• Can't get it to sync

    We had a software warranty to go out on one DC. Ironically all DC's seem to not be able to sync with the app on my desktop now. Files from both DC and computer seem to be uploading but neither one every receives a fil...
    last modified by Greg
  • Graphic Card Requirements

    Tekla EPM support again.  I have another client who when on a large 4k monitor 42" has the display not refresh for part of the screen.  Using a different viewer it works but in connect he gets this the attac...
    Dale McElroy
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  • Electrical Contractor needs 2016 prices

    We are electrical contractors looking for information to support asking for a price increase for a job we quoted in 2016, just now beginning in 2019.  Does anyone know of an archived database which includes price...
    Ronnie Cassell
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  • Server location of a Proyect

    Hi,   I allways create the projects with the server and location in North America, but recently I'm working with users from Europe and I'm experiencing trouble sending the invitations, it shows the following mes...
    created by Adriana
  • Extract Multiple objects IfcGUID

    Is there a method to extract multiple objects IfcGUID or similar? ToDo list and tag is working find. But to be able to collaborate with modelers, such function is necessary. I fail to find it in evaluation version, is...
    orchid von brauchen
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  • Cannot save to trimble Connect

    Internet connection is fine as evidenced by my posting this discussion. When I try to save my sketchup in the on line - free version I get a red box asking me to check my internet connection and asking if I want to s...
    Mark Nohr
    created by Mark Nohr
  • Text Markups don't work

    Hi, I have an issue with text markups: When I create one and then I erase it, I'm not able to create another text markup again. Why does this happen?   I will appreciate your feedback on this issue.   Gree...
    Adriana E.
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  • Trimble Connect Sync - Alerts

    Trimble Connect Sync Alerts do not work for any other e-mail address other than the one that's logged into TC sync, nor will alerts be sent out if more than one email address is listed, separated by commas or sem...
    Ervin Tarkhanian
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  • New Feature: Select Assembly button TC web

    Hello all,   It would be great if a button to select assemblies is added to TC web, similar to the one on TC Desktop. Selecting assemblies through the Model Tree is not effective.
    Bruno Ribeiro
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  • A useful tool for a TC admin

    Greetings, I would like to submit an idea to make the life of TC administrators easier. It would be great to have an option as an admin that make us see the project as a user (and possibly a user of a pecu...
    Olivier Pellegrin
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  • compared to BIMcollab Zoom

    Good day, I'd like to start a discussion on Trimble Connect compared to BIMcollab Zoom, this is also a platform for checking issues and communicating with other echelons about clashes, and get thru a model by creatin...
    Leo Rieswijk
    created by Leo Rieswijk
  • Download issue.

    Hi, I recently downloaded a free trail of sketch up which has now expired. Following the expiry I decided to purchase the annual sketch up shop version rather than the Pro version. My concern is that when I got the do...
    Alun Bell
    created by Alun Bell
  • Innovation with Site Vision and Trimble Connect

    Hi,  Our company has built a marketing video demonstrating how we can potentially use Site Vision and Trimble Connect in the industrial engineering and construction environment.  We would be interested in f...
    chris skerik
    created by chris skerik
  • We use Tekla Structures for precast industry. We can easily export multiple IFCs for multiple cast units. The name of each IFC follows Cast Unit Position. This process has been automated and we can easily create hundreds of IFCs in a few button click. The

    We use Tekla Structures for precast industry.   We can easily export multiple IFCs for multiple cast units. The name of each IFC follows Tekla Structures Cast Unit Position. This process has been automated and w...
    Kelvin Ng
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  • Non C# example of API use

    Hi, I'm trying to use the 3D model viewer API from a Wordpress site. I've read through the API documentation but I'm getting stuck at the authentication part of it. I'm now reading through the C# code but I must...
    Maxime Carey
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  • Sketchup Trimble Connect

    On Sketchup, Trimble Connect does not connect, press the Launch Trimbel Connect, and it tries to log on but fails. Also Extension manage does not up date, presumably because trimble does not connect.   Is there...
    Luke Mackley
    last modified by Luke Mackley
  • Desktop Viewer - Needs/ Requests

    We are looking to leverage the desktop  3d viewer more but are still finding it suffers from issues that were part of BIMsight.     Would really like to see the following;    In the mod...
    Greg Schleusner
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  • Unit Settings in Trimble Connect Mobile

    It has come to my attention that in the latest version of TC mobile unit settings are controlled on the project level and the default unit setting for all projects is metric.    This doesn't make any s...
    Ryan Barker
    created by Ryan Barker
  • Keep getting User Account Reconfirmation

    I'm trying to create an Trimble account and I receive activation emails but when I click on activate all I get is User Account Reconfirmation, so I type in my email and get sent another activation email this is a cycl...
    last modified by Zak
  • Error in processing this file

    I am unable to open and view the 3D image of the revit file uploaded onto TC. The notification : Error in processing this file will pop up.
    Zhi Hui Chiam
    last modified by Zhi Hui Chiam