• I cannot purchase Sketchup Pro via Trimble.

    I recently finished my 30-day trial with Sketchup and need to buy a subscription. Whenever I attempt to buy one though, after signing into either my Trimble account or Google Account, I am never able to proceed with t...
    created by Erik
  • How to change autosave in Sketchup for Web

    Hi There, Please can someone tell me how to change the autosave timing on my Sketchup for Web application? The program currently saves every time I make a change or add into the model, and this takes forever. Please,...
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  • Trimble R10 Model 2  v5.34 connection to tsc3 access 2017.11issue

    Hello, I'm trying to connect tsc3 trimble access 2017.11 to trimble R10 Model 2  v5.34 but a message appear " unrecognized receiver type" Someone can help me to solve the issue.
    Pady Mumba
    created by Pady Mumba
  • how do I download reports to my computer from trimble connect?

    I am trying to download an excel report from a trimble connect project that I have created but there is no option for this?
    Reuben Wilson
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  • Model filtering in TCM

    I have loaded multiple models into Trimble Connect to view together. Occasionally I need to view all these models simultaneously, but sometimes I wish to view only one. There is a function on the mobile application w...
    Paul Jennings
    last modified by Paul Jennings

    Hello I deleted a user from my project yesterday and now i want to give him access again but i can't. I also have 3 members on my team but i can't invite more because it asks me to upgrade my account.I thought i...
    Agapi Giannidou
    created by Agapi Giannidou
  • Trimble Connect Desktop - updating IFC models

    How do I update/reload IFC models if I have generated a new version of the IFC model? In Tekla BIMsight the program itself detected the new version and it was possible to reload the new IFC model. In Trimble however...
    Hendrik Talvik
    last modified by Hendrik Talvik
  • Session timeout before a new login is required

    How can I change the length of time before a session times out and a new login is required?  The "Keep me logged in" checkbox doesn't appear to make any difference.  Also, the system should reset its login t...
    M. Wiemers
    created by M. Wiemers
  • Is there a way to turn off all the pop-up notifications in Trimble Siteworks and/or Trimble scs900 tablet edition?

    Details:   The pop-up saying "GPS point not saved" or "RTK X-fill is now active". All the pop-up messages are very annoying.  I'd like the ability to remove them!  Or put out in "professional mode"....
    Greg Timmons
    last modified by Greg Timmons
  • add a domain

    I need to add "stonecurators.com" to my Trimble Connect domain list.  How do I do this?
    Mark Jadkowski
    created by Mark Jadkowski
  • Clash detection workflow in TC

    Hi there,   I am quite struggling with clash detection in TC. It seems that: 1. You can not have TC clash certain things within models, can you? Like it would be perfect to see if there are clashes with doors a...
    last modified by M
  • Share folders between projects, Trimble connect

    Hi all,    I've got a small question, related to the organizational possibilities of Trimble connect.  Within windows explorer, I've got the possibility to created "hyperlinks", which gives acces to d...
    Marcel Reitsema
    last modified by Marcel Reitsema
  • Whats worn with my name here:

    Waht is wrong with my name here please?:  
    last modified by Juro
  • I can't complete my profile. It says I've entered an invalid name. I don't know why my first and last name would be invalid?

    Invalid name. Please try again notification?
    Sharlene D Lisenbery
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  • My new trimble connect business account does not show in my account

    My new trimble connect business account does not show in my Trimble Connect account?
    Douglas Scott
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  • why I can not view my sketches?

    Why can I not view my sketches?
    Randy Davis
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  • Trimble Connect -  change attributes list

    Is it any possibilities to change display of attributes sequence for object in Trimble Connect? I started use Trimble Connect for projects verification and I see one disadvantage comparing to TeklaBimSight. When I wa...
    Trimble Connect - Attributes list
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  • TC view export and import Question

    Hi, Is it possible that export TC view to excel list and import view use excel list to TC. { export view to excel list: view point position, view section position, view name and view create date, etc. import view...
    Andy Zhu
    last modified by Andy Zhu
  • Core API returns Metric Units for BimObjects

    I am getting bim object properties from ConnectCoreAPI (https://{{connect-region-host}}/bimdata/objects-query). The response is always in metric format and would require a complicated conditional statement to convert ...
    Aaron Anderson
    created by Aaron Anderson
  • Can't connect to Trimble Connect

    After logging out and closing tabs in Chrome browser under windows 10. I opened only the trimble connect and managed to log in. Then I opened a tab with the free web sketchup but cannot save to trimble connect with a ...
    Mark Nohr
    last modified by Mark Nohr