• TC Activities export does not work

    Hello,   We would like to keep track on users activites en TC but the export in .csv systematically fails with no apparent reason. It used to work fine a year ago. It is highly valuable data for us as we could...
  • Viewing Models from ProjectSight

    I loaded some Revit models into TrimbleConnect.  When I log in to TrimbleConnect from ProjectSight, I'm unable to view the models.  Is that how it's supposed to work? How can I view the models?   Thanks
    Dan Bentil
    created by Dan Bentil
  • I purchased a NearMap file. How do I receive and download this file?

    How is a NearMap file received? Through: Trimble Connect Sketchup Cart Order; or a link in the order confirmation?
    Andrew Wilson
    created by Andrew Wilson
  • The status of my old license is not clear

    Hi. I bought a sketch up a while ago and would like to get 2020. The status of my old license and new options is not clear
    Hugh Dennis
    created by Hugh Dennis
  • Revit Collaboration with Trimble connect

    I am new to Trimble connect, I have a question Regarding The ADD-IN For Revit. How do I collaborate With My Team Members Working Simultaneously In the same project Uploaded in Trimble connect? Is it Possible to do s...
    Himanshu dubey
    created by Himanshu dubey
  • how to find a part for assembly number

    how to find a part for assembly number
    created by Ercument
  • Grid display

    Is there a limit to the number of grids that can be displayed in TC ?
    Chris Neary
    created by Chris Neary
  • Terraflex data collection

    I moved from insphere to trimble connect. Had to change the user identities - can't log into terraflex mobile app now
    Ian Blandford
    created by Ian Blandford
  • Ideleted a project

    I deleted a project unintentionally. Is there a recycle bin? How did I get back to the accidentally deleted project?
    Christian Gitz
    last modified by Christian Gitz
  • How to split dgps base observation data into different file based on time period?

    I have 5 day continuous base observation file in .TO2 file format. I want to split it into day wise data. How do I do it? Please kindly answer if it is possible to split.
    Kapil Katuwal
    created by Kapil Katuwal
  • Can I get accurate dimensions with the Sketchup for web app.? 

    I would like millimeter accuracy to two places.  This applies to tape measure and/or actual dimensions.
    last modified by Lyle
  • Trimble Connect - output material list from IFC file?

    Is this possible?
    John Callanan
    last modified by John Callanan

    Comment créer un gabarit de métadonnées ? 
    Stephane BONNET
    last modified by Stephane BONNET
  • Joining a project

    I've been invited to join a project on Trimble Connect but, I don't see it in the projects page.
    Devin Norwood
    last modified by Devin Norwood
  • waarom moet ik elke keer weer opnieuw inloggen bij Trimble Connect? Ondanks dat ik het vinkje aanzet mbt "onthoud mijn gegevens"

    Waarom moet ik elke keer weer opnieuw inloggen bij Trimble Connect? Ondanks dat ik het vinkje aanzet mbt "onthoud mijn gegevens" Als ik een nieuw ifc bestand wil openen moet ik telkens opnieuw inloggen.   Hoe d...
    created by Gerwin
  • Missing Atributes on IFC object

    Hello, As we started preparing object and wanted to check if all atributes shows, there are some missing: AcousticRating atribute in CurtainWallCommon; Tag in Ifc2x3Product. In other viewers (Solibri, BIM Vision) ...
    Mindaugas Laurikietis
    last modified by Mindaugas Laurikietis
  • TBC 5.30 license

    Hola que tal amigos, alguien que me pueda ayudar, descargue la versión 5.30 de TBC pero no tienen licencia por lo que ciertas herramientas ( la mayoría que requiero utilizar) estas inhabilitadas. alguien m...
    Humberto Garcia
    created by Humberto Garcia

    Hi guys! I just adquired two gps model r8  model 1, I try to download the file from de data collector to my computer but I couldnt. this is possible with data transfer app or windows mobile device. I hope somebod...
    Humberto Garcia
    last modified by Humberto Garcia
  • Calibracion

    Hola, a todos estoy manejando una estacion m3 dr200 5", anda fallando en circulo de angulo horizontal y vertical, no encuentro el programa calibrar y ajustar dichos angulos,solo esta para la correccion de colimacion y...
    samuel hernandez
    created by samuel hernandez
  • Trimble Connect for HoloLens v 3.1.1 - Release Notes - July 2020

    Hello Everyone,   Trimble Connect for HoloLens v 3.1.1 is now available in the Microsoft store and can be downloaded on to your XR10s/Hololens 2. The focus of this release is to improve the QR Login process for ...
    Sree Ceemalapati
    last modified by Sree Ceemalapati