• Clash detection workflow in TC

    Hi there,   I am quite struggling with clash detection in TC. It seems that: 1. You can not have TC clash certain things within models, can you? Like it would be perfect to see if there are clashes with doors a...
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  • Share folders between projects, Trimble connect

    Hi all,    I've got a small question, related to the organizational possibilities of Trimble connect.  Within windows explorer, I've got the possibility to created "hyperlinks", which gives acces to d...
    Marcel Reitsema
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  • Whats worn with my name here:

    Waht is wrong with my name here please?:  
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  • I can't complete my profile. It says I've entered an invalid name. I don't know why my first and last name would be invalid?

    Invalid name. Please try again notification?
    Sharlene D Lisenbery
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  • My new trimble connect business account does not show in my account

    My new trimble connect business account does not show in my Trimble Connect account?
    Douglas Scott
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  • why I can not view my sketches?

    Why can I not view my sketches?
    Randy Davis
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  • Trimble Connect -  change attributes list

    Is it any possibilities to change display of attributes sequence for object in Trimble Connect? I started use Trimble Connect for projects verification and I see one disadvantage comparing to TeklaBimSight. When I wa...
    Trimble Connect - Attributes list
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  • TC view export and import Question

    Hi, Is it possible that export TC view to excel list and import view use excel list to TC. { export view to excel list: view point position, view section position, view name and view create date, etc. import view...
    Andy Zhu
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  • Search in Model

    When using the <<search in model>> function on Trimble Connect mobile it would be useful if the items appeared selected rather than just showing only that object. That way the user could choose to hide the...
    Paul Jennings
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  • Why LOT_NUMBER and LOT_NAME are not exported to TC from Tekla using dierect link?

    Hello. When I use direct export from Tekla Structures to Trimble Connect information LOT_NUMBER and LOT_NAME are not visible in TC web not TC desktop. BUT When I export model to IFC first and then open it witch TC de...
    Marcin Staszczyk
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  • I cant login or sync with Trimble Connect

    Hello,   I cant login or sync with Trimble Connect. Also login in mobile or web version fails. I have this problem since yesterday Can you please check this   Thanks in advance   Best regards, Peter...
    Peter-Paul Brans
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  • knut.forsmark@asplanviak.no

    Hva skal stå her??
    Knut Forsmark
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  • IFC files not loading

    Hello,   A colleague has uploaded a series of IFC files into a project (in the same folder), but I cannot load a couple of them. They show up as downloaded files, and up to date, but when I try to see them, the ...
    Dan Chereches
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  • Name not displayed properly

    Dear Trimble Connect Team,   Whenever I login to TC my name shows up as "Firstname Lastname". While my profile in TC has my name correct as "Niraj Poudel".    Could you please help me resolv...
    firstName LastName
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  • Print to PDF (PdfOutput Folder)

    Hi, Just wandering what the issue might be when i try to print out a Plan set, the actual Pdf files don't get printed in the specified location, any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
    Boris Stijakovic
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  • Server location of a Proyect

    Hi,   I allways create the projects with the server and location in North America, but recently I'm working with users from Europe and I'm experiencing trouble sending the invitations, it shows the following mes...
    created by Adriana
  • Extract Multiple objects IfcGUID

    Is there a method to extract multiple objects IfcGUID or similar? ToDo list and tag is working find. But to be able to collaborate with modelers, such function is necessary. I fail to find it in evaluation version, is...
    orchid von brauchen
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  • Recover a ToDo

    Hi,    I erase a ToDo by mistake. Is it possible to recover it?   Thanks,   A.E.
    Adriana E.
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  • Export ToDo's to Excel

    Just a suggestion: Wouldn't it be great if the pictures from the model would be added to the excel list automatically?   Best Regards, Yves
    Yves van Loon
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  • Trimble Connect - dxf and LandXML not aligning

    I am trying to overLay a dxf on a LandXML model and the two are not matching up. I am seeing a horizontal shift of a couple of feet. The vertical looks close. Both the dxf and the LandXML are derived from the same Bus...
    Patrick L'heureux
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