• How Do I Convert an Alignment to a Linestring?

    Is there a way to quickly convert or copy an alignment and make it into a linestring?
    Brandon Knight
    created by Brandon Knight
  • *Feature Request* - Display alternative file name/description in Model Tree

    [On medium and large projects with strict Doc Control] Model files will typically be given document names/references that are difficult/impossible to interpret what the actual content of the model file is. &...
    James Thorpe
    created by James Thorpe
  • hi sir, i am designing bracket with angle section for support canopy , to export my shop drawing from structures to structural designer material not showing how o analysis without this export completely satisfies

    we are fixing aluminium canopy directly to the roof slab so i am designing brackets to hold this structure there is no verical support directrly we are fixing to the slab
    created by sudesh
  • How to see my 3D en perspective

    Hi, When I import my 3D drawing it always looks like a camera (Parallel Projection) style... So, sometimes I lose some of the parts of the components. I do not see that when I orbit it in perspective on SketchUp ... I...
    Helia Gaudet
    created by Helia Gaudet
  • Dashboard for Trimble Connect Sync

    Hello,   Is there a dashboard for Trimble Connect SYnc that will show a user which projects have active sync schedules on them and which don't?
    Paul Jennings
    created by Paul Jennings
  • Todo with Revit

    Is there a tool to exchange todos with Revit? Without going through bcf which does not work very well.
    Alexandre COLLIN
    created by Alexandre COLLIN
  • Trimble Connect Mobile : Auto rotation

    Is it possible to add the auto rotation function on the Android application as on the iOS application ?
    Alexandre COLLIN
    last modified by Alexandre COLLIN
  • it says check my emails for the confirmation but i dont have one

    trying to set up an account to get my student licence for sketchup 
    Joel Hammond
    created by Joel Hammond
  • How do I open a file?

    How do I open a file?
    David Martin
    last modified by David Martin
  • Local folder for trimble connect

    Hello,   I open and save so much IFC model in my computer. But there are some IFC model have larger size. So my disk C: now is full. How I can change which location to storage trimble connect model?   Than...
    Tung Xuan
    last modified by Tung Xuan
  • invite new user to all our cloud projects?

    Today I added a new user to our "account pool"   I said to him, now you can acces all our cloud models!   but no.   I have been trying to figure out why, because everyone else CAN acces our cloud mod...
    Thomas Ligthart
    created by Thomas Ligthart
  • How do i view member sizes on the IFC file ???

    i Figured it out, thank you.
    created by Ridwaan

     Up until a few days ago I had several projects going, now NONE of them appear!  Very, very upset!!!
    created by GLF
  • Can Ruby Scripts be installed in Shop

    Can Ruby Scripts be installed in Shop
    Leonard L Delgado
    created by Leonard L Delgado
  • Parts not showing in Trimble Connect with Oculus Quest

    I export models from Tekla to IFC files then import them into Trimble Connect online.  One model shows perfectly fine using my PC or Android cellphone.   But some parts and bolts are missing when I view it ...
    Peter Officer
    last modified by Peter Officer
  • How do I change my Trimble account email?

    My Trimble account is associated with an email address for a company I no longer work for. There are active licenses associated with this account that I have paid for. I would like to change the email address associat...
    created by Allen
  • BCF Import

    How can I import bcf files from other software solutions? The tasks appear only in the To Do menu, but not in 3D view "to do list".
    last modified by nicolas.keller@synaxis.ch
  • 3D Model Files

     Trimble Connect for Browser IFC (2x3, 4), IFCZIP SKP (2018 and below) DWG (AutoCAD 2018 and below) [Note : Objects that require MEP specific enabler are not supported.] Revit (2017, 2018 and 2019, with Revi...
    Ankit Sulodia
    last modified by Marcel Broekmaat
  • Metadata management

    Hello team,  Metadata are a very good thing, but it would be more effective if we could also manage them at the level of each project. Do you plan to offer this in the future? As in the Property Set Manager, it...
    Alexandre COLLIN
    last modified by Alexandre COLLIN
  • How to add metadata

    As Company administrator , how to add metadata templates 
    Manju Bhargavi Thota
    last modified by Manju Bhargavi Thota