• TrimbleConnect Desktop -  crash on start. Not working.

    TrimbleConnectSetup-  crash on start. Not working. Not starting   I see that the programmers from trimble dont know anything about try - catch - finnaly block. Start making your programs stabl...
    Dawid Dyrcz
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  • Is this really the forum for 10 million users?

    When I visit this forum (in the "Users Forum" category)  I see there have been 606 posts since 2017. As the screenshot below shows, most of the recent posts have 0 replies.    Trimble recently announce...
    Ryan Barker
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  • Trimble Connect for Windows 1.8.2 crash

    Trimble Connect for Windows 1.8.2 crashes when i am loading project  I had to uninstall and install older version (1.8.1).   No error, no information just crash and turn off
    Dawid Dyrcz
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  • Revit to IFC file

    We have the free version of Trimble Connect.  When I upload the Revit (.rvt) model to Trimble Connect I tells me there is a conversion in process, but it never finishes.  We need to know where in Trimble or ...
    April Ziminsky
    created by April Ziminsky
  • La ventana de manejo de Proyectos no se actualiza correctamente

    Tengo varios proyectos en Trimble Connect y al abrir la ventana inicial de manejo no aparecen de forma correcta, algunas imagenes no corresponden al proyecto ni tampoco su contenido. Intenté borrar el cach...
    Pedro Luis Hippolyte
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  • Rename Points

    When I import a point file into an existing TBC project fie, it often happens that the new file has point numbers which duplicate existing point numbers. There are options to rename. If there were an option,"Next Poin...
    Saif Bin Darwish
    created by Saif Bin Darwish
  • Bluetooth Controller for TC

    I have Oculus Quest and it's a fantastic tool for viewing models in VR on 3d.connect.trimble.com.  I also have an Android phone which seems to be capable of the same thing when used with a headset like Google Car...
    Peter Officer
    created by Peter Officer
  • compared to BIMcollab Zoom

    Good day, I'd like to start a discussion on Trimble Connect compared to BIMcollab Zoom, this is also a platform for checking issues and communicating with other echelons about clashes, and get thru a model by creatin...
    Leo Rieswijk
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  • Long Seam Tubular

    Hi, How showing my long seam at tubulars or pipes on this Trimble Connect.   Regarsd deni
    SMOE Modeler
    created by SMOE Modeler
  • Tablet Trimble connect

    Hi, I would like to ask you wich model of Tablet do you have and Trimble Connect work good and smoothly on the big projects. (for example big residential buildings). I have problems with loading pdf. drawings. I...
    Michal Steinhubel
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  • Trimble Connect Plugin Revit2020 works not with BIM360.

    HI all,   I've been working on BIM360 for a couple of days. I've still have a failure, when i would synchronise my model tot trimble cloud.   When I save the model on my computer, the plugin works. Anyone ...
  • Modellen laden niet...

    Helaas gaat het bekijken van modellen traag en er laden modellen niet.  Krijg foutmeldingen zoals dat eerder soms bij Tekla het geval was.  Wellicht een oplossing hiervoor? 
    Robert-Jan Hellemons
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  • projet le corbusier

    khiat otman
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  • how to dis-connect

    Hi, 1- I have made one project and shared with others, works great. 2- I have one project invited to me for training on UFP. 3- I am invited on our company shared projects on connect, works good. 4- I was invited ...
    Leo Rieswijk
    created by Leo Rieswijk
  • Invoice

    Dear, Sir/Madam, Is it possible to get Invoice for  subsrciption for trimble connect. We did payment by mastercard.     thank you.
    created by r.caiko@eikosstatyba.lt
  • Hiding Objects

    How do i get multiple parts to hide if they are all the same ? With out clicking a thousand times 
    Kevin Gallagher
    created by Kevin Gallagher
  • Some feedback about the last 1.9 TCD release

    Hello to the Trimble team.   I took some time to try the new functionnalities offered by the last TCD relase ( Overall It is really nice but I have some issues/remarks on the two mains new features: &...
    Olivier Pellegrin
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  • Android App Not Loading

    I'm trying to use the Trimble Connect app (version 2.1) on Android (Pixel 3a) and having issues loading the application. On installing the app and running it first time I go through the permissions for file usage, use...
    Dan Michiels
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  • Trimble connect viewer API - what we can do with that

    Trimble Connect 3D Viewer - Workspace API  I see that TC Viewer have API, but I dont know what I can do with it? Can I make my own TC browser? But why i should my own viewer?
    Dawid Dyrcz
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  • Model Change History

    One important thing that is missing in TC, is the ability to see what is changed between an upgraded model and the previous one.  Is this already on the road-map?  If yes, what is the status? If not, is t...
    Yves van Loon
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