• I don't seem to have access to dropbox business folders

    On the android Sketchup viewer, I can access the personal folder from my Dropbox Business account, but not the business folders. Can you help?
    Paul Moore
    created by Paul Moore
  • Model size limits for TCM

    I am wondering if there is a limit to model size that TCM can handle.   We are trying to view rebar IFC's that are approx 6-10mb in size. These are viewable in TCW and TCD although this takes a little time to pr...
    Paul Jennings
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  • I have several new iPads 10.2” 32 GB. I load them with our Trimble Connect Model, and they crash, over and over before the model is loaded. I have 2 iPad Pro’s that don’t crash, and will load just fine. Any ideas????

    I’ll connect to WiFi for high speed, and it’ll almost load.  But before it’s completed it will crash over and over.
    Marcus Jeffs
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  • Comment ajuster un modèle à l'échelle 1:1 sur Hololens ?

    Lorsque j'ouvre un modèle avec Hololens 1, je ne vois nulle part où ajuster correctement l'échelle. Est-ce possible d'ajuster correctement ?
    Gabriel Lacroix
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  • export .csv or .xlsx data

    Hey community, I have a question related to a potential upgrade feature for Trimle Connect. After having only briefly used the tool, I believe a way to export .csv or .xlsx data directly from the interface would add ...
    Enea KOTSA
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  • Content browser (Data table) doesn't work

    data Hello,   Could you help to find the reason, why content browser doesn't work? Are there any requirements of having access to exact ip-addresses? Or this problem exists only for me as the user?...
    Pavel Nedviga
    created by Pavel Nedviga
  • Trimble Connect for Ocululs Rift

    I have seen posts that TC is avaiable for Oculust Quest. We have in out company Oculus Rift. Is the TC application avaiable for Oculus Rift?
    Dawid Dyrcz
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  • Trimble connect viewer API - what we can do with that

    Trimble Connect 3D Viewer - Workspace API  I see that TC Viewer have API, but I dont know what I can do with it? Can I make my own TC browser? But why i should my own viewer?
    Dawid Dyrcz
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  • How do I upload points to the desktop site so they are viewable as blank forms on the mobile app?

    How do I upload points to the desktop site so they are viewable as blank forms on the mobile app? The goal is to be able to upload data points from KML, or .shp so that when in the field, the surveyor logs a gps point...
    Blake Bradley
    created by Blake Bradley
  • Where is the scale input in Hololens Trimble Connect App?

    The option for input of a scale at a numerical value has dissappeared (for example, entering 1:1 instead of scale by gestures). Where is this option?
    Kulpreet Gill
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  • mot de passe

    bonjour, lors de mon inscription, il y a eu un problème  avec mon mail, mon mail outlook n'a pas été accepté et le mot de passe avec gmail n'a pas été prise en compte. c...
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  • Import BCF and export ToDo as BCF

    Hello,   How can i import BCF-files and how can i export ToDo's as an BCF-file?   Kind regards   Martijn Gielkens bcfbcfzip
    Martijn Gielkens
    created by Martijn Gielkens
  • Trimble connect Installation

    I received an email to get Trimble Connect to replace Tekla Bimsight.  I use Bimsight to look at IFC files.  I managed to download a file called  "TrimbleConnectSetup-[2]".  It has no ...
    last modified by Jim
  • Is it possible to get an report from Trimble Connect Status Sharing 1.1?

    Assambly position and date of assembly.
    Alec de M?nnink
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  • Revit to Hololens using Trimble Connect?

    How do you upload a Revit model into Hololens using Trimble Connect?
    Jeremy Withers
    last modified by Jeremy Withers

    Hi, I just downloaded the Trimble Connect program and I can only open the TRB file types and not the TFL files.  Is there a way/program that I can use to open these TFL files?
    Zachary Rieseck
    created by Zachary Rieseck
  • Problem with the cloud mark tool

    Hello,    After several uses in the same project, it appears to be impossible to use the « cloud mark» tool to annotate a view. The tool doesn’t recognyze any face of object as a ...
    Florent Loubie
    last modified by Florent Loubie
  • I'm so sorry I subscribed to Sketchup Shop.

    Even though I paid for a year's subscription, I still find the 2017 free version easier to use. I can load and work on models that are stored on my desktop. I've never been able to find 3D Warehouse for downloads...
    Len Krudop
    created by Len Krudop
  • How to make add-in button in Trimble Connect Desktop?

    I see that the Trimble Connect Visualizer have button inside the Trimble Connect Desktop Application. How to make add-in button in Trimble Connect Desktop using api? How to make child window or how to add panel with ...
    Dawid Dyrcz
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  • Is there any way to draw something using Trimble Connect Desktop API?

    Is there any way to draw something using Trimble Connect Desktop API? I am asking about something similar to Tekla.Structures.Model.UI.GraphicDrawer but in TC. I want to draw label on the selected object.   ...
    Dawid Dyrcz
    created by Dawid Dyrcz