• Clash detection between elements same file

    Hello, I cannot find the way in TC to do a clash detection between elements in the same IFC file as it was possible in Bim Sight. Please advise, thanks.
    Marco Perazzo
    created by Marco Perazzo
  • When I add a property to an element in my Revit file, the property name is added to the Trimble file, but the value does not update. Any ideas?

    Property shown in the Revit properties panel:   Data table in Trimble Connect, with name of property, but no value:  
    last modified by Henry
  • Trimble connect snapping

    Hello TC developers      Is it possible to add some more snapping option to TC? I would be nice if it would be possible to snap to center or to the middle of the profile. 
    Arkadiusz Mazur
    created by Arkadiusz Mazur
  • Export TeklaStructures model to Trimble Connect

    [TeklaStructures 2017 SP3]   I have a Trimble identity, have logged in to Trimble Connect online and completed my profile.   I'm logged into the Trimble account in my TeklaStructures model.  To open the...
    Peter Officer
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  • Trimble Connect Anonymous User Access

    It would be really great if we could share our Trimble Connect models with anonymous users.  Similar to sharing files on Google Drive with a shareable link.  We would just email a customer the link and they ...
    last modified by PETER OFFICER
  • Slow web viewer for pdf files

    Does anyone else have this problem? TC for web is working fast, but when I want to open pdf or other type of files, it takes about 1 minute for small file and up to 5 minutes for large file. It is very annoying.
    Janis Dzenis
    last modified by Janis Dzenis
  • ToDo eksport to BCF

    Description: We use Trimble connect ToDo for design review meetings. In the end, we need to print and sign a document about the decisions we have made. I have two options for how to prepare this document: 1. Export T...
    Janis Dzenis
    created by Janis Dzenis
  • Read/open Navisworks files in TC

    Hello all, is there any future development to give the option to open Navisworks files .nwd .nwc in Trimble Connect? It would be really beneficial for the coordination in projects. Thanks, 
    Marco Perazzo
    last modified by Marco Perazzo
  • Date format

    Hello team, Is it possible to change the date format for a project or in user preferences? It is important for the European market. - mm.dd.yyyy or dd.mm.yyyy or yyyy.mm.dd - may 15 2020 or 15 may 2020...   ...
    Alexandre Collin
    last modified by Alexandre Collin
  • Idea for Trimble Connect

    Hi Developer TC Team,   I have some ideas below to improve TC in next version 1- Tag member in Comment 2- Attach file in comment 3- Can combine with Snipping tool of windows to take snapshots in comment ...
    Hoa Nguyen Duc
    last modified by Hoa Nguyen Duc
  • BCF link to model

    When I use imported BCF-files, there is only a snapshot instead of a link to the selected objects in the model. Is there a possibility to use the link, which is generated in different software (e.g. solibri)?
    last modified by nicolas.keller@synaxis.ch
  • QR code to BCF issues ?

    Hello community,     - Is there a possibility to attribute a QR Code to BCF Managers issues ?     It would be read upon opening .bcf issues in XLS format.  This can rapidly: ...
    Enea KOTSA
    created by Enea KOTSA
  • How to set up real-time configurations in Trimble Connect for synchornization to TerraFlex?

    I need to add a correction for SBAS in the Terraflex settings. Is there a way to do this in Trimble Connect and sync the settings across to TerraFlex? 
    Eric Nygard
    last modified by Eric Nygard
  • Where can i find auto-saved copies of my Sketch-Up model on Trimble connect ?

    i`m told that you may have in the system stored earlier versions of my Sketch-Up drawings the version i`m on at the moment seems to have been corrupted. the images are a mess. unuseable !!! see pdf images attached. ...
    Angus Fordyce
    last modified by Angus Fordyce
  • Spaces connected to walls and members

    I have an IFC file where I have a problem I can't understand. When I'm hidding some spaces it also hides some walls and members... They are connected in some sort of way I can't see.
    Håvard Malde
    last modified by Håvard Malde
  • How I can Merge Two bars?

    Hello How I can Merge Two Rebars if they have the same size and do not exceed the max allowable bar length 12m? I try to use the Three Longitudinal Bar Pattern and fail to Combine it to form a single bar. Tekla S...
    Ali Araye
    last modified by Ali Araye
  • Connect for Mobile - v2.13 released

    Connect for Mobile v2.13  is now available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Focus of this release was aligning the new 3D viewer functionalities to the legacy 3D viewer. New     ...
    Darshan Rajaram Kamat
    last modified by Darshan Rajaram Kamat
  • How to Sort the Team Members?

    When viewing the list of team members, I don't see any way to sort them alphabetically.  Surely this is just an oversight, but am I missing something?
    Dwain Wood
    created by Dwain Wood
  • Disactivating Point created in the Field - TSC3 DC

    I use a TSC3 data collector (DC) when surveying and I constantly add link files (Jobs/Property of job/Link files/add,etc). In many occasions, I have to create points in the field. Is there away to disactivate (not era...
  • Trimble inSpere (Terraflex)

    I have created a page heading "Resident 1" with various questions, I need to duplicate the "Resident 1" page to "Resident 2" with the same datafileds/questions, is there a way to copy instead of re-adding all the ques...
    Werner Fenske
    last modified by Werner Fenske