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Support for IE11 for Connect for Browser application will be dropped by end of Oct 2020. This is to take advantage of better features of new browsers. We recommend existing IE11 users to upgrade to Microsoft Edge.

Please note that there is a new subspace created for Connect product updates. From now on, new product features and release notes will be published in the new subspace.


Make sure to start following the subspace by clicking the Follow button and stay up to date about new releases!

Lee Snyder in Trimble's Tekla Structures group created a great video that provides an overview of the File Metadata functionality in Connect. You can find it via this link.

Trimble Connect for Windows release 1.9.3 introduces support for the new .TEKLA file format.

There is a new version of the Trimble Connect for Revit add-in available for download in the Trimble Connect Apps page. The latest release introduces support for Revit 2020.


See also the updated instructions document:

 Trimble Connect for Revit 

Unfortunately we have received some reports of a problem with the Trimble Connect for Windows release. In some cases, the application may crash when accessing the Point Clouds feature:




The issue can be fixed by uninstalling the Connect for Windows application and then re-installing. Steps to follow are:

  1. Open Windows Settings --> Apps & features --> Search for Trimble Connect --> Click Uninstall
  2. Run the installer package again (TrimbleConnectSetup-


We are sorry for the inconvenience.


Update on February 20, 2020:


We have completed the issue investigation. The conclusions are:


  • The root cause of the issue was that the 1.9.1 version installer placed some code libraries in a wrong place
  • The crash happens only if the application is updated from 1.9.1 to 1.9.2 without uninstalling 1.9.1 first
  • When the update is done from 1.9 directly to 1.9.2, then there is no crash
  • If a user is experiencing the crash, the fix is to first uninstall the application, then reinstall 1.9.2 (see steps above)
  • Since there is no problem detected in the 1.9.2 version, we are not planning to release a new patch version in the short term

Connect for Mobile v2.10 is now available in the Apple iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. This update contains a large number of improvements and new features.


Introduction of the New 3D Viewer (Beta) 

Users will now be able to use our new 3D viewer (as Beta) alongside the existing 3D viewer. This is a big step towards one common 3D file format and experience with the same rendering of models across all of the Connect clients.
A subset of the features is available in the new 3D viewer now:

  • Launch 3D models in the new and enhanced 3D viewer
  • View models from predefined directions (top, bottom, front, back, right and left)
  • Select objects in the model, hide selected objects and hide non-selected objects
  • Select objects and zoom to the selection
  • Reset the model
  • Reset the camera
  • Apply color and transparency overrides to selected objects
  • Launch a collection of models; set visibility for each of the models
  • View textures applied in the BIM authoring application


  • We recommend using the following OS versions to experience benefits of the new 3D viewer: iOS version 11 and above or Android version 6 and above.
  • The new viewer can be launched after selecting model files in the Data tab.



Announcement Banner with Hyperlinks Support

Announcements by the Trimble Connect Team will now be displayed with interactive hyperlinks (when available). When tapping the hyperlink, you will be redirected to the corresponding webpage. Any announcements with additional information that were earlier available only in the Connect for Browser application can now also be launched from the Connect for Mobile app.



Drawing and Document Views Support

Views can now be created for supported 2D file formats and shared with project members (similar to Views for 3D models)! From now on, you can do more than just look at snapshots from drawings: you will be able to create Views directly from the Connect for Mobile application. Created Views will be listed in the 2D views tab.



2D file - improved Interaction for Markup Creation

You can now create the Arrow and Line markups in supported 2D files using 2 taps, similar to the markups in 3D models. This enhancement allows for panning and zooming before selecting the second point. Created markups can be selected/edited/deleted as needed.



Last but not least, the Application Logo is updated!


Bug fix: the application crashes experienced by some users when synchronizing large view definitions belong to the past. Also, with the ongoing work on the new 3D viewer we will soon introduce the ability to render and use these large views on your mobile device.


We hope you enjoy using this new version!


Known issues that will be addressed in a next release:

  • 2D Views created in Connect for Browser may not reflect perfectly in Connect for Mobile. We are working on bringing in parity between the clients for 2D Views. This is ongoing development work.
  • Views that are created from Connect for Mobile after hiding the model will not be reflected properly in other clients. On launching this view in Connect for Mobile, show/hide models won’t be reflected properly. Users have to tap “Show all” to view all the models on screen.
  • Occasionally, on loading large model files in the 3D viewer, the application may crash (or) stop responding due to memory constraints.
  • The size of the dimension annotations might be bigger in tablet devices.
  • Models with a large number of objects may not be rendered properly while performing Pan/Zoom operations in the model viewer.
  • There may be parity issues with respect to View visualization across clients for features related to Orthographic projection and Global transparency.
  • Model alignment values set from other clients are currently not properly reflected in Connect for Mobile.
  • Some slowness may be experienced while displaying the “Statuses” option in the right dragger of the model viewer screen.
  • Occasionally, an empty thumbnail is displayed for “Todo” attachments.
  • Occasionally, it takes a longer time for the project contents to be displayed after clearing “Local cache contents”.
  • Occasionally, slowness is observed when switching between tabs (Data /Todo /View /Team).
  • Views updated by deselecting/unhiding all the objects is not updated properly.
  • Views are not deleted from the server after a linked ToDo is deleted, but users will be able to delete views after detaching from ToDo.


