• QR code to BCF issues ?

    Hello community,     - Is there a possibility to attribute a QR Code to BCF Managers issues ?     It would be read upon opening .bcf issues in XLS format.  This can rapidly: ...
    Enea KOTSA
    created by Enea KOTSA
  • I'm having trouble logging into the Connect app on a Hololens 2?

        I assumed I should use my trimble credentials that I created under sketchup, but where I put my email it asks for a username. I don't believe I even have one, but maybe I missed something. Is there a pr...
    Bren Marvik
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  • trimble connect TODOS

    I accidentally remove the TODOS list. I'd like to recover the deleted TODOS information. Is it recoverable? Let me know the Bak.File rote
    created by 초이윤경
  • How to set up real-time configurations in Trimble Connect for synchornization to TerraFlex?

    I need to add a correction for SBAS in the Terraflex settings. Is there a way to do this in Trimble Connect and sync the settings across to TerraFlex? 
    Eric Nygard
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  • How to synchronise TSC7

    Hi,   I used to use Trimble Office Synchronizer for years. Now I am trying to wrap my head around TSC7.   I have TSC7 connected to the internet and logged into Trimble Connect. I have a project set up and...
    Marian Plucinski
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  • add curve plate over curve object in tekla

    hello I want to add curve plate and bolt in my model but I couldnt makke it. can you please give me some solution ASAP? please find attached documents.
    Aashish Rokka
    last modified by Aashish Rokka
  • Where can i find auto-saved copies of my Sketch-Up model on Trimble connect ?

    i`m told that you may have in the system stored earlier versions of my Sketch-Up drawings the version i`m on at the moment seems to have been corrupted. the images are a mess. unuseable !!! see pdf images attached. ...
    Angus Fordyce
    last modified by Angus Fordyce
  • Spaces connected to walls and members

    I have an IFC file where I have a problem I can't understand. When I'm hidding some spaces it also hides some walls and members... They are connected in some sort of way I can't see.
    Håvard Malde
    last modified by Håvard Malde
  • Failed to load model

    Recently, I've been working on a model using my Annual Shop plan and, apparently, the watered down Web version of Sketchup.  Under Activity, I can see all of my auto-saved models yet none of them load, File Faile...
    JD Megargel
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  • import trimble field link

    Attempting to import a field link file into TBC and receive the message " a suitable importer can not be found. Additionally attempted a conversion with Trimble File Conversion , which yields a non- result, ...
    Ken Moscetti
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  • How do I change my Trimble account email?

    My Trimble account is associated with an email address for a company I no longer work for. There are active licenses associated with this account that I have paid for. I would like to change the email address associat...
    created by Allen
  • Where are the latest manuals placed.

    Where are the latest manuals placed? Is it possible to put them all in documentation. I can only find them in de personal blogs off @Jari, @Laura or @Darshan. But some off them are already updated.
    Rob Janssen
    last modified by Rob Janssen
  • Trimble Connect Anonymous User Access

    It would be really great if we could share our Trimble Connect models with anonymous users.  Similar to sharing files on Google Drive with a shareable link.  We would just email a customer the link and they ...
    last modified by PETER OFFICER
  • How I can Merge Two bars?

    Hello How I can Merge Two Rebars if they have the same size and do not exceed the max allowable bar length 12m? I try to use the Three Longitudinal Bar Pattern and fail to Combine it to form a single bar. Tekla S...
    Ali Araye
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  • remove/add project member

    I have free version of Trimble Connect. I removed some project members (status removed), but can 't add new one. How can I add new member?
    last modified by Maris
  • Read/open Navisworks files in TC

    Hello all, is there any future development to give the option to open Navisworks files .nwd .nwc in Trimble Connect? It would be really beneficial for the coordination in projects. Thanks, 
    Marco Perazzo
    last modified by Marco Perazzo
  • How how to force sync and override error message?

    I am a Mac user and I am using the TC Sync tool to upload various folders and subfolders of content.   I am finding that there are various folders that are erroring out with an "A file/folder with...
    Chris Dizon
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  • necesito pagar mi suscripcion

    como puedo pagar mi suscripcion
    created by YEZID RAMIREZ
  • How to Sort the Team Members?

    When viewing the list of team members, I don't see any way to sort them alphabetically.  Surely this is just an oversight, but am I missing something?
    Dwain Wood
    created by Dwain Wood
  • how do I change account email address

    How do I change the email address on my profile?
    Jonathan Keight
    created by Jonathan Keight