• TC Activities export does not work

    Hello,   We would like to keep track on users activites en TC but the export in .csv systematically fails with no apparent reason. It used to work fine a year ago. It is highly valuable data for us as we could...
  • How to split dgps base observation data into different file based on time period?

    I have 5 day continuous base observation file in .TO2 file format. I want to split it into day wise data. How do I do it? Please kindly answer if it is possible to split.
    Kapil Katuwal
    created by Kapil Katuwal
  • Trimble Connect - output material list from IFC file?

    Is this possible?
    John Callanan
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    Comment créer un gabarit de métadonnées ? 
    Stephane BONNET
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  • TBC 5.30 license

    Hola que tal amigos, alguien que me pueda ayudar, descargue la versión 5.30 de TBC pero no tienen licencia por lo que ciertas herramientas ( la mayoría que requiero utilizar) estas inhabilitadas. alguien m...
    Humberto Garcia
    created by Humberto Garcia

    Hi guys! I just adquired two gps model r8  model 1, I try to download the file from de data collector to my computer but I couldnt. this is possible with data transfer app or windows mobile device. I hope somebod...
    Humberto Garcia
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  • Session timeout before a new login is required

    How can I change the length of time before a session times out and a new login is required?  The "Keep me logged in" checkbox doesn't appear to make any difference.  Also, the system should reset its login t...
    M. Wiemers
    created by M. Wiemers
  • Trimble Connect has stopped working

    After installation, the message "Trimble Connect has stopped working" appears when you try to start Problem Signature: Problem event name: APPCRASH Application name: TrimbleConnect.exe Application version: 1.10.0....
    last modified by Luk
  • Windows crack with new version of trimble connect

    Hi all,   I installed today the upgrade of Trimble Connect ( and Windows crack when I try create dimensions. This is a bug? Someone else have the same problem?
    Pedro Falcão
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  • Revit to Hololens using Trimble Connect?

    How do you upload a Revit model into Hololens using Trimble Connect?
    Jeremy Withers
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  • Trimble connect collaboration issue

    Hi everyone, i am new in Trimble connect and i am currently working in an MEP contractor company. As my company has purchased two hololens to see whether we could facilitate our works using the collaboration function....
    Anson Lee
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  • Trial version trouble

    hi, does anyone know how to access models that are built with a trial version (sketch up 2019), after the trial has expired? thankful for help
    created by vendela
  • Excel export failed

    Hi Trimble support,   I’m contacting you following an issue on Trimble Connect Web client. When I try to export activities on a project, I received an email telling me that the export processing failed. ...
    Jean-Michel DETAIN
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  • Why won't Extensions Warehouse fully load from Sketchup 2019?  I get the warehouse window, but no conten.

    Both Extension and #D Warehouses stopped working after a Win10 reboot. I currently have full network/internet access.  I can login to Trimble.  I can use tools menus etc in Sketchup 2019. Just no warehouses....
    Lyndon Harris
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  • New Trimble from Topcon

    Hello, I am a new Trimble user and I was wondering: Using access 2017 why do my topo point coordinates display as question marks? After resection when I take an observation in "Measure Topo" the coordinates are not di...
    Kenneth Gallant
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  • Open and save projects with Trimble Connect for Desktop?

    In TeklaBIMsight, it is possible to open and save Tekla BIMsight project (.tbp) files and BIM Collaboration Format (.bcf) files to exchange whole projects and to-dos to other project members working off-CDE. Where has...
    Nicolas Kuthan
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  • I would like to store check shots taken as notes.

    I would like to store check shots taken as notes with all the information. Instead of manually ctrl+N. Theory- there is or should be a point name code that automatically stores shots as notes or information instead of...
    Xavon Atkins
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  • Single Sign On wish

    For security reasons, we as a company are critical about how our company data is made available or access is granted. At the moment, we have noticed that with Trimble Connect ID, we cannot establish links with our use...
    Stefan Kauffeld
    created by Stefan Kauffeld
  • Bluetooth Controller for TC

    I have Oculus Quest and it's a fantastic tool for viewing models in VR on 3d.connect.trimble.com.  I also have an Android phone which seems to be capable of the same thing when used with a headset like Google Car...
    Peter Officer
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  • sefaira installing problem

    Hi, I trying to install the trial version of Sefaira plugin. I downloaded rbz. file. Using extension manager installed into sketchup. Selecting Sefaira, the program shows the error - 500 Internal Server Error. P...
    Yuri Dobriyan
    last modified by Yuri Dobriyan