• I can't install Trimble Connect Sync

    Dear all,    I am trying to reinstall Trimble Connect Sync (TrimbleConnectSyncSetup_x64_v2.54.2.0) and it stops right after the first double-click at the installer; it shows this error message.   ...
    João Gaspar
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  • Can the XR10 Stream View of Wearer?

    Can the Trimble XR10 stream the view or Trimble connect to a remote device or utilize a conference call ability to collaborate with those without the headset?
    Mitchell Osborne
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  • Sync Tool

    Is it possible to see a dashboard for the Sync Tool to see which projects have a sync set up on them? We have a number of projects and its hard to see what schedule is set up for each project without having to go into...
    Paul Jennings
    created by Paul Jennings
  • Trimble Connect has stopped working

    After installation, the message "Trimble Connect has stopped working" appears when you try to start Problem Signature: Problem event name: APPCRASH Application name: TrimbleConnect.exe Application version: 1.10.0....
    created by Luk
  • Viewing Models from ProjectSight

    I loaded some Revit models into TrimbleConnect.  When I log in to TrimbleConnect from ProjectSight, I'm unable to view the models.  Is that how it's supposed to work? How can I view the models?   Thanks
    Dan Bentil
    created by Dan Bentil
  • Nomad 9000 bloethooth problem

    Hi recently I get a nomad 9000 but the Bluetooth have problems . Say a message “Hardware is not conected” and the Bluetooth settings is installed but no have a IP. The WiFi is the same problem. Can you hel...
    David Garcia
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  • 3D Model Files

     Trimble Connect for Browser IFC (2x3, 4), IFCZIP SKP (2018 and below) DWG (AutoCAD 2018 and below) [Note : Objects that require MEP specific enabler are not supported.] Revit (2019, 2020 and 2021, with Revi...
    Ankit Sulodia
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  • changing administrator

    Our company administrator is leaving. How do we change the administrator to someone who is still in the company?
    Michael Imhof
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  • How to set up real-time configurations in Trimble Connect for synchornization to TerraFlex?

    I need to add a correction for SBAS in the Terraflex settings. Is there a way to do this in Trimble Connect and sync the settings across to TerraFlex? 
    Eric Nygard
    created by Eric Nygard
  • Trimble Connect Unresponsive to Mouse within Model

    My Trimble Connect for Desktop is unresponsive to mouse commands.  I cannot scroll in, move around, etc. within the model but I can click on options on the menu and side bars.   Any ideas on what the cause ...
    Ore Dagan
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  • Plan and Profile Sheet Settings

    I am creating Plan and Profile sheets and have come across a few questions.  These all apply to the Sheet Settings.   1 - When creating a Sheet, under Sheet Settings vertical curves have many settings for d...
    Michael Shipione
    created by Michael Shipione
  • Which versions of SketchUp are compatible with Trimble Connect?

    Which versions of SketchUp are compatible with Trimble Connect?
    Brad Butts
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  • User Guide : Trimble Connect for Browser - October 2019

    Update: Latest version of the user guide can be found in the Connect Product Updates subpage:  Trimble Connect for Browser User Guide - June 2020      There is a new updated version of the user g...
    Jari Juntunen
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  • How to share a custom Data Table Column Set

    I have created a custom Data Table Column set within Trimble Connect's online 3d viewer. I would like to share this custom column set with other users but can't seem to figure out how.    Is it possible to ...
    Kevin McGuire
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  • Emails alerts

    Is there an way to turn off email alerts? The documentation I found here is out f date... nothing tis ticked yet still get email alerts     Alan
    Alan Cliff
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  • TC SDK and Shares

    This is in regard to the Trimble Connect SDK and sharing.  I noticed that there is documentation regarding shares for the API, but I can not figure out the correct procedures to share (View only share to an email...
    Bill Scoble
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  • I cleared my browser (Chrome) history and now I can't find my saved files. Can I get my files back.

    I was using SketchUp Web to build two complex models. Overall, I had saved 3 files to Trimble Connect. Yesterday, SketchUp Web was sluggish and driving me crazy, so today I cleared my Google Chrome history, think...
    created by Jill
  • Dashboard for Trimble Connect Sync

    Hello,   Is there a dashboard for Trimble Connect SYnc that will show a user which projects have active sync schedules on them and which don't?
    Paul Jennings
    created by Paul Jennings
  • Local folder for trimble connect

    Hello,   I open and save so much IFC model in my computer. But there are some IFC model have larger size. So my disk C: now is full. How I can change which location to storage trimble connect model?   Than...
    Tung Xuan
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  • Can Ruby Scripts be installed in Shop

    Can Ruby Scripts be installed in Shop
    Leonard L Delgado
    created by Leonard L Delgado