• Feature Request - Organizer Filtering

    Currently the Organizer Extension in Connect Web displays all created groups no matter what file the objects in the groups belong to. So not only are those objects inaccessible but over time the Organizer has the pote...
    Sean Ramseier
    created by Sean Ramseier
  • view only

    Hi, Is it possible to view the file only, but not downloaded?
    Jeroen Schoofs
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  • import bcf

     Hello, I used Trimble connect for desktop (en france ), i don't find any help on this forum or in the web to import/export the BCF files, same as the Tekla Menu "Sharing – Import notes". Please, help me ! ...
    Stephane Munoz
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  • TC on mobile devices - IFC properties

    The solution to view property sets and the possibility to create customized views is very handy:     But it is always minimum two clicks away - the only information I can view right away is the value of o...
    Kenneth Eggan
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  • I cannot load any model using TC Desktop

    I am new to using Trimble Connect Desktop. We have been using the web and mobile version succesfully, along with Bimsight.  However, we cannot get any of our models to load using the desktop version of Trimble C...
    Kasper Wuyts
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  • Cannot Login or reset password

    Hello,    I am trying to log into my Trimble account, but seem to have forgotten the password. I have requested to reset my password on multiple occasions, however never received an email.    Hel...
    last modified by Ray
  • how to download version 18 japan environment

    I want to install Version 18 japan environment, How to download the env file from tekla
    last modified by abhilash
  • New clash work not in right way

    Hi all,   1) new clash work not in right way. Look please on pictures in attachment. Could you help me please?   2) How can I check clash only in 1 model (file)?   thx Pavel
    Pavel Vlasak
    created by Pavel Vlasak
  • Object info on TC Desktop

    Hello team, IFC files contain a lot of information et it is not easy to find a property in the side panel (left) in the TC Desktop. It would be very interesting to be able to customize favorites properties of objects...
    Alexandre COLLIN
    last modified by Alexandre COLLIN
  • Trimble Connect -  change attributes list

    Is it any possibilities to change display of attributes sequence for object in Trimble Connect? I started use Trimble Connect for projects verification and I see one disadvantage comparing to TeklaBimSight. When I wa...
    Trimble Connect - Attributes list
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  • Files from external parts ( STEP ... ) TEKLA to TC

    Hello   I am currently trying to create an export file that, similar to the TEKLA BIM sight viewer, all the purchased parts (which are also often installed - e.g. hinges etc.) Is that possible with Trimble ...
    Klaus Zanko
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  • error uploading file

    Tried to upload a shapefile from Civil 3D and I received a processing error for Trimble Connect. Trying to view the data in Trimble SiteVision.
    Paul Tice
    created by Paul Tice
  • Update license - Trimble staff

    Hi, I am a staff member at Trimble working for Structures in Germany. I have Trimble Connect Business Premium license visible in my account license information, but when I start TC it says: "Please update your a...
    Ingo Schnock
    created by Ingo Schnock
  • Write protections for multiple users

    We've recently switched to have our BIM users work remotely as much as they can for the time being. Is there a way that Trimble Connect can write protect files the same way that a traditional server would?   i.e...
    created by Dan
  • how to dis-connect

    Hi, 1- I have made one project and shared with others, works great. 2- I have one project invited to me for training on UFP. 3- I am invited on our company shared projects on connect, works good. 4- I was invited ...
    Leo Rieswijk
    created by Leo Rieswijk
  • How to share Point Clouds whit other users

    Hi to all, I'm trying to share one point cloud with other users, I'm adding the cloud in the desktop viewer and after few minutes I'm able to see it with my IFC model. The problem is for other people in the project,...
    Andoni Castillo
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  • Read/open Navisworks files in TC

    Hello all, is there any future development to give the option to open Navisworks files .nwd .nwc in Trimble Connect? It would be really beneficial for the coordination in projects. Thanks, 
    Marco Perazzo
    created by Marco Perazzo
  • Offline mode on desktop

    Hi, How to set the permanent offline mode on Trimble Connect Desktop (for Windows)? Trimble Connect is an excellent IFC viewer but I do not always have internet access and regularly a message asks me to connect to ...
    Alexandre COLLIN
    last modified by Alexandre COLLIN
  • How to archive a complete set of data in Trimble Connect?

    Hello to all I have a question about data archivization. Is it possible to simply archive data from Trimble Connect? By archiving, I mean saving all data from the system (not just files). Is it possible to set up an o...
    last modified by Arek
  • Update files that alredy is in the project

    Why does´t files that i already have in my Project update automatic when I update the files on the server? Before when I used Tekla an update symbole showed up. In Trimble I must drag the files in to the program...
    created by Johanna