• are you able to register a pointcloud using trimble connect

    Are you able to register a point-cloud using trimble connect. It takes for ever to do it using the desktop. I want to know if you are able to use trimble connect to register the point cloud faster.
    Alex Alfano
    created by Alex Alfano
  • Viewing Models from ProjectSight

    I loaded some Revit models into TrimbleConnect.  When I log in to TrimbleConnect from ProjectSight, I'm unable to view the models.  Is that how it's supposed to work? How can I view the models?   Thanks
    Dan Bentil
    created by Dan Bentil
  • Revit Collaboration with Trimble connect

    I am new to Trimble connect, I have a question Regarding The ADD-IN For Revit. How do I collaborate With My Team Members Working Simultaneously In the same project Uploaded in Trimble connect? Is it Possible to do s...
    Himanshu dubey
    created by Himanshu dubey
  • How to split dgps base observation data into different file based on time period?

    I have 5 day continuous base observation file in .TO2 file format. I want to split it into day wise data. How do I do it? Please kindly answer if it is possible to split.
    Kapil Katuwal
    created by Kapil Katuwal
  • Steel Member Section Size

    When viewing a steel frame, the member section size (the most important thing), is nearly at the base of the Attributes list. How can I bring it to the top or have it displayed in the 3D view when I need it?
    richard heard
    created by richard heard
  • Trimble Connect has stopped working

    After installation, the message "Trimble Connect has stopped working" appears when you try to start Problem Signature: Problem event name: APPCRASH Application name: TrimbleConnect.exe Application version: 1.10.0....
    last modified by Luk
  • Revit to Hololens using Trimble Connect?

    How do you upload a Revit model into Hololens using Trimble Connect?
    Jeremy Withers
    last modified by Jeremy Withers
  • Trimble connect collaboration issue

    Hi everyone, i am new in Trimble connect and i am currently working in an MEP contractor company. As my company has purchased two hololens to see whether we could facilitate our works using the collaboration function....
    Anson Lee
    last modified by Anson Lee
  • Trial version trouble

    hi, does anyone know how to access models that are built with a trial version (sketch up 2019), after the trial has expired? thankful for help
    created by vendela
  • New Trimble from Topcon

    Hello, I am a new Trimble user and I was wondering: Using access 2017 why do my topo point coordinates display as question marks? After resection when I take an observation in "Measure Topo" the coordinates are not di...
    Kenneth Gallant
    last modified by Kenneth Gallant
  • I can't install Trimble Connect Sync

    Dear all,    I am trying to reinstall Trimble Connect Sync (TrimbleConnectSyncSetup_x64_v2.54.2.0) and it stops right after the first double-click at the installer; it shows this error message.   ...
    João Gaspar
    last modified by João Gaspar
  • Can the XR10 Stream View of Wearer?

    Can the Trimble XR10 stream the view or Trimble connect to a remote device or utilize a conference call ability to collaborate with those without the headset?
    Mitchell Osborne
    last modified by Mitchell Osborne
  • Sync Tool

    Is it possible to see a dashboard for the Sync Tool to see which projects have a sync set up on them? We have a number of projects and its hard to see what schedule is set up for each project without having to go into...
    Paul Jennings
    created by Paul Jennings
  • Nomad 9000 bloethooth problem

    Hi recently I get a nomad 9000 but the Bluetooth have problems . Say a message “Hardware is not conected” and the Bluetooth settings is installed but no have a IP. The WiFi is the same problem. Can you hel...
    David Garcia
    last modified by David Garcia
  • 3D Model Files

     Trimble Connect for Browser IFC (2x3, 4), IFCZIP SKP (2018 and below) DWG (AutoCAD 2018 and below) [Note : Objects that require MEP specific enabler are not supported.] Revit (2019, 2020 and 2021, with Revi...
    Ankit Sulodia
    last modified by Marcel Broekmaat
  • changing administrator

    Our company administrator is leaving. How do we change the administrator to someone who is still in the company?
    Michael Imhof
    last modified by Michael Imhof
  • How to set up real-time configurations in Trimble Connect for synchornization to TerraFlex?

    I need to add a correction for SBAS in the Terraflex settings. Is there a way to do this in Trimble Connect and sync the settings across to TerraFlex? 
    Eric Nygard
    created by Eric Nygard
  • Trimble Connect Unresponsive to Mouse within Model

    My Trimble Connect for Desktop is unresponsive to mouse commands.  I cannot scroll in, move around, etc. within the model but I can click on options on the menu and side bars.   Any ideas on what the cause ...
    Ore Dagan
    last modified by Ore Dagan
  • Plan and Profile Sheet Settings

    I am creating Plan and Profile sheets and have come across a few questions.  These all apply to the Sheet Settings.   1 - When creating a Sheet, under Sheet Settings vertical curves have many settings for d...
    Michael Shipione
    created by Michael Shipione
  • Which versions of SketchUp are compatible with Trimble Connect?

    Which versions of SketchUp are compatible with Trimble Connect?
    Brad Butts
    last modified by Brad Butts