• Trimble Connect Anonymous User Access

    It would be really great if we could share our Trimble Connect models with anonymous users.  Similar to sharing files on Google Drive with a shareable link.  We would just email a customer the link and they ...
    created by PETER OFFICER
  • Open Closed-Traverse Adjustment on TBC

    I'm looking at feedback on how to adjust an Open Closed-Traverse on TBC. I have been looking for this information for a while and all I've found is closed-loop traverse only. Even with this one (closed-loop traverse) ...
    Randy Stoddard
    created by Randy Stoddard
  • Import Point cloud (url)

    Do you have a procedure for importing a point cloud via a URL in Trimble Connect Desktop?
    Alexandre COLLIN
    created by Alexandre COLLIN
  • Trimble Connect for Windows 1.9.2 - Fix for the Point Clouds crash issue

    Unfortunately we have received some reports of a problem with the Trimble Connect for Windows release. In some cases, the application may crash when accessing the Point Clouds feature:       ...
    Jari Juntunen
    last modified by Jari Juntunen
  • 3d Coordinates

    Is it possible to find the 3D coordinates of a point in the model such as the intersection of a roof plane ?
    douglas Bain
    last modified by douglas Bain
  • Trimble Connect -  change attributes list

    Is it any possibilities to change display of attributes sequence for object in Trimble Connect? I started use Trimble Connect for projects verification and I see one disadvantage comparing to TeklaBimSight. When I wa...
    Trimble Connect - Attributes list
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  • Trimble Connect User Groups

    I know it is possible to create a user group within a specific project, is it possible to create a user group to use for every new project? For example, create a user group called "Team A" that includes 5 people and a...
    Brandon King
    last modified by Brandon King
  • Fail to read an IFC file on Trimble Connect Desktop

    Hello, Some users working on TBC are not able to view any IFC model (coming from Revit or Tekla). They keep getting this red colour on the model tree within the model viewer. I think that their computers ...
    Olivier Pellegrin
    last modified by Olivier Pellegrin
  • Why does the Trimble Connect Revit Add-In say "Notice: Failed to use hard drive. Please check hard drive accessibility and free space. Process will stop." with certain Revit models?

    This issue has happened a lot over the last few months with certain Revit models. I tried different computers to check if the PC was the issue. Something within the Revit models themselves seem to be the issue. There ...
    Gustav Alexander Choto
    last modified by Gustav Alexander Choto
  • Hololens: file offset

    Hello, In the Trimble Connect app for hololens 2 (XR10), the offset (x, y or z) of the files added in Trimble Connect is not taken into account, while it works with 1st generation glasses. Alex
    Alexandre COLLIN
    last modified by Alexandre COLLIN
  • Model filtering in TCM

    I have loaded multiple models into Trimble Connect to view together. Occasionally I need to view all these models simultaneously, but sometimes I wish to view only one. There is a function on the mobile application w...
    Paul Jennings
    last modified by Paul Jennings
  • Model size limits for TCM

    I am wondering if there is a limit to model size that TCM can handle.   We are trying to view rebar IFC's that are approx 6-10mb in size. These are viewable in TCW and TCD although this takes a little time to pr...
    Paul Jennings
    last modified by Paul Jennings
  • How to share a custom Data Table Column Set

    I have created a custom Data Table Column set within Trimble Connect's online 3d viewer. I would like to share this custom column set with other users but can't seem to figure out how.    Is it possible to ...
    Kevin McGuire
    created by Kevin McGuire
  • Why does Landscape and Site Design tutorial start in English and within a couple of seconds switch to another language?

    I open Sketchup and select Learn > Sketchup Campus > Landscape and Site Design. It loads first in English for a couple of seconds and then switches to another language, I have tried clicking on the "gl...
    Dick Marquette
    last modified by Dick Marquette
  • Some feedback about the last 1.9 TCD release

    Hello to the Trimble team.   I took some time to try the new functionnalities offered by the last TCD relase ( Overall It is really nice but I have some issues/remarks on the two mains new features: &...
    Olivier Pellegrin
    last modified by Olivier Pellegrin
  • What Version of BCF does Trimble Connect Web export?

    I've been trying to export To Dos (as BCF) from TCW and have been running into a few problems.   Firstly, I can't seem to work out which version of BCF TCW exports. As far as I can see it is v1.0 because the ex...
  • IFC Rebar Exported from Revit not Shown with Colours

    Reinforcement modelled in Revit and exported via IFC is not being properly displayed in Trimble Connect (desktop / web / mobile). Attached are two snapshots - one taken from TC and one from Navisworks.  ...
    James Thorpe
    last modified by James Thorpe
  • How to share Point Clouds whit other users

    Hi to all, I'm trying to share one point cloud with other users, I'm adding the cloud in the desktop viewer and after few minutes I'm able to see it with my IFC model. The problem is for other people in the project,...
    Andoni Castillo
    last modified by Andoni Castillo
  • clash check between two models

    I have two almost identical models, the first one is from our engineer and the second one is from the client. I need to check for differences between the models. Is this possible with the clash check function? If it ...
    Jesse Kraak
    last modified by Jesse Kraak
  • Grids Missing in TC web Viewer

    Hello, I have an IFC from Tekla Structure on Trimble Connect. In TCD I can see or hide all the different grids (picture 1). In TCW, I only see one on the bottom left (picture 2), the others seem to be missing. &#...