• New Trimble Connect 3D Viewer - Release Summary

    User guide for the new 3D Viewer Benefits Main Features What we are working on next Useful Tips Internet Explorer browser support Old 3D viewer availability How to clear your browser cache (e...
    Jari Juntunen
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  • Introducing Clash Sets for the Connect 3D Viewer

    The Trimble Connect 3D Viewer version 1.0.45 release introduced the Clash Sets feature. With the new feature you can both create new clash sets and view existing clash sets that were created with the Connect for Windo...
    Jari Juntunen
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  • Model size limits for TCM

    I am wondering if there is a limit to model size that TCM can handle.   We are trying to view rebar IFC's that are approx 6-10mb in size. These are viewable in TCW and TCD although this takes a little time to pr...
    Paul Jennings
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  • How to share a custom Data Table Column Set

    I have created a custom Data Table Column set within Trimble Connect's online 3d viewer. I would like to share this custom column set with other users but can't seem to figure out how.    Is it possible to ...
    Kevin McGuire
    created by Kevin McGuire
  • Why does Landscape and Site Design tutorial start in English and within a couple of seconds switch to another language?

    I open Sketchup and select Learn > Sketchup Campus > Landscape and Site Design. It loads first in English for a couple of seconds and then switches to another language, I have tried clicking on the "gl...
    Dick Marquette
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  • View Filters

    Can you have different "view Filters" for each view tab you have open? For example. I want to have to 2 plan views open where on One plan view I can see only selected layers and on the other plan view I can see differ...
    Michael Wilkins
    created by Michael Wilkins
  • export .csv or .xlsx data

    Hey community, I have a question related to a potential upgrade feature for Trimle Connect. After having only briefly used the tool, I believe a way to export .csv or .xlsx data directly from the interface would add ...
    Enea KOTSA
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  • Trimble Connect for Ocululs Rift

    I have seen posts that TC is avaiable for Oculust Quest. We have in out company Oculus Rift. Is the TC application avaiable for Oculus Rift?
    Dawid Dyrcz
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  • Trimble connect viewer API - what we can do with that

    Trimble Connect 3D Viewer - Workspace API  I see that TC Viewer have API, but I dont know what I can do with it? Can I make my own TC browser? But why i should my own viewer?
    Dawid Dyrcz
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  • how to share a sketch up file to a auto-cad user???

    I need to share my sketch up file with an engineer that only uses auto-cad. What is the easiest way to do it?
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  • Object Link Removal

    I have added several object links to my .ifc model inside of Trimble Connect and now I would like to remove them all at once, is there any selection filter that would allow me to do that all at once?#
    Robin Vondrak
    created by Robin Vondrak
  • Delete views in TC

    I am using TC and now the view those attached to the ToDo cannot deleted anymore. In the previous version, these can be deleted after drugging into the attachments area of the "ToDo". It is a common case tha...
    Cuong Trinh
    created by Cuong Trinh
  • How do I make sections?

    Hi! I was working with Tekla before but since it supposed to stop working as of the end of december i downloded Trimble Connect instead. But now I'm wondering how to make a section? In Tekla you used the scissors, a...
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  • System Requirements

    Click the icon to skip to the section you are interested in. Trimble Connect Web System requirements: Supported browsers Google Chrome 64-bit Recommended hardware, desktop and laptop CPU x86 x64 rec...
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  • Wrong display of construction in Trimble Connect web, desktop, mobile

    Hi all, I would like to report the following problem with construction display in Trimble Connect again. Fo further details please have a look at pictures and data in the annex. I can invited you in the project. In ...
    Pavel Vlasak
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  • mot de passe

    bonjour, lors de mon inscription, il y a eu un problème  avec mon mail, mon mail outlook n'a pas été accepté et le mot de passe avec gmail n'a pas été prise en compte. c...
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  • Introducing Trimble Connect Workflow Extensions

    From Drawings, Documents and Spreadsheets to Data in BIMPlanning and collaboration in construction projects typically involve the creation and exchange of drawings, documents, and spreadsheets. This file-based approac...
    Jari Juntunen
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  • Trimble Connect ToDos

    Hello,   I would like to ask if it is possible to lock the ToDos after they have been created and only the project admins to be able to change or delete the ToDos.   From what i have seen so far, when a no...
    Nikos Christantonis
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  • Heads Up: Browser clash check feature will move to the new 3D Viewer during January 2020

    The clash check feature in the browser will move from the legacy 3D viewer to the new Connect 3D Viewer during January 2020. This means that the "Clash sets" panel will stop being available in the legacy 3D Viewer and...
    Jari Juntunen
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  • Is it possible to get an report from Trimble Connect Status Sharing 1.1?

    Assambly position and date of assembly.
    Alec de M?nnink
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