• Trimble inSpere (Terraflex)

    I have created a page heading "Resident 1" with various questions, I need to duplicate the "Resident 1" page to "Resident 2" with the same datafileds/questions, is there a way to copy instead of re-adding all the ques...
    Werner Fenske
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  • How I can Merge Two bars?

    Hello How I can Merge Two Rebars if they have the same size and do not exceed the max allowable bar length 12m? I try to use the Three Longitudinal Bar Pattern and fail to Combine it to form a single bar. Tekla S...
    Ali Araye
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  • Trimble connect collaboration issue

    Hi everyone, i am new in Trimble connect and i am currently working in an MEP contractor company. As my company has purchased two hololens to see whether we could facilitate our works using the collaboration function....
    Anson Lee
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  • I purchased sketch up for one year and I cant find where I can access the download.

    I am a student and I purchased sketch up one year subscription for students. I got my verification email after verifying that I am a current student. It prompted me to set up and email and password and after doing so ...
    Amanda Hood
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  • Revit to Hololens using Trimble Connect?

    How do you upload a Revit model into Hololens using Trimble Connect?
    Jeremy Withers
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  • Revit Collaboration with Trimble connect

    I am new to Trimble connect, I have a question Regarding The ADD-IN For Revit. How do I collaborate With My Team Members Working Simultaneously In the same project Uploaded in Trimble connect? Is it Possible to do s...
    Himanshu dubey
    created by Himanshu dubey
  • I'm so sorry I subscribed to Sketchup Shop.

    Even though I paid for a year's subscription, I still find the 2017 free version easier to use. I can load and work on models that are stored on my desktop. I've never been able to find 3D Warehouse for downloads...
    Len Krudop
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  • geo location

    How do I get Trimble geo-location to work again on SketchUp Pro 2020? It tells me I must be logged in - but I am
    Rod Gurzynski
    created by Rod Gurzynski
  • View Callout Error

    Recently (maybe since the July 2020 update), an error occurs when creating views with callouts.   When creating a new view, which contains callouts, opening the view will move all callouts to one location "clump...
    Piotr Napiorkowski
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  • are you able to register a pointcloud using trimble connect

    Are you able to register a point-cloud using trimble connect. It takes for ever to do it using the desktop. I want to know if you are able to use trimble connect to register the point cloud faster.
    Alex Alfano
    created by Alex Alfano
  • Ability to change visual display style?

    Hi, is there any ability, or planned development, to be able to change the visual display style for the online model viewer? This is a great, light weight BIM/digital twin tool but I think the visual quality, spe...
    created by Quark
  • TCWeb Extensions IFrame

    Hello,   It seems creation of extensions for Trimble Connect Web is limited to using a sandbox iframe. Unfortunately Chrome and soon Firefox block allowing downloads in a sandbox iframe by default. This severely...
    Sean Ramseier
    created by Sean Ramseier
  • Viewing Models from ProjectSight

    I loaded some Revit models into TrimbleConnect.  When I log in to TrimbleConnect from ProjectSight, I'm unable to view the models.  Is that how it's supposed to work? How can I view the models?   Thanks
    Dan Bentil
    created by Dan Bentil
  • TrimbleConnect Desktop -  crash on start. Not working.

    TrimbleConnectSetup-  crash on start. Not working. Not starting   I see that the programmers from trimble dont know anything about try - catch - finnaly block. Start making your programs stabl...
    Dawid Dyrcz
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  • Trial version trouble

    hi, does anyone know how to access models that are built with a trial version (sketch up 2019), after the trial has expired? thankful for help
    created by vendela
  • Why won't Extensions Warehouse fully load from Sketchup 2019?  I get the warehouse window, but no conten.

    Both Extension and #D Warehouses stopped working after a Win10 reboot. I currently have full network/internet access.  I can login to Trimble.  I can use tools menus etc in Sketchup 2019. Just no warehouses....
    Lyndon Harris
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  • I would like to store check shots taken as notes.

    I would like to store check shots taken as notes with all the information. Instead of manually ctrl+N. Theory- there is or should be a point name code that automatically stores shots as notes or information instead of...
    Xavon Atkins
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  • Bluetooth Controller for TC

    I have Oculus Quest and it's a fantastic tool for viewing models in VR on 3d.connect.trimble.com.  I also have an Android phone which seems to be capable of the same thing when used with a headset like Google Car...
    Peter Officer
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  • Silent install desktop without reboot

    From the IT department of Byldis I have been informed that the current installation method of Trimble Connect Desktop causes undesirable situations. There is no 'silent install' without a reboot, which causes problems...
    Stefan Kauffeld
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  • sefaira installing problem

    Hi, I trying to install the trial version of Sefaira plugin. I downloaded rbz. file. Using extension manager installed into sketchup. Selecting Sefaira, the program shows the error - 500 Internal Server Error. P...
    Yuri Dobriyan
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