• How are you using Trimble Connect?

    There are quite a lot of uses for Trimble Connect. I have listed a couple, you can list the rest! what are your uses? what features do you use the most?   Basic file sharing? Collaboration between on site and...
    Jason Carpenter
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  • Trimble Connect Desktop 1.6 Issue

    Hi Darshan Rajaram Kamat   Good Day!   We've updated our desktop app into 1.6 version, however, we have notice that the elements are flying somewhere when I imported the IFC as shown in the attached screen...
    Vincent Taruc
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  • Development Suggestion - Hide Grid Labels Behind Objects

    It would be nice if grid labels were hidden if they are behind objects.  The labels don't help us very much if we can't see the grid line it's connected to, and it just clutters the view if you want to take ...
    Trent Zane
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  • Connect Hololens - Feature Request

    I work for a Civil construction firm and I am intending to use the product for estimating purposes and model review. Below are some features that would greatly compliment the technology:   Hover over a spot with...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Better Z Fighting display and mesh display

    It seems the Direct X viewer wants to show every edge in a mesh vs just exterior edges.  We are also seeing a lot of examples of mesh display that seems to look like Z fighing but its just internal edge...
    Greg Schleusner
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  • Tranceparency Not coming through from Revit Exporter in Desktop

    When using the Revit plugin in Revit 2018 from the Autodesk imperial sample model;  A model exported to Trimble connect will show with correct transparency in the web viewer but will show as solid in the mos...
    Greg Schleusner
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  • Stopped working

    Hi, When I run sync tool it will be stopped working, I trying restart computer then this error run again.   Please help me to fix it.  
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  • Object attachment

    We're evaluating Trimble connect and found some very cool functions on this platform. One of them is ability to attach document to object in model, but i think i will more useful if: 1. Make object attachment functi...
    Phan Manh Quyet
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  • DWG not showing on Android device

    Hi,   With the last update i have issues with viewing the DWG files together with the 3D IFC model on the Trimble App. I have an Samsung S8 and was able to see the DWG earlier. The DWG is still showing on my IPad.
    Rune Huse Karlstad
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  • Rhino File Display Error

    Hi everyone,   Uploading a Rhino File. In the preview the location of some surfaces is not correct. Also - Surfaces are grouped in an unexpected way. Thanks for fixing these bugs. Let me know how it works ou...
  • Visualization of Excel files in Trimble Connect

    Hello,    The Excel spreadsheets are cut-up in the viewer. Could this be fixed ? For example using the "Print area" defined in the Excel file as a scope of what needs to be displayed on a single page....
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