• Invoice

    Dear, Sir/Madam, Is it possible to get Invoice for  subsrciption for trimble connect. We did payment by mastercard.     thank you.
    created by r.caiko@eikosstatyba.lt
  • Hiding Objects

    How do i get multiple parts to hide if they are all the same ? With out clicking a thousand times 
    Kevin Gallagher
    created by Kevin Gallagher
  • Some feedback about the last 1.9 TCD release

    Hello to the Trimble team.   I took some time to try the new functionnalities offered by the last TCD relase ( Overall It is really nice but I have some issues/remarks on the two mains new features: &...
    Olivier Pellegrin
    last modified by Olivier Pellegrin
  • Android App Not Loading

    I'm trying to use the Trimble Connect app (version 2.1) on Android (Pixel 3a) and having issues loading the application. On installing the app and running it first time I go through the permissions for file usage, use...
    Dan Michiels
    last modified by Dan Michiels
  • Trimble connect viewer API - what we can do with that

    Trimble Connect 3D Viewer - Workspace API  I see that TC Viewer have API, but I dont know what I can do with it? Can I make my own TC browser? But why i should my own viewer?
    Dawid Dyrcz
    last modified by Dawid Dyrcz
  • Model Change History

    One important thing that is missing in TC, is the ability to see what is changed between an upgraded model and the previous one.  Is this already on the road-map?  If yes, what is the status? If not, is t...
    Yves van Loon
    last modified by Yves van Loon
  • Automatic local updates of IFC files

    When an IFC file is updated locally on the computer it would be very helpful if it either auto-update or atleast give an option to do so in the trimble project.   In TEKLA BIMSIGHT there was a function that when...
    Jesper Nilsson
    last modified by Jesper Nilsson
  • Trimble Connect subscription level

    I'm trying to upload another project to my account chad.riley@nbgcommercialservices.com and it says I need to upgrade my account. Curious what I do have capabilities for with my new subscription?
    chad Riley
    last modified by chad Riley
  • Share with any user with the link does not work

    Hello, When I try to share projects via Trimble Connect to our customer using 'Share with any user with the link', the customer can't open the project. Even after registering, the Trimble Connect 3D Viewer says '...
    Frederik Bauters
    last modified by Frederik Bauters
  • New Trimble Connect 3D Viewer + HTC Vive

    Hi,   As I've noticed, there is now support vor Oculus Quest VR Headset in the new 3D-Viewer (see also: Trimble Connect 3D Viewer Release 1.0.10 - November 12, 2019)   Are there any solutions or...
  • Custom colors

                                   It will be possible to use custom colors sometime in the futu...
    Dušan Erben
    created by Dušan Erben
  • QR Code for Trimble Connect Hololens (feature request)

    It is possible to log on in TC Hololens using a QR code displayed by the Android version.   Could it also be possible to generate QR codes that can be printed for use in workshops or on location so that a specif...
    Andrew Stewart
    created by Andrew Stewart
  • How to make Utility Networks Field Ready from Civil 3D Or BC

    I have been trying to figure out a way to use information from CAD or BC for field applications. I have been recieveing designer CAD files with utility network data within and instead of recreating the wheel we can br...
    David Ballew
    created by David Ballew

    Hello! I'm developing a plugin for TASDK (and already watched all the youtube videos by Nico Becke  ) and im trying to change the type of input (see the image adjunt) right now it is a text that i...
    Melissa Calle Muñoz
    last modified by Melissa Calle Muñoz
  • Can't get it to sync

    We had a software warranty to go out on one DC. Ironically all DC's seem to not be able to sync with the app on my desktop now. Files from both DC and computer seem to be uploading but neither one every receives a fil...
    last modified by Greg
  • Graphic Card Requirements

    Tekla EPM support again.  I have another client who when on a large 4k monitor 42" has the display not refresh for part of the screen.  Using a different viewer it works but in connect he gets this the attac...
    Dale McElroy
    last modified by Dale McElroy
  • Server location of a Proyect

    Hi,   I allways create the projects with the server and location in North America, but recently I'm working with users from Europe and I'm experiencing trouble sending the invitations, it shows the following mes...
    created by Adriana
  • Extract Multiple objects IfcGUID

    Is there a method to extract multiple objects IfcGUID or similar? ToDo list and tag is working find. But to be able to collaborate with modelers, such function is necessary. I fail to find it in evaluation version, is...
    orchid von brauchen
    last modified by orchid von brauchen
  • Cannot save to trimble Connect

    Internet connection is fine as evidenced by my posting this discussion. When I try to save my sketchup in the on line - free version I get a red box asking me to check my internet connection and asking if I want to s...
    Mark Nohr
    created by Mark Nohr
  • Text Markups don't work

    Hi, I have an issue with text markups: When I create one and then I erase it, I'm not able to create another text markup again. Why does this happen?   I will appreciate your feedback on this issue.   Gree...
    Adriana E.
    last modified by Adriana E.