• Define your own color when filter in organizer.

    Hello,   Is it possible to change color filter when using the Trimble Connect Organizer? As i can see it looks like its predefined? If its not possible, i would like to add this to the future request list.
    Daniel Philipps
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  • GPS controller for Trimble Juno 3B

    Hello, I have a Trimble Juno 3B and I need to install GPS controller so that I get NMEA output to feed GPS data to another mapping software. However, none of the apps on this webpage https://www.trimble.com/support_tr...
    Serge Thomas
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  • Trimble inSpere (Terraflex)

    I have created a page heading "Resident 1" with various questions, I need to duplicate the "Resident 1" page to "Resident 2" with the same datafileds/questions, is there a way to copy instead of re-adding all the ques...
    Werner Fenske
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  • Iam getting a *D* 302MiB (322MiB peak) message in the top right when performing a survey. I can not find anything about this. Please help. Thanks

    Please help me understand this
    Justin Meyer
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  • Deleting designs from CAT Grade.

    Hi, I'm trying to delete individual designs from a project on a CAT D6 running CAT Grade. I can't find any way to boot into manager mode like you'd do on a CB460 in order to do so.   Is there a different method ...
    Jeremy Webb
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  • X7 SCANNING SYSTEM will not autolevel. Is this a known issue, curently on the second machine and there is no troubleshooting given for this particular problem.

    X7 SCANNING SYSTEM, i can't seem to find any additional information on why this machine won't autolevel. 
    Marie Foote
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  • השימוש בטקלה ניסגר לי האם ש תוכנת המשך שדרכה אוכל לצפות בקובצי תלת מימד

    השימוש בצפייה של מודלים של טקלה נסגרו לי האם יש תוכנה אחרת בה ניתן לצפות המודלים תלת מימד ?
    אילן קינן
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  • Tekla Structures Connector will not connect to Trimble Connect

    Tekla Structures Connector will not connect to Trimble Connect. Do you need a Trimble Connect lisense for Tekla Structures Connector to work? When trying to login to Trimble Connector(In Tekla) with Trimble Identity i...
    Daniel Philipps
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  • Can´t zoom in and out

    Does anyone else find that zoom function doesn't work on some files? When I open the file the full extent of the model is shown but I can't zoom in. It's difficult to check whats wrong when there´s no zoom butt...
    Anlaeg Øst
    created by Anlaeg Øst
  • Can I integrate the 3D viewer in a Windows Application?

    Hello everyone,   I've seen in the documentation that you can integrate the 3D viewer in a web application via an iframe. However I did not see the same being said for a Windows Application.   I've checked...
    Pedro Ferreira
    created by Pedro Ferreira
  • how to delete folders in trimble connect

    how do I delete folders in trimble connect?
    katherine moser
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  • Why am I not receiving the email of my exported metrics from Trimble?

    I export collected data regularly for completed work packages and this morning I have not received any of the exports from the map viewer in my email.
    Kyle Reilly
    created by Kyle Reilly
  • is it possible to export .stp document info dwg format ?

    Is it possible to export .stp document info dwg format ?
    Jaroslav Zavadil
    created by Jaroslav Zavadil
  • Is it possible to export all 3D views as image and as combined PDF in one go?

    Vipul Parikh
    created by Vipul Parikh
  • I want to cancel my account

    Dear mr, Ms, I subcribed to a trimble account on the 13th of october, 2020, but i don't manage ton connect to sketchup on my computer. I want to cancel my account,   Please, could you help me and do this, ...
    Thibaut HAMET
    created by Thibaut HAMET
  • Can you import a bcfzip file?

    I would like to import a bcfzip file from another issue tracking software. Is this possible? Thanks James
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  • Trimble connect collaboration issue

    Hi everyone, i am new in Trimble connect and i am currently working in an MEP contractor company. As my company has purchased two hololens to see whether we could facilitate our works using the collaboration function....
    Anson Lee
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  • Retrieve old project

    Hello, A few months ago I created a project of a dinning room and I could access to it without any problem many times. Today, after maybe three or four months without viewing it, I tried to show it to some friends. F...
    Albert Alapont
    created by Albert Alapont
  • Trimble Connect for Desktop GetAttribute()

    I use Tekla Structures to create a simple model with 1 column named as "COLUMN" and another named as "100". I then export it to IFC and bring it over to Trimble Connect for Desktop.   I use the following to read...
    Kelvin Ng
    created by Kelvin Ng
  • Linking Connect with EPM 2020i

    I am having trouble connecting Trimble Connect with Tekla EPM 2020i so that I can see the fabrication progress in the model. I am using Project Manager so I used the Link button on the project settings page. When I go...
    Monty Magner
    created by Monty Magner