• How can we get account support?

    How can we get account support? Like if there are things wrong with a payment, or if I would like to change my incorrect info in my profile?
    123 456
    created by 123 456
  • delete account

    How can I delete my Trimble account ? I don't need it ...
    Patrick Di Gregorio
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  • I want to know about TEKLA ELEARNING

    I want to know about TEKLA ELEARNING
    Mallikarjun Gulgannavar
    created by Mallikarjun Gulgannavar
  • I'm a student at Metropolia, what job title should I choose?

    I'm studying a degree programme in building services engineering and my specialization is professional major property management. What title should I choose on Trimble Connect?
    Jere Salomaa
    created by Jere Salomaa
  • Share views with public

    Is it possible to share views using the public links. I wish Trimble Connect let me pick Public as a user for sharing views.
    Luc Thiffeault
    created by Luc Thiffeault
  • I'm so sorry I subscribed to Sketchup Shop.

    Even though I paid for a year's subscription, I still find the 2017 free version easier to use. I can load and work on models that are stored on my desktop. I've never been able to find 3D Warehouse for downloads...
    Len Krudop
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  • Find X,Y,Z coordinations

    In The name of GOD   Drear Sir/Madam   Please let me know how I can find X,Y,Z coordinations of one point/clicked position in Trimble Connect Desctop?   My Special thansks,   Alireza
    Alireza Mirnezami
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  • How to upgrade mu account?

    Hello, I want to add a new project in to The Trimble connect, but it ask me to upgrade my account. Can you please explain how to do that? Thanks & regards
    Petar Petrov
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  • Trimble Connect Background Map Image

    Is it possible to have a 3d background image/surface map in Trimble connect? Displaying aerial images draped onto a surface 
    Gavin Jones
    created by Gavin Jones
  • Contraseña Password

    Hola buenas tardes por favor necesito ayuda es que olvide mi contraseña y la necesito para acceder a la cuenta de 3d warehouse de sketchup les agradezco que me pudieran colaborar mil gracias
    Kevin Mauricio Castro Alarcon
    created by Kevin Mauricio Castro Alarcon
  • Why does the Trimble Connect Revit Add-In say "Notice: Failed to use hard drive. Please check hard drive accessibility and free space. Process will stop." with certain Revit models?

    This issue has happened a lot over the last few months with certain Revit models. I tried different computers to check if the PC was the issue. Something within the Revit models themselves seem to be the issue. There ...
    Gustav Alexander Choto
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  • sketchup

    bonjour j'ai SKETCHUP PRO mais j’aimerais travailler sur mon PC et non pas sur le cloud, je n'arrive pas à enregistrer mes modèles sur mon PC, merci
    created by geny
  • Can a Trimble Connect project be archived?

    Is it possible, once a job is completed, to print off a report of all To-Do's in a pdf document to retain for record?
    created by JUSTIN RIESE
  • Object info on TC Desktop

    Hello team, IFC files contain a lot of information et it is not easy to find a property in the side panel (left) in the TC Desktop. It would be very interesting to be able to customize favorites properties of objects...
    Alexandre Collin
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  • Projekt löschen

    Guten Tag. Ich bin alleiniger Nutzer und Administrator. Ich möchte ein Projekt löschen. Wie geht das? Er meldet immer wieder ich müssen, um das Projekt zu verlassen, jemanden anders zur Administration ...
    Patrick Denzler
    created by Patrick Denzler
  • kan ik van een gebied de oppervlakte meten

    Oppervlakte meten in trimble connect over meerdere ruimtes/ gebied.
    Harrie Grosveld
    created by Harrie Grosveld
  • Tekla Weight of a selection

    I have imported a Tekla steel structure model.  The model is divided in phases. When I click at an object I can see the attributes as the Tekla Quantity (Weight). Is it possible to see the weight of a selection o...
    Quirin van Aspert
    last modified by Quirin van Aspert
  • Nouvelle visionneuse 3D - propriétés

    Bonjour,   Comment faire apparaître toutes les propriétés des objets dans la nouvelle visionneuse 3D ? Est-il possible de paramétrer un jeu de propriétés, comme dans l'anc...
    atelier rec
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  • Trimble Connect slower

    After installing the latest version of Trimble Connect (version I notice that the performance is quite a lot slower. When rotating / zooming in models the program responds slow / is lagging, where that wa...
    Joris van der Leeuw
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  • I have a new computer. How do I transfer my local projects to my new computer?

    I want to transfer my locally stored projects to a new computer. How can this be done?
    Mattias Hägerlund
    created by Mattias Hägerlund