Currently known limitations:

  • GlobalIds that are received from model conversion may not match between Mobile, Browser and Windows applications. Due to this links created may not be visible across clients for non-Ifc formats. 
  • Measurement values will be displayed with the accuracy up to 1/10th position in the “Millimeter” unit.
  • Offline Logout: users cannot log out in offline mode since the browser cannot be launched without an internet connection.
  • Current view parity issues include settings related to Layer states, Color and Transparency.
  • When downloading files, the sizes for model files are fetched from the ‘Files’ collection, which may/may not be the final size for the converted Trimble Connect file.
    • During the conversion and optimization process the file size is reduced significantly.
    • When downloading a model file, the size required for storing it on the mobile device storage, will be much smaller.
  • The UI in tablets is shown in compatible mode.
  • Model group is not getting created when the user tries to create model group with cloud model


Trimble Connect Team

A new version of the Connect Sync tool for Windows (2.52) is now available via the apps page in Connect for Browser.


The Sync tool now handles files that are open during the synchronization initiation process by letting you know the which files are currently open and not accessible. From there you can decide to skip these files and proceed with syncing the rest of the files or cancel the sync process and start again after you close those files.

The clash check feature in the browser will move from the legacy 3D viewer to the new Connect 3D Viewer during January 2020. This means that the "Clash sets" panel will stop being available in the legacy 3D Viewer and become available in the new 3D Viewer instead. Clash sets created with the legacy viewer will continue to be available in the new 3D Viewer. Also, the clash set panel will continue to be available in the Trimble Connect for Windows application.




This change happens as part of the deprecation of the legacy viewer. Please see more information here:

 Heads Up: The Legacy 3D Viewer will be deprecated in the end of July 2020 

The Connect platform has been updated. Included in the update are:

  • a redesigned method for retrieving views by applications to improve performance with large view definitions;
  • a new, consolidated email notification sent after completion of BIM file processing;


This update also has fixes for:

  • an issue related to views that were not removed for users in Connect for Mobile after unassigning them;
  • removing permissions for deleted users;
  • "Create View" API acceptance of "empty" description field.

Due to significant changes in functionality between HoloLens 1 and 2, all future releases of Trimble Connect for HoloLens (TCH)  will be developed exclusively for Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Trimble XR10 with HoloLens 2. TCH v 3.0 and future versions will not be backward compatible with Microsoft HoloLens 1. We will, however, continue to update our current version, TCH v2.1, to support HoloLens 1 for the foreseeable future.

With the recent update of Connect for Browser, it is now possible to move files from the middle panel into any folder in the project hierarchy. This new functionality  helps you rearrange your files in an easier way. We invite you to try it out!


Steps and screenshots describing this new capability:

  1. Select one or more files you want to move.
  2. Click “Move to” in the right panel:

  3. After choosing “Move to..” the project folder hierarchy will be shown on the right.

  4. The “left” arrow lets you navigate a level up in the folder hierarchy. Note that the right panel will show only folders and not any of the included files.
  5. Choose “Move here” at the bottom right to complete the move action.


Alternatively, moving files is also possible by dragging and dropping files directly from the middle panel to the left panel folder hierarchy.

There is a new updated version of the user guide for Trimble Connect for Mobile application. You can find the new user guide attached to this blog post.



Please note that the description of managing licenses in Chapter 1.1 concerns you only if you are using Trimble Connect together with the Tekla Structures application.

There is a new updated version of the user guide for Trimble Connect for Windows application (also known as Trimble Connect for Desktop). You can find the new user guide attached to this blog post.



Please note that the description of managing licenses in Chapter 1 concerns you only if you are using Trimble Connect together with the Tekla Structures application.

Update: Latest version of the user guide can be found in the Connect Product Updates subpage:

 Trimble Connect for Browser User Guide - June 2020 



There is a new updated version of the user guide for Trimble Connect for Browser application (also known as Trimble Connect for Web). Updates include a description of the new Connect 3D Viewer application in Chapter 8. You can find the new user guide attached to this blog post.



Please note that the description of managing licenses in Chapter 1.1 concerns you only if you are using Trimble Connect together with the Tekla Structures application.