• How to get the access key for authentication from my consumer key/secret

    Can you please provide the download from; https://community.trimble.com/docs/DOC-25246-tidconnectauthenticationpostmancollectionzip   The link does not work. I need an example showing how to get the following a...
    Dennis Gascoigne
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  • Trimble Identity - working with aspnet

    Can you please provide an example of the connection process for the new API. Your documentation is really out of date.The samples github repo is 3 years old, and uses .Net Core 1.0. It won't even compile and is no lon...
    Dennis Gascoigne
    created by Dennis Gascoigne
  • Running Trimble Sync on NAS?

    Is it possible to run a sync from a NAS? 
    created by Anthony
  • ToDos not numbered in TCM

    Hello,   I have noticed that the ToDo list in TCM isnt numbered as it is in the other platforms.   It makes it very hard to find these issues when out in the field.   TCD:    ...
    Paul Jennings
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  • API / SDK Licensing terms

    The terms and conditions for using the Trimble Connect API and SDK are now published at https://connect.trimble.com/terms_of_service.html
    Fern Udomrasami
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  • I cant login or sync with Trimble Connect

    Hello,   I cant login or sync with Trimble Connect. Also login in mobile or web version fails. I have this problem since yesterday Can you please check this   Thanks in advance   Best regards, Peter...
    Peter-Paul Brans
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  • TC visualizer for Desktop

    Hi    I was just having a play around with Visualizer. I can generate some very cool images. Couplers on rebar for example look especially good.    I did have a question. I have a large concret...
    Paul Jennings
    created by Paul Jennings
  • Trimble Connect Web Application and API Not Synchronised

    Hi - I am using Trimble Connect through the web platform and through the Trimble Connect APIs. I am finding that the data between the two is not being synchronised (i.e. a deleted project is still showing up in the AP...
    Matthew Morrison
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  • Trimble connect for hololens / to-do

    Is it possible to take a picture in the trimble connect app (hololens) and use it to create a To Do?
    Torsten Bruemmel
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  • Clash detection workflow in TC

    Hi there,   I am quite struggling with clash detection in TC. It seems that: 1. You can not have TC clash certain things within models, can you? Like it would be perfect to see if there are clashes with doors a...
    created by M
  • Can you import a bcfzip file?

    I would like to import a bcfzip file from another issue tracking software. Is this possible? Thanks James
    created by James
  • Android App V.2.7 loading failed

    Dear Trimble Connect Team I installed the Trimble Connect (V.2.7) app on my new phone. Unfortunately, the message "loading failed" always appears after logging in. The app works perfectly on my older phone. Also all o...
    Stefan Wüst
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  • Model Tree and Visibility of IFC Categories in New Viewer?

    Hi All,   how can I display Model tree and Visibility of IFC Categories in New Viewer? For more details look at the annex.   thx Pavel
    Pavel Vlasak
    created by Pavel Vlasak
  • How do you display both a default and an internet background file at the same time on TerraSync v5.9?

    I am using TerraSync v 5.90 on Windows 10 with a Trimble R1 receiver. When I turn on the internet background map, the default one no longer displays and vice versa.
    David Dellapenna
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  • TRIMBLE connect: Server and Ports

    Our Network has limited access to the internet. Which TRIMBLE servers names and ports I have to open in the firewall to use TRIMBLE connect Licenses inside my department?
    Steffen Rabe
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  • Reinforcement and meshes in New Trimble Connect Viewer are not displayed

    Hi All, Reinforcement and reinforcing meshes in New Trimble Connect Web Viewer are not displayed. Same Problem had Trimble Connect Desktop few months ago. thx Pavel
    Pavel Vlasak
    created by Pavel Vlasak
  • Rotate Plan View

    Is there a way to rotate the plan view?  
    created by Troy
  • Is there a way to change the original member color in the IFC model uploaded to mark as approved for members in the model? Currently I can not change a members color to change its approval status. I have found the note tags but that is it.

    I would like to know if there is a way to change the models member colors to differentiate the beams and connections that are approved by other team members to have the quick visual instead of note tags cluttering up ...
    Eric Berger
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  • Extract Rebar info using Trimble Connect API?

    Dear all,   Let's say, I have received an IFC file (the original model created with Tekla Structures). If we want to extract the Bar Bending schedule from the IFC, can we use the Trimble Connect API to extract?...
    sathiyanarayanan manickam
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  • SketchUp exporting IFC -> Trimble connect

    Is there a way to upload an IFC file in SketchUp to a Trimble Connect project?
    Rogier Schenning
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