• 3D Rotate Mode behaviour

    The Rotate Mode of the camera in the 3D WebBrowser is behaving differently wether a section is active or not.   Without a section : it behaves as expected with a rotation around the selected point With a sectio...
    Leo Kichenin
    created by Leo Kichenin
  • how to download version 18 japan environment

    I want to install Version 18 japan environment, How to download the env file from tekla
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  • Slack Integration?

    Hi,    is there a way to integrate TC with Slack? Would be nice to create To Dos and upload Files via Slack, would be even nicer to comment on todos and get updates in slack.   Greetings Tobias
    Tobias Steinhardt
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  • Read/open Navisworks files in TC

    Hello all, is there any future development to give the option to open Navisworks files .nwd .nwc in Trimble Connect? It would be really beneficial for the coordination in projects. Thanks, 
    Marco Perazzo
    created by Marco Perazzo
  • 3D Viewer on Mobile Devices

    I have downloaded the Trimble Connect App (Version 2.10.1) on my Apple 11 Pro Max and also Ipad (6th Generation).  When I go the Views tab, I can see all the views as options to choose, but when I select them the...
    Erin Sandall
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  • mobile app problem

    when i upgrade 10.1ver mobile app。i got a problem i just stoppedthe step after i sign in。my phone is stop in the Tri...
    z sw
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  • TC iPad iOS -  Object info, new 3D viewer

    How do you view Object information using the "Launch in new 3D viewer (BETA)" on the Trimble Connect iPad iOS app?
    Matthew Poots
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  • Is Trimble Connect a good option

    IsTrimble Connect a good option to integrate with Trimble Business Center for sharing vce files etc?
    sheldon cook
    created by sheldon cook
  • Visualizer Icon Not Displaying

    The visualizer button in Trimble connect does not display. I have installed the latest version on multiple computers and am unable to make it show up. Does anyone have any ideas how to make it show?
    Ashley Thornton
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  • Trimble Connect for Hololens File types

    I am looking for some tips for using the hololens xr10.  1.   RVT files cannot be viewed on the hololens without using the plugin, when using the plugin and pushing files there is no way to exclud...
    Andrew Joseph
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  • model contains circular references and can not be uploaded

    HI, I'm testing TRIMBLE CONNECT and was trying to upload a REVIT model with the add-in. Got this error message: "model contains circular references and can not be uploaded" Does this have anything to do with the fa...
    Filipe Lima
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  • Trimble Connect for Revit 2020 Available Now

    There is a new version of the Trimble Connect for Revit add-in available for download in the Trimble Connect Apps page. The latest release introduces support for Revit 2020.   See also the updated instructions d...
    Jari Juntunen
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  • Trimble Connect for Revit

    With the Revit Add-in, you'll be able to upload .RVT files to Trimble Connect from within Autodesk Revit. This will allow you to view models on the Trimble Connect platform.   Getting Started To get started you ...
    Fern Udomrasami
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  • We have 3 pcs of R10 can be used as Base or Rover. We need another 1 pcs RTK for Hydrographic Survey, can be used as a Rover when R10 will be the Base. We also want to use it as a Beacon receiver also. Which model can be supported both of these? please

    We have 3 pcs of R10 can be used as Base or Rover. We need another 1 pcs RTK for Hydrographic Survey, can be used as a Rover when R10 will be the Base. We also want to use it as a Beacon receiver also. Which model can...
  • Trimble Connect for Windows

    Trimble Connect for Windows is a application that enables Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Owner/Operators to collaborate on building projects.  You can download and install Trimble Connect Desktop and...
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  • I don't seem to have access to dropbox business folders

    On the android Sketchup viewer, I can access the personal folder from my Dropbox Business account, but not the business folders. Can you help?
    Paul Moore
    created by Paul Moore
  • Model size limits for TCM

    I am wondering if there is a limit to model size that TCM can handle.   We are trying to view rebar IFC's that are approx 6-10mb in size. These are viewable in TCW and TCD although this takes a little time to pr...
    Paul Jennings
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  • I have several new iPads 10.2” 32 GB. I load them with our Trimble Connect Model, and they crash, over and over before the model is loaded. I have 2 iPad Pro’s that don’t crash, and will load just fine. Any ideas????

    I’ll connect to WiFi for high speed, and it’ll almost load.  But before it’s completed it will crash over and over.
    Marcus Jeffs
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  • Comment ajuster un modèle à l'échelle 1:1 sur Hololens ?

    Lorsque j'ouvre un modèle avec Hololens 1, je ne vois nulle part où ajuster correctement l'échelle. Est-ce possible d'ajuster correctement ?
    Gabriel Lacroix
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  • export .csv or .xlsx data

    Hey community, I have a question related to a potential upgrade feature for Trimle Connect. After having only briefly used the tool, I believe a way to export .csv or .xlsx data directly from the interface would add ...
    Enea KOTSA
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