• How to assign Siteworks-Emulator to Worksmanager?

    I want to assign my Siteworks-Emulator to my worksmanager account just like I did with my TSC7. Is this possible? What do you have to pay special attentions to?
    Frank Pötschke
    created by Frank Pötschke
  • Problem with the Trimble Sync manager

    Hello,  I recently found myself in front of a problem with the trimble sync manager. Apparently due to some wrong characters, some files are not able to be synchronized. I don't know if it's a special character...
    Florent Loubie
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  • Parts not showing in Trimble Connect with Oculus Quest

    I export models from Tekla to IFC files then import them into Trimble Connect online.  One model shows perfectly fine using my PC or Android cellphone.   But some parts and bolts are missing when I view it ...
    Peter Officer
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  • Sync Tool

    Is it possible to see a dashboard for the Sync Tool to see which projects have a sync set up on them? We have a number of projects and its hard to see what schedule is set up for each project without having to go into...
    Paul Jennings
    created by Paul Jennings
  • Trimble Connect has stopped working

    After installation, the message "Trimble Connect has stopped working" appears when you try to start Problem Signature: Problem event name: APPCRASH Application name: TrimbleConnect.exe Application version: 1.10.0....
    created by Luk
  • Trimble Connect slower

    After installing the latest version of Trimble Connect (version I notice that the performance is quite a lot slower. When rotating / zooming in models the program responds slow / is lagging, where that wa...
    Joris van der Leeuw
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  • Nomad 9000 bloethooth problem

    Hi recently I get a nomad 9000 but the Bluetooth have problems . Say a message “Hardware is not conected” and the Bluetooth settings is installed but no have a IP. The WiFi is the same problem. Can you hel...
    David Garcia
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  • Trimble Connect Desktop ver crashed

    Trimble Connect Desktop ver crashed when removing saved view or changing it's order in the views panel.
    Vipul Parikh
    created by Vipul Parikh
  • assimilation error, whats wrong with this file?

    I tried to upload this sketchup file it twice but i still get a error. The model cant be downloaded and displayed in my Hololens. Anybody knows what the problem might be? 
    Fredrik Bergstrom
    last modified by Fredrik Bergstrom
  • Settings

    How do I change my settings to imperial?
    last modified by ctate@donleyinc.com
  • Can the XR10 Stream View of Wearer?

    Can the Trimble XR10 stream the view or Trimble connect to a remote device or utilize a conference call ability to collaborate with those without the headset?
    Mitchell Osborne
    created by Mitchell Osborne
  • Trimble Connect Desktop / folder reference switchoff

    Another thing that is changed is, that you can't switch off visibility of references of a whole group in certain circumstances anymore.   This is just happening when a folder has multiple ifc files, and you pick...
    Andreas Zieritz
    created by Andreas Zieritz
  • Trimble Connect Desktop / grids gone

    I've just downloaded the latest release, and suddenly all grids are gone.   Applies to different projects.
    Andreas Zieritz
    created by Andreas Zieritz
  • Personal account

    Hi, I'd like to clarify a point for the personal accounts. It says (https://connect.trimble.com/business-premium) that "Collaborators must have a Business, Business Premium, or Enterprise subscription to join Busines...
    Alexandre Collin
    created by Alexandre Collin
  • How to attach VIEW to ToDo in Tekla

    How to attach the view to ToDo directly from Tekla? TS2017 "Drag and drop"  does not work.   When I open ToDo in TC desktop I see no views.   See attachment.
    Marcin Staszczyk
    last modified by Marcin Staszczyk
  • Todo with personal account

    Hi,  Is it possible to create or reply to a todo with a personal account beyond the trial period?   Thanks. Alex
    Alexandre Collin
    created by Alexandre Collin
  • changing administrator

    Our company administrator is leaving. How do we change the administrator to someone who is still in the company?
    Michael Imhof
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  • How to archive a complete set of data in Trimble Connect?

    Hello to all I have a question about data archivization. Is it possible to simply archive data from Trimble Connect? By archiving, I mean saving all data from the system (not just files). Is it possible to set up an o...
    last modified by Arek
  • How to set up real-time configurations in Trimble Connect for synchornization to TerraFlex?

    I need to add a correction for SBAS in the Terraflex settings. Is there a way to do this in Trimble Connect and sync the settings across to TerraFlex? 
    Eric Nygard
    created by Eric Nygard
  • Data Table "No Record found"

    IntoTrimble Connect 3D viewer, using the Data Table, one of our colleagues receives the following error message "No record Found", he had access to the data before. The remaining team have access to the data. I...
    Line Cusson
    last modified by Line Cusson