• How can I deploy via Group Policy?

    I would like to prepare Trimble Connect Desktop for administrative deployment via Group Policy. Is there documentation to explain how to best extract the .msi files from the executable installer?
    Joshua Bradshaw
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  • Trimble Connect Server not Available

    Client using the desktop application keeps getting the notification that the server is not available.  When they sign out and sign back in it works or if enter into a project online it logs them in, but if they j...
    Dale McELroy
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  • Improvements to the camera button

    Hi!   I was wondering if you could do some improvements to the camera button (Export current 3D view as image)? Our user case is building brudges in Norway - which involves a lot of bad weather and cold...
    Kenneth Eggan
    created by Kenneth Eggan
  • Clip plane cannot be created because project area is too large

    After updating a model I get this error message every time I try to create create a clip plane. I don't know what to do. I've tried restarting and more. The drawing is in millimeter scale. If I change the scale of the...
    Nicklas Hult
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  • Delete a project

    How delete a project on Trimble connect ? thanks
    Francois Favier
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  • Trimble R10 Model 2  v5.34 connection to tsc3 access 2017.11issue

    Hello, I'm trying to connect tsc3 trimble access 2017.11 to trimble R10 Model 2  v5.34 but a message appear " unrecognized receiver type" Someone can help me to solve the issue.
    Pady Mumba
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  • Feature Request: Objects - Tweaks and rebar schedule

    Hi!   The "Objects" feature in Trimble Connect Desktop has proven to be very helpful. At the same time some small tweaks and added features could make it even better!   #1 First off is the possibility...
    Kenneth Eggan
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  • Is it possible to enable ghost view on the ipads?

    On trimble connect
    created by craig
  • Adding Users

    I have a business license and unable to add users to project. Can I get some assistance with this?   Thanks,   German
    German Aparicio
    created by German Aparicio
  • Why can't I upload models?

    Hi,   There is a problem when I upload a IFC model from the desktop app, the name appears in red and I can't visualize the model. It only happens on a especific computer. What could be the reason? ...
    Adriana E.
    created by Adriana E.
  • overwrited prosjekt in sketchup free

    Hi. I accidentally overwrited my prosjekt in sketchup free end lost it all. Now i hope I can get it out from here, but I can't see how? I hope to restore prosjekt Jørgen Hegstads veg 55 b. Revisions v.48 from v....
    Kibsgård bygg as
    created by Kibsgård bygg as
  • Change settings.

    I want to change my profile e-mail.
    Ana Carolina Vaz Penafort
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  • Trimble Connect Mobile : Auto rotation

    Is it possible to add the auto rotation function on the Android application as on the iOS application ?
    Alexandre Collin
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  • how do i measure in feet and inches instead of MM?

    how do I measure in feet and inches instead of MM?
    John Popovich
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  • "Smart" backsight files

    Good afternoon, We do a lot of resections at work. Everytime we select a backsight prism we have to be aware of the type of prism to avoid problems with the prism constant. I wonder if there is a way to create a file...
  • Need some advice an SCS900 and CB460 compatibility?

    So....when in the past using SCS900. I can load a .dxf and .ttm file into create a design and surface. this design was the site is calibrated can then be put on the machine control. CB460 in most cases in the UK at t...
    Rob Jobson
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  • Evironmetal Anlysis from Sketch Up Pro 2018

    how can  create an environmental analysis 
    Ray Elysee
    created by Ray Elysee
  • Why i can't give access to my folders

    Trimble Connect don't give access to my project folder to anybody invited (i have admin rights)
    Hannu Suojanen
    created by Hannu Suojanen
  • PDF Summary Report of Views & Markups

    Good day. Is there any way to print a summary report (including images) of all the views and markups you create on a 3D IFC model?
    Corneil Byl
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  • Trimble Connect

    Trimble Connect Miksi ohjelma hidastuu iltapäivisin, käyttö vaikeutuu?   Status Sharing 1.1. for Trimble Connect 1. Miksi Status työkalu ei joidenkin objektien kohdalla toimi, eli ei vaida ...
    Matti Partanen
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