• 3D Viewer no longer compatible with Opera and Chrome

    The 3D Viewer now only works with Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Is this issue being fixed any time soon?
    Piotr Napiorkowski
    last modified by Piotr Napiorkowski
  • No Folder Tree on TC Web

    Hi guys!   Do anyone has the same problem? I recently log in a project but can't see the folder tree or any of the left side bar. Any solution here? Thanks!
    Earnest Rich Meza Leon
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  • background black

    How do you turn the background black in trimble connect? Please help my eyes.
    Josh Matthews
    created by Josh Matthews
  • User einladen

    Guten Tag   ich habe nun eine Subscription gekauft und alle 3 User vergeben mit Email Adresse. Leider kann ich diese nicht im Projekt bei mir hinzufügen, es kommt die Meldung (wenn Invite geklickt wird) :&#...
    created by Philip
  • Trimble Connect Desktop Clash analysis

    Hello,   We are trying TRIMBLE CONNECT DESKOP for our BIM Collaboration and clashs analysis. We are currently using TeklaBimsight for this. The problem is we do not find the same results between Tekla...
    Olivier Pellegrin
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  • How I can Merge Two Rebars if they have the same size and do not exceed the max allowable bar length 12m?

    Hello How I can Merge Two Rebars if they have the same size and do not exceed the max allowable bar length 12m? I try to use the Three Longitudinal Bar Pattern and fail to Combine it to form a single bar. Tekla ...
    Ibrahim Elmi
    created by Ibrahim Elmi
  • Changement langue non pris en compte

    Après plusieurs tentatives, le changement de langue (time zone également) n'est pas pris en compte dans les modifications de mon profil. Sur la version web, il ne se passe rien après validation d...
    Benoît LECRIOUX
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  • Password

    how can I change my password?
    Steph Woolvett
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  • Steel Member Section Size

    When viewing a steel frame, the member section size (the most important thing), is nearly at the base of the Attributes list. How can I bring it to the top or have it displayed in the 3D view when I need it?
    richard heard
    created by richard heard
  • Connect for Browser - Issues with loading of Header and Navigation bar

    In the past few days, we have received couple of complaints regarding issues with loading of header and left navigation bar of the Connect for Browser application.   Please note that this is not seen in all ca...
    Darshan Rajaram Kamat
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  • dgn datei öffnen ?

    Habe eine dgn Zeichnung angegeben. Wie kann ich sie öffnen ?
    Franz Mollenmeyer
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    bonjour, je voudrais changer le langage en Français. Pouvez m'indiquer comment faire  cordialelent Thierry
    last modified by SCHULTZ
  • Trimble Connect Desktop / grids gone

    I've just downloaded the latest release, and suddenly all grids are gone.   Applies to different projects.
    Andreas Zieritz
    last modified by Andreas Zieritz
  • View Callout Error

    Recently (maybe since the July 2020 update), an error occurs when creating views with callouts.   When creating a new view, which contains callouts, opening the view will move all callouts to one location "clump...
    Piotr Napiorkowski
    last modified by Piotr Napiorkowski
  • retore deleted do to

    Is there a way to retore the "To-do" list on Trimble connect? I accidently deleted a few of thm. Thanks.   Alex Wong
    Alex Wong
    created by Alex Wong
  • Help for Trimble Connect for HoloLens 2

    Hello, I want to use Trimble Connect and Trimble XR10 with HoloLens 2 and need initial instructions. Is there any user guide? I installed TC Desktop, TC Mobile, and TC for HoloLens and updated them. I created an IFC ...
    Zoran Pucko
    created by Zoran Pucko
  • How to cancel account?

    I just signed up for a free trial.  It is not what I was looking for.  I don't see link to cancel.  Please advise
    created by Lucille
  • Script error tijden aanmelden

    Goedemiddag,    Loop tijdens het aanmelden van Trimble Connect tegen de volgende foutmelding aan:   "Scrpitfout: regel107   teken140 ';" wordt verwacht Code 0" URL: Log in  &...
    Lambert Vrijhof
    created by Lambert Vrijhof
  • why is trimle connect much slower than bimsight?

    Orbiting same model in 3d in same machine is about 20 times slower with Trimble connect than Bimsight? Is there a setting to tune that or is it the way it is?
    Tomi Perko
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  • fichier db1

    Bonjour,   Est ce que le logiciel Trimble connect peut ouvrir des fichiers db1 ?   Cordialement.
    Mohamed BOUGHANZAI
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