Laura Anne Cook

Sneak Peek: Trimble Connect for Browser's New Interface

Blog Post created by Laura Anne Cook on Nov 11, 2020


Trimble Connect for Browser’s
interface is changing!

We have been hard at work at redesigning our application and bringing consistency between our browser dashboard and browser viewer applications. 

Data Explorer

View Project in 3D ViewerNew

You can now open projects in the 3D Viewer from the main web application. Simply go into the desired project and from the Explorer page, click the Overflow Menu › View project in 3D Viewer.

File & Folder Detail PanelsUpdated

Updated file and folder detail panels.


All the Views you created or that have been shared with you from the 3D and 2D Viewers will be listed in the Views page on the Browser application.  

Views Quick Action MenuNew

Each View listed in the table has an overflow menu that provides functionality to work and manage Views. 


Releases are used to send versions of files privately to users who are part of a project. You can create and manage Releases in Trimble Connect for Browser on the Releases page.

Releases have two states, Draft and Sent. If a Release is in the Draft state, it can still be edited. After a Release has been sent, it will be locked and not editable. 

Release Quick Action MenuNew

Each Release listed in the table has a menu that provides functionality to work and manage Releases. 

Release Detail Information

Select a Release to see detailed information about that particular Release. The Detail panel will open on the right of the screen. 


Use ToDos to assign, track and resolve issues within a project. ToDos can be assigned to a user or a group with a due date when the ToDo needs to be resolved.

ToDo Detail InformationUpdated

Select a ToDo to see detailed information about that particular ToDo. The Detail panel will open on the right of the screen. 

Add ToDo Attachments

You can now add attachments to a ToDo directly from the ToDo detail panel! 


Search UsersNew

Quickly search for project members by using the search function (shown next to the filters)! You can search by name or email address.

Add Users to Multiple GroupsNew

You can now add multiple users to multiple groups at the same time! 


Send Emails to Project MembersNew

You can now easily send emails to project members from the Team page! Simply clicking on their listed email address will open your device’s native email application with their email address populated in the To field.



The Activity page in Trimble Connect for Browser is a summary of most events that happen within your project.

Updated Share Activity Updated

If you need to make changes to any of the share settings, this can be done by going to the Activity page and editing the Share, this is also how you can revoke or cancel a share.  

The share activity now lists who you have shared the document(s) with!