• Feature Request: Objects - Tweaks and rebar schedule

    Hi!   The "Objects" feature in Trimble Connect Desktop has proven to be very helpful. At the same time some small tweaks and added features could make it even better!   #1 First off is the possibility...
    Kenneth Eggan
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  • Is it possible to enable ghost view on the ipads?

    On trimble connect
    created by craig
  • Connect Desktop 1.8 Clashsets

    If I hide clash sets, they automatically re-appear after a minute, even though unchecked them. The problem is only since 1.8
    Sven Jung
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  • Required occupation times

    With regards to the Trimble Catalyst RTK service, how long do you have to remain at a position to achieve the stated accuracy levels? In other words, what are the occupation times necessary for meter/submeter/10 cm/1-...
    Rudy Stricklan
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  • dynamic elements on SketchUp Viewer VR

    Hi there,   is it possible to expierience the dynamic elements like open and close doors in the sketchup viewer vr for interactivities?
    created by Ronny
  • TSC7 saved photo location

    Is it possible to change the default saved photo location on the TSC7 from Camera roll to C:\ProgramData\Trimble|Trimble data\Projects\?  When I select in "Settings" Change where new content is saved and select t...
    David Given
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  • How do I upload a revision to a model or drawing?

    I haven't used Trimble in a number of months and cannot remember how to upload revisions. All I can do is upload an entirely new document and delete the previous. I have been looking through all the videos, help files...
    Rori Millar
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  • Projektit ei näy versiopäivityksen jälkeen

    En saa projekteja näkymään, kun päivitin uudemman version. Missä vika?
    Arto Björkqvist
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  •       Trimble Connect for Desktop  Dwg Shx fonts?

    The SHX (The Chinese part)font cannot be displayed in DWG files,How do?   AutoCAD   displays
    xi chunlin
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  • Get back into the team after Remove

    I have created a scholar project with other 4 colleagues; accidentally i removed myself from the team. One of my colleagues tried to send me an invitation, but the platform doesn't allow it. We have a one project, fre...
    last modified by joaodossantos
  • view only

    Hi, Is it possible to view the file only, but not downloaded?
    Jeroen Schoofs
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  • TC on mobile devices - IFC properties

    The solution to view property sets and the possibility to create customized views is very handy:     But it is always minimum two clicks away - the only information I can view right away is the value of o...
    Kenneth Eggan
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  • Can you change the default location where photos are stored on a TSC7?

    I cannot change the default location for photos from camera roll to C:\ProgramData\Trimble\Trimble Data\Projects\ on a TSC7.  Any suggestions on how to change this?
    David Given
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  • Problem with the cloud mark tool

    Hello,    After several uses in the same project, it appears to be impossible to use the « cloud mark» tool to annotate a view. The tool doesn’t recognyze any face of object as a ...
    Florent Loubie
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  • I am locked out of my Sketchup project somehow, need a fix

    Hi there,   I seem to be locked out of my sketchup projects in Connect somehow, even though I am the only person using this project and was the one who created it. I never had any other sort of account or subscr...
    last modified by Tom
  • Cannot share views created in TCD to TCM or TCW

    My team have created multiple views using TCD. When we try to sync these views to view in the field in TCM or even TCW they are not visible.   This has happened multiple times and previously thought it was a ser...
    Paul Jennings
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  • All users locked out

    All users have been locked out of Trimble Connect in my company for 2 days up til now. Even company admins are locked out of all projects.   Has anyone else had this problem?   No notification has been giv...
    Paul Jennings
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  • View groups not visible in Mobile

    Hello,   After creating multiple views in a project and sharing with site teams it appears that sometimes the mobile application doesn't place these views into the folders that they are sorted into upon creation...
    Paul Jennings
    created by Paul Jennings
  • Wrong display of construction in TC web, desktop, mobile

    Hi all, I would like to report the following problem with construction display in Trimble Connect. Fo further details please have a look at pictures and data in the annex. I can invited you in the project. thx Pavel
    Pavel Vlasak
    last modified by Pavel Vlasak
  • Views cannot be deleted in TC desktop

    Hi,   after update views cannot be deleted in TC desktop (v1.8.0.149). Views from Sequence are not visible in TC desktop, there are only in TC web. Views are not synchronized. I can invited You in our project. L...
    Pavel Vlasak
    last modified by Pavel Vlasak