• Cannot save to trimble Connect

    Internet connection is fine as evidenced by my posting this discussion. When I try to save my sketchup in the on line - free version I get a red box asking me to check my internet connection and asking if I want to s...
    Mark Nohr
    created by Mark Nohr
  • 3D Model Files

    Click the icon to skip to the section you are interested in. Feature supported in shown platforms only.   Trimble Connect Web IFC (2x3, 4), IFCZIP SKP (2018 and below) DWG (AutoCAD 2018 and below) [Note : O...
    Ankit Sulodia
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  • Running Trimble Sync on NAS?

    Is it possible to run a sync from a NAS? 
    created by Anthony
  • TC Desktop: What is the best practice for aligning a point cloud with a model in Trimble Connect Desktop?

    I'm currently just doing it by trial and error with the XYZ coordinates. Is there a better, faster and/or more accurate way to do this?
    Gustav Alexander Choto
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  • ToDos not numbered in TCM

    Hello,   I have noticed that the ToDo list in TCM isnt numbered as it is in the other platforms.   It makes it very hard to find these issues when out in the field.   TCD:    ...
    Paul Jennings
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  • Assignee could not see Todo's attached views

    Hi Guys, Currently, we are facing the issue with Trimble Connect Desktop. We created Todo Items with few attached save views, however, assignee unable to see attached views. Any ideal regarding this issue?   ...
    Nguyen Dang Chien
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  • Missing Assembly number

    Hi guys, How to export IFC model from tekla v21 with assembly mark number in there? all boxes are ticked in advanced option, but still once I importing to trimble connect =, I cannot see the assembly mark? Cheers
    Mark C
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  • TC visualizer for Desktop

    Hi    I was just having a play around with Visualizer. I can generate some very cool images. Couplers on rebar for example look especially good.    I did have a question. I have a large concret...
    Paul Jennings
    created by Paul Jennings
  • Restore deleted project

    Hi I was just wondering if it was possible to restore a deleted project.   I am aware of restoring deleted files and folders but haven't seen any details of restoring a project should it be accidentally deleted....
    Paul Jennings
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  • Clash detection workflow in TC

    Hi there,   I am quite struggling with clash detection in TC. It seems that: 1. You can not have TC clash certain things within models, can you? Like it would be perfect to see if there are clashes with doors a...
    created by M
  • Trimble R1 fw5.09 not compatible with iOS v12.2?

    Recently updated my Trimble R1 to the latest firmware 5.09 to comply with the GPS rollover issues.  I understand the R1 with this latest firmware is now is constant pairing mode.  The issue I am having is wi...
    Bob Wheeler
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  • Using Trimble Mobile without google chrome

    I have a question from the client that we are working with.   They are using a tablet that has restricted access to certain web browsers and applications. (it is provided and managed by an external company) They...
    Paul Jennings
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  • Can you import a bcfzip file?

    I would like to import a bcfzip file from another issue tracking software. Is this possible? Thanks James
    created by James
  • Model Tree and Visibility of IFC Categories in New Viewer?

    Hi All,   how can I display Model tree and Visibility of IFC Categories in New Viewer? For more details look at the annex.   thx Pavel
    Pavel Vlasak
    created by Pavel Vlasak
  • DXF line work is not showing up correctly in Siteworks

    ....but it does show up correctly in SCS900. I have had no issues with this unitl recently. All the linework is exported out of Autocad Civil 3D. I don't know why all of a sudden this has stopped working.
    matt fleischman
    created by matt fleischman
  • Export issues - Can't export PNG without guidelines?

    Hey everyone, I have seemed to have stumbled across a bug when exporting a PNG using sketchup Free.   So I get my drawing all ready to export as PNG, hide all guides & axis. Then click export. Then it shows ...
    Matt Genefaas
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  • How do you display both a default and an internet background file at the same time on TerraSync v5.9?

    I am using TerraSync v 5.90 on Windows 10 with a Trimble R1 receiver. When I turn on the internet background map, the default one no longer displays and vice versa.
    David Dellapenna
    last modified by David Dellapenna
  • TRIMBLE connect: Server and Ports

    Our Network has limited access to the internet. Which TRIMBLE servers names and ports I have to open in the firewall to use TRIMBLE connect Licenses inside my department?
    Steffen Rabe
    last modified by Steffen Rabe
  • Reinforcement and meshes in New Trimble Connect Viewer are not displayed

    Hi All, Reinforcement and reinforcing meshes in New Trimble Connect Web Viewer are not displayed. Same Problem had Trimble Connect Desktop few months ago. thx Pavel
    Pavel Vlasak
    created by Pavel Vlasak
  • Define scale of generated pdf markup

    I have dwg files in Trimble connect web and display them in the pre-view. From there I choose download (as pdf) . How can I control with which scale the pdf is generated? I would like to have a scale of 1:100 for in...
    Uwe Bertele
    created by Uwe Bertele