• How to archive a complete set of data in Trimble Connect?

    Hello to all I have a question about data archivization. Is it possible to simply archive data from Trimble Connect? By archiving, I mean saving all data from the system (not just files). Is it possible to set up an o...
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  • Update files that alredy is in the project

    Why does´t files that i already have in my Project update automatic when I update the files on the server? Before when I used Tekla an update symbole showed up. In Trimble I must drag the files in to the program...
    created by Johanna
  • how to delete a release folder

    How to delete a released folder when it was already sent?
    created by Joserp
  • Missing Views and ToDo's

    I created a .ifc model with albums/view and ToDo's back in January 2020 but when I open that .ifc all of that information is gone. Is there any way I can retrieve it?
    Robin Vondrak
    created by Robin Vondrak
  • Point Clouds and File Sizes

    Is there any limitation on the file sizes for Trimble Connect? I've noticed that it's not possible to upload files greater than 5GB through the browser version. If you try to do so, you get a pop-up saying to use...
    Bruno Ribeiro
    created by Bruno Ribeiro
  • 3D Viewer on Mobile Devices

    I have downloaded the Trimble Connect App (Version 2.10.1) on my Apple 11 Pro Max and also Ipad (6th Generation).  When I go the Views tab, I can see all the views as options to choose, but when I select them the...
    Erin Sandall
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  • What Version of BCF does Trimble Connect Web export?

    I've been trying to export To Dos (as BCF) from TCW and have been running into a few problems.   Firstly, I can't seem to work out which version of BCF TCW exports. As far as I can see it is v1.0 because the ex...
  • Moving files

    Is there any other way to move files to a different folder then Drag & Drop? Is it possible to select files and choose a folder where they should be moved?
  • Trimble in Autocad and Revit Inquiry

    Hi guys.  I just joined and wanted to know which Trimble software/hardware works best in both Autocad and Revit.  I know some companies use the 30K trimble machine, and there is the Trimble GPS machine that ...
    created by kameron1967
  • Setting up R8s receiver to work as a rover

    Hello. I purchased in December 2017 two Trimble R8S receivers, one set up as Rover and the other one set up as base. I currently need two rovers, so I need to set up my base to work as a rover. I asked this question t...
    Bogdan Raduc
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  • Clash detection part missing

    I did a clash detection with clash set 5mm between a structure and pipe model. I see that the clash result shows the clash between the pipe B and only one beam A. Why the second beam C that clash with the same pipe is...
    Marco Perazzo
    created by Marco Perazzo
  • Clash detection between elements same file

    Hello, I cannot find the way in TC to do a clash detection between elements in the same IFC file as it was possible in Bim Sight. Please advise, thanks.
    Marco Perazzo
    created by Marco Perazzo
  • Import Point cloud (url)

    Do you have a procedure for importing a point cloud via a URL in Trimble Connect Desktop?
    Alexandre COLLIN
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  • Is Trimble Connect a good option

    IsTrimble Connect a good option to integrate with Trimble Business Center for sharing vce files etc?
    sheldon cook
    created by sheldon cook
  • Search in Model

    When using the <<search in model>> function on Trimble Connect mobile it would be useful if the items appeared selected rather than just showing only that object. That way the user could choose to hide the...
    Paul Jennings
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  • Search by layers in TCM

    Hello,   When using the filter by layers button in TCM it is possible to switch off individual layers. Would it be possible to have a button to switch off all. This would save having to turn off multiple layers ...
    Paul Jennings
    created by Paul Jennings
  • Measure coordinates of points in Trimble Connect desktop

    Hi all, I would like to ask you if it is possible to measure coordinates of points in Trimble Connect desktop. I enclose pictures with some examples how it could be solved into attachement. This solution offers poss...
    Pavel Vlasak
    last modified by Pavel Vlasak
  • Trimble XR 10 Won't Recognize Vertical Plane

    Hi everyone,   Quick question. Does anyone know how big an object has to be to be able to be able to sync a drawing to a site?   We bought our Trimble XR 10 for our plumbing layouts however when I go out t...
    Adrian Motta
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  • Close DWG before adding it?

    Hello, With the latest version of Trimble Connect Desktop I didn't find a way to add a DWG-file to a project if it is opened in AutoCAD at the same time. Did I overlook something, or isn't that possible rig...
    Wolfgang Wahlh??tter
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  • Trimble Connect Unresponsive to Mouse within Model

    My Trimble Connect for Desktop is unresponsive to mouse commands.  I cannot scroll in, move around, etc. within the model but I can click on options on the menu and side bars.   Any ideas on what the cause ...
    Ore Dagan
    created by Ore Dagan