).ToList();   Is it possible to use possible to use… (Show more)
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