• Trimble Connect in Oculus Quest VR?

    According to the Trimble Connect 3D Viewer Release 1.0.10 - November 12, 2019 release notes, the Oculus Quest is now supported.   How do we get this working? The "Enter VR Mode" button appears in the top ri...
    David Reed
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  • Radial Grid locations are wrong in trimble connect

    I added my tekla model to trimble connect. But grid lines are loaded in wrong location in trimble connect. See below screenshots.
    created by Sajesh
  • Is it possible to create a user group that I can use with multiple projects? I dont want to have to re create the same group for multiple projects

    I am using Trimble sync manager and create multiple projects for multiple users daily. I would like to be able to create a group of users that I can assign to multiple projects without having to create the same group ...
    Brandon Elia
    created by Brandon Elia
  • Trimble Connect has stopped working

    After installation, the message "Trimble Connect has stopped working" appears when you try to start Problem Signature: Problem event name: APPCRASH Application name: TrimbleConnect.exe Application version: 1.10.0....
    last modified by Luk
  • Windows crack with new version of trimble connect

    Hi all,   I installed today the upgrade of Trimble Connect ( and Windows crack when I try create dimensions. This is a bug? Someone else have the same problem?
    Pedro Falcão
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  • Revit to Hololens using Trimble Connect?

    How do you upload a Revit model into Hololens using Trimble Connect?
    Jeremy Withers
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  • Can my tsc3 show line work in map mode from point description EP S to EP to EP

    When shooting lines such as edge pavement with a start such as EP_S then EP can my tsc3 show the line work on maps mode
    Allen Sloan
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  • ifc samenvoegen

    hoe kan ik 2 afzonderlijke IFC modellen samenvoegen
    created by leo
  • invoice

    je cherche a obtenir ma facture pour l'abonnement a sketch up pro
    menard eric
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  • Trimble connect collaboration issue

    Hi everyone, i am new in Trimble connect and i am currently working in an MEP contractor company. As my company has purchased two hololens to see whether we could facilitate our works using the collaboration function....
    Anson Lee
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  • Trial version trouble

    hi, does anyone know how to access models that are built with a trial version (sketch up 2019), after the trial has expired? thankful for help
    created by vendela
  • Excel export failed

    Hi Trimble support,   I’m contacting you following an issue on Trimble Connect Web client. When I try to export activities on a project, I received an email telling me that the export processing failed. ...
    Jean-Michel DETAIN
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  • I’ve built a ultrasonic spray rig on a F350 V10 2009 4x4 and I’m looking at a gps system with a ez steer system, do you or a other company carry a bracket for this model.

    Or can I fabricate the closet bracket to fit.
    created by PaulDomecq
  • In TGO the plan view scale could be set to view symbols easily.  Is there a similar tool in TBC

    The symbol size after feature processing seems constant and very small.  Is there a setting to change the symbols size with the viewing window scale?
    Steven Grosch
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  • R10-2 reboots every 10 minutes to the nearest second, like it is  a setting - what causes this?  How can I change it?

    R10-2 reboots every 10 minutes to the nearest second, like it is  a setting - what causes this?  How can I change it?
    myles standish
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  • TSC7

    Which app do I use for the TSC7?
    Gregory Ewbank
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  • Does Trimble R8S and/or Spectra SP60 have any PPS output?

    We need to rent a RTK kit for an application that needs positioning with a pulse per second (PPS) output, either via serial cable (pins 8-9) or dedicaded cable (bnc or sma). Our preferred dealer has these two models f...
    Jose Miranda
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  • Juno T41 Slate Controller

    How can i Import Files forom Juno T41 Slate Controller to Windows 10 PC ? It its not possible to install Windows Mobile.
    Günter Patka
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  • Hvorfor drejer IFC´er sig tilbage til udgangspunkt når jeg opdaterer modellen

    Jeg har en sag hvor jeg skal lagt to filer oven i hinanden, men når jeg opdater, og går ind i modellen igen, så er dy rykket tilbage til udgangspunktet, og når jeg så forsøger at ret...
    Erik Maagaard Jensen
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  • Relatório de Conflitos

    Por que não consigo gerar um relatório de conflitos no Trimble Connect a partir de um arquivo do qual já foi gerado um relatorio de conflitos no navis?
    Sandra Benfica
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