• how to download version 18 japan environment

    I want to install Version 18 japan environment, How to download the env file from tekla
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  • New clash work not in right way

    Hi all,   1) new clash work not in right way. Look please on pictures in attachment. Could you help me please?   2) How can I check clash only in 1 model (file)?   thx Pavel
    Pavel Vlasak
    created by Pavel Vlasak
  • Team import from excel no longer working since V2020 update

    In team we used to upload a default user database that was in excel format. This would populate all of our users in their appropriate groups for the project. Since 2020 has come in this no longer works and were having...
    Matthew Hastwell
    created by Matthew Hastwell
  • opening of tbp files

    how can I open *.tbp files?
    Ireneusz Kulągowski
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  • Transferring the license to Trimble Connect to other users

    Hi Tell me please, users who have licenses for Trimble Connect according to a registered subscription to Thekla Structure can transfer the license to other users on Trimble Connect?
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  • How do I set Trimble Connect as the default program for TBP files?

    I'm switching from BimSight to Connect Desktop / Windows, and need to be able to open existing BIMsight / IFC files in Connect. How do I associate TPB and IFC files with Connect so that Connect opens these files?
    Robert Weeden
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  • how can i upload tbp file in trimble connect

    i want to upload my projects that i have in bimsight tekla at the trimbleconnect and its opening the project in bimsight not in the new software trimble. p
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  • Lecture de fichiers TBP

    Bonjour, Je viens d''installer Trimble Connect parce que Tekla Bimsight me dit que je peux le tester seulement 10 fois avant l'enregistrement et je n'arrive pas à m'enregistrer, ça reste figé. ...
    Randazzo Pierrette
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  • Is there any way to transfer the GPS coordinates from TerreFlex directly into a .Kmz or .Kml?

    I have been asked to make a .Kmz or .Kml out of the GPS points I have collected but I do not know how to get them from TerraFlex into a file or if there was an easier way to do so or if possible at all?
    Andrew Quick
    created by Andrew Quick
  • Trimble Connect -  change attributes list

    Is it any possibilities to change display of attributes sequence for object in Trimble Connect? I started use Trimble Connect for projects verification and I see one disadvantage comparing to TeklaBimSight. When I wa...
    Trimble Connect - Attributes list
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  • About Trimble Connect Clash Detection

    I have the problem about clash detection, when I use web or desktop app to create a clash detection it always in progress, I have already waited a whole day but not get the result. can somebody help me to solve this p...
    Andy Zhu
    created by Andy Zhu
  • Bonjour,

    J'attend que la personne chargé pour nous guider dans l'installation du logiciel nous contacte suite au mail ci-dessous que nous avons reçu le 20 mars: "Hello Michel, You have been assigned a subscriptio...
    Michel Bosnic
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  • Sprache ändern

    Wo ändere ich die Sprache von Englisch auf Deutsch?
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  • Trimble Connect Window 7

    Witam. Mam pytanie odnośnie Trimble Connect. Chodzi mi o wymagania sprzętowe. Zainstalowałem program na 2 stanowiskach z Windows 7 Profesional, wyskakuje okno do logowania i program zamyka się. Na systemie Windo...
    Grzegorz Sosnowski
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  • Slack Integration?

    Hi,    is there a way to integrate TC with Slack? Would be nice to create To Dos and upload Files via Slack, would be even nicer to comment on todos and get updates in slack.   Greetings Tobias
    Tobias Steinhardt
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  • Filter transfer

    Why does my model not have any colored filters attached/ How do you transfer filters?
    Mark Charlson
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  • Local folder for trimble connect

    Hello,   I open and save so much IFC model in my computer. But there are some IFC model have larger size. So my disk C: now is full. How I can change which location to storage trimble connect model?   Than...
    Tung Xuan
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  • Why ifc surfaces are with flashing patterns?

    Most of the surfaces imported from Revit 2020 ifc are with strange flashing patterns when panning or rotating view. I guess it is because we have thin layers of tiles etc. in the wall. Or I do something wrong with th...
    Atis Sedlenieks
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  • Files from external parts ( STEP ... ) TEKLA to TC

    Hello   I am currently trying to create an export file that, similar to the TEKLA BIM sight viewer, all the purchased parts (which are also often installed - e.g. hinges etc.) Is that possible with Trimble ...
    Klaus Zanko
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  • error uploading file

    Tried to upload a shapefile from Civil 3D and I received a processing error for Trimble Connect. Trying to view the data in Trimble SiteVision.
    Paul Tice
    created by Paul Tice