Marcel Broekmaat

Connect Sync Tool 2.53.1 Released

Blog Post created by Marcel Broekmaat on Apr 7, 2020

A new version of the Trimble Connect Sync Tool is now available through the "Applications" area of the Connect for Browser app.

New in this release (2.53.1):

  • Connect Sync now supports scheduled local transfer synchronization for project administrators, which means that files deleted locally can be deleted in the Connect cloud from the Sync tool by admins.

  • We increased the size limit for individual files from 10GB to 50GB for Connect Business Premium subscribers. 

  • The application icon for the Sync Tool was updated to the new style.

  • Project loading was redesigned to improve performance of project page loading.

  • We added a tool-tip to the “stay signed in” setting.

The following defects have been addressed:

  • A number of customers reported that not all files were uploaded as expected — this has been addressed (TCSYNC-480).

  • Performance of data loading was insufficient in some projects; improvements have been implemented  (TCSYNC-497).

  • Stability issues fixed (TCSYNC-469, TCSYNC-494)