• TC SDK and Shares

    This is in regard to the Trimble Connect SDK and sharing.  I noticed that there is documentation regarding shares for the API, but I can not figure out the correct procedures to share (View only share to an email...
    Bill Scoble
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  • Trimble connect objects attributes not showing (Desktop Version)

    Trimble connect desktop version not showing all object attributes exported but shows in web version.  Desktop version:   WEB version:   This was working last week but not sure why it stopped ...
    Barry De Beer
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  • I cleared my browser (Chrome) history and now I can't find my saved files. Can I get my files back.

    I was using SketchUp Web to build two complex models. Overall, I had saved 3 files to Trimble Connect. Yesterday, SketchUp Web was sluggish and driving me crazy, so today I cleared my Google Chrome history, think...
    created by Jill
  • Metadata management

    Hello team,  Metadata are a very good thing, but it would be more effective if we could also manage them at the level of each project. Do you plan to offer this in the future? As in the Property Set Manager, it...
    Alexandre COLLIN
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  • Date format

    Hello team, Is it possible to change the date format for a project or in user preferences? It is important for the European market. - mm.dd.yyyy or dd.mm.yyyy or yyyy.mm.dd - may 15 2020 or 15 may 2020...   ...
    Alexandre COLLIN
    created by Alexandre COLLIN
  • View Filters

    Can you have different "view Filters" for each view tab you have open? For example. I want to have to 2 plan views open where on One plan view I can see only selected layers and on the other plan view I can see differ...
    Michael Wilkins
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  • New Subspace for Connect Product Updates & Release Notes

    Please note that there is a new subspace created for Connect product updates. From now on, new product features and release notes will be published in the new subspace.   Make sure to start following the subspac...
    Jari Juntunen
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  • Feature request: keyboard shortcut for moving clip planes

    Hi,   I am quite often frustrated when trying to see some details using the clip plane tool. The scissor icon is often out of view, and so moving the plane requires zooming in and out, often several times.  ...
    Matti Kuismin
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  • Feature Request - Organizer Filtering

    Currently the Organizer Extension in Connect Web displays all created groups no matter what file the objects in the groups belong to. So not only are those objects inaccessible but over time the Organizer has the pote...
    Sean Ramseier
    created by Sean Ramseier
  • how to download version 18 japan environment

    I want to install Version 18 japan environment, How to download the env file from tekla
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  • New clash work not in right way

    Hi all,   1) new clash work not in right way. Look please on pictures in attachment. Could you help me please?   2) How can I check clash only in 1 model (file)?   thx Pavel
    Pavel Vlasak
    created by Pavel Vlasak
  • how to dis-connect

    Hi, 1- I have made one project and shared with others, works great. 2- I have one project invited to me for training on UFP. 3- I am invited on our company shared projects on connect, works good. 4- I was invited ...
    Leo Rieswijk
    created by Leo Rieswijk
  • Read/open Navisworks files in TC

    Hello all, is there any future development to give the option to open Navisworks files .nwd .nwc in Trimble Connect? It would be really beneficial for the coordination in projects. Thanks, 
    Marco Perazzo
    created by Marco Perazzo
  • 3D Viewer on Mobile Devices

    I have downloaded the Trimble Connect App (Version 2.10.1) on my Apple 11 Pro Max and also Ipad (6th Generation).  When I go the Views tab, I can see all the views as options to choose, but when I select them the...
    Erin Sandall
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  • Setting up R8s receiver to work as a rover

    Hello. I purchased in December 2017 two Trimble R8S receivers, one set up as Rover and the other one set up as base. I currently need two rovers, so I need to set up my base to work as a rover. I asked this question t...
    Bogdan Raduc
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  • Clash detection part missing

    I did a clash detection with clash set 5mm between a structure and pipe model. I see that the clash result shows the clash between the pipe B and only one beam A. Why the second beam C that clash with the same pipe is...
    Marco Perazzo
    created by Marco Perazzo
  • Clash detection between elements same file

    Hello, I cannot find the way in TC to do a clash detection between elements in the same IFC file as it was possible in Bim Sight. Please advise, thanks.
    Marco Perazzo
    created by Marco Perazzo
  • Is Trimble Connect a good option

    IsTrimble Connect a good option to integrate with Trimble Business Center for sharing vce files etc?
    sheldon cook
    created by sheldon cook
  • Trimble Connect Server not Available

    Client using the desktop application keeps getting the notification that the server is not available.  When they sign out and sign back in it works or if enter into a project online it logs them in, but if they j...
    Dale McELroy
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  • We have 3 pcs of R10 can be used as Base or Rover. We need another 1 pcs RTK for Hydrographic Survey, can be used as a Rover when R10 will be the Base. We also want to use it as a Beacon receiver also. Which model can be supported both of these? please

    We have 3 pcs of R10 can be used as Base or Rover. We need another 1 pcs RTK for Hydrographic Survey, can be used as a Rover when R10 will be the Base. We also want to use it as a Beacon receiver also. Which model can...