• Can you change the default location where photos are stored on a TSC7?

    I cannot change the default location for photos from camera roll to C:\ProgramData\Trimble\Trimble Data\Projects\ on a TSC7.  Any suggestions on how to change this?
    David Given
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  • Session Invalid after API update

    Hi everyone   C# MVC.net 5 .net 4.6.1 question here.   Today I updated the nugets for Trimble.Connect.Client to 2.4.77 and Trimble.Identity to 1.1.25 because of updates on the Trimble Connect API. ...
    Jan Stucky
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  • All users locked out

    All users have been locked out of Trimble Connect in my company for 2 days up til now. Even company admins are locked out of all projects.   Has anyone else had this problem?   No notification has been giv...
    Paul Jennings
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  • View groups not visible in Mobile

    Hello,   After creating multiple views in a project and sharing with site teams it appears that sometimes the mobile application doesn't place these views into the folders that they are sorted into upon creation...
    Paul Jennings
    created by Paul Jennings
  • Wrong display of construction in TC web, desktop, mobile

    Hi all, I would like to report the following problem with construction display in Trimble Connect. Fo further details please have a look at pictures and data in the annex. I can invited you in the project. thx Pavel
    Pavel Vlasak
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    Hello I deleted a user from my project yesterday and now i want to give him access again but i can't. I also have 3 members on my team but i can't invite more because it asks me to upgrade my account.I thought i...
    Agapi Giannidou
    created by Agapi Giannidou
  • API / SDK Licensing terms

    The terms and conditions for using the Trimble Connect API and SDK are now published at https://connect.trimble.com/terms_of_service.html
    Fern Udomrasami
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  • .NET SDK Libraries, Samples

    These are links to the Trimble Connect .NET SDK libraries, documentation, and code samples. Download the SDK Libraries hosted on Nuget.org Download samples hosted on Github Review documentation on Github   Pl...
    Fern Udomrasami
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  • API/SDK Training Videos

    See Trimble Connect API/SDK training videos playlist  
    Karthik Rajagopal
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  • Getting an API Key

    Getting an API Key Once you are ready to start leveraging the Trimble Connect API/SDK, you will need to request API credentials unique to your organization and connected application. Please send this request to conn...
    Jose Gonzalez
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  • API v2.0 Documentation

    APIs in Trimble Connect allows one to read, write and update data into/out of the Connect platform. Now, one can create folders, upload/download files, modify views and do much more from within an application using Tr...
    Fern Udomrasami
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  • TID Connect Authentication Postman Collection

    Postman collection that describes how to authenticate with Trimble Identity and Trimble Connect. If you're unfamiliar with Postman see getpostman.com.
    Imti T
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  • Trimble ID API Evaluation Amendment 2016 11 04 (GLZ)

    Imti T
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