• TC SDK and Shares

    This is in regard to the Trimble Connect SDK and sharing.  I noticed that there is documentation regarding shares for the API, but I can not figure out the correct procedures to share (View only share to an email...
    Bill Scoble
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  • I cleared my browser (Chrome) history and now I can't find my saved files. Can I get my files back.

    I was using SketchUp Web to build two complex models. Overall, I had saved 3 files to Trimble Connect. Yesterday, SketchUp Web was sluggish and driving me crazy, so today I cleared my Google Chrome history, think...
    created by Jill
  • Dashboard for Trimble Connect Sync

    Hello,   Is there a dashboard for Trimble Connect SYnc that will show a user which projects have active sync schedules on them and which don't?
    Paul Jennings
    created by Paul Jennings
  • Local folder for trimble connect

    Hello,   I open and save so much IFC model in my computer. But there are some IFC model have larger size. So my disk C: now is full. How I can change which location to storage trimble connect model?   Than...
    Tung Xuan
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  • Can Ruby Scripts be installed in Shop

    Can Ruby Scripts be installed in Shop
    Leonard L Delgado
    created by Leonard L Delgado
  • 3D Model Files

     Trimble Connect for Browser IFC (2x3, 4), IFCZIP SKP (2018 and below) DWG (AutoCAD 2018 and below) [Note : Objects that require MEP specific enabler are not supported.] Revit (2017, 2018 and 2019, with Revi...
    Ankit Sulodia
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  • How to add metadata

    As Company administrator , how to add metadata templates 
    Manju Bhargavi Thota
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  • Emails alerts

    Is there an way to turn off email alerts? The documentation I found here is out f date... nothing tis ticked yet still get email alerts     Alan
    Alan Cliff
    created by Alan Cliff
  • View Filters

    Can you have different "view Filters" for each view tab you have open? For example. I want to have to 2 plan views open where on One plan view I can see only selected layers and on the other plan view I can see differ...
    Michael Wilkins
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  • New Subspace for Connect Product Updates & Release Notes

    Please note that there is a new subspace created for Connect product updates. From now on, new product features and release notes will be published in the new subspace.   Make sure to start following the subspac...
    Jari Juntunen
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  • File Metadata Demonstration Video

    Lee Snyder in Trimble's Tekla Structures group created a great video that provides an overview of the File Metadata functionality in Connect. You can find it via this link.
    Marcel Broekmaat
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  • email change

    Years ago when I started using SKP login was via google and it was attributed to my account. , now I would like to change that private email for my professional one. How to do it?
    Tomasz Ignaciuk
    created by Tomasz Ignaciuk
  • I have Trimble M3 D5 , some time my machine says ' over speed' and can't take measurements. How can fix this problem? What is the reason for this problem?

    I have Trimble M3 D5 some time my mechmac says '*over speed*, how can fix it?
    Johnson Varghese
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  • Save colors modification in .ifc project

    Hi there, is there a way to save colors modification of a view objects in an .ifc file in Trimble Connect ? Thanks for your answers. Best Marc
    Marc Gatel
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  • View only with To-Do sharing

    Is there a way to share "view only" but also allow someone to view and make To-dos? For instance, if I shared a "view only" with someone and they want to add some mark-ups for me, can that person to add a Mark-up/To-d...
    jacob tamez
    created by jacob tamez
  • Import/Export Users

    You can import or export user(s) to and from a project in Excel format so that projects can quickly be created with with users and groups.   Trimble Connect WebImport User(s) User(s) and Group(s) can be imported ...
    Jonathan Watson
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  • 3D Rotate Mode behaviour

    The Rotate Mode of the camera in the 3D WebBrowser is behaving differently wether a section is active or not.   Without a section : it behaves as expected with a rotation around the selected point With a sectio...
    Leo Kichenin
    created by Leo Kichenin
  • how to download version 18 japan environment

    I want to install Version 18 japan environment, How to download the env file from tekla
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  • New clash work not in right way

    Hi all,   1) new clash work not in right way. Look please on pictures in attachment. Could you help me please?   2) How can I check clash only in 1 model (file)?   thx Pavel
    Pavel Vlasak
    created by Pavel Vlasak
  • Filter transfer

    Why does my model not have any colored filters attached/ How do you transfer filters?
    Mark Charlson
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