• TC Mobile distorted display of dwg's

    I receive dwg files from authorities using the Swiss LV95 map Datum. All coordinate values in this system are above 2'600'000m. Displaying these models in TC Desktop or TC Web Viewers works nicely. But in TC Mobile (V...
    Uwe Bertele
    created by Uwe Bertele
  • Define scale of generated pdf markup

    I have dwg files in Trimble connect web and display them in the pre-view. From there I choose download (as pdf) . How can I control with which scale the pdf is generated? I would like to have a scale of 1:100 for in...
    Uwe Bertele
    created by Uwe Bertele
  • State pulldown non-functional

    I am trying to stablish connection fo rthe 1st time. On account verification iI do not get a drop down on State hence I can not go further. Please advise:
    Davoud Khiaban
    created by Davoud Khiaban
  • Rotate Plan View

    Is there a way to rotate the plan view?  
    created by Troy

    cant enter state
    Robert Lynch
    created by Robert Lynch
  • how to export Tekla BIMsight in Tekla 2019

    how to export Tekla BIMsight in Tekla 2019
    last modified by Balakrishnan
  • Coming Soon: Trimble Connect Mobile Update

    Trimble Connect Mobile v2.7 will be available in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store towards the end of this month. There's lots to look forward to! This blog post provides an overview of what you ca...
    Marcel Broekmaat
    last modified by Marcel Broekmaat
  • Topcon machine control set up, with a Trimble calibration?

    Is it possible for Topcon to use the Trimble DC file with the site calibration? 
    matt fleischman
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  • New Connect 3D Viewer Available in Beta Version

    The new Trimble Connect 3D Viewer is now available in beta version. The Connect team has worked hard on this new BIM viewer and we are excited to make it available to all users. The new viewer can be launched by ...
    Marcel Broekmaat
    last modified by Marcel Broekmaat
  • How to synchronise TSC7

    Hi,   I used to use Trimble Office Synchronizer for years. Now I am trying to wrap my head around TSC7.   I have TSC7 connected to the internet and logged into Trimble Connect. I have a project set up and...
    Marian Plucinski
    last modified by Marian Plucinski
  • Is there a way to change the original member color in the IFC model uploaded to mark as approved for members in the model? Currently I can not change a members color to change its approval status. I have found the note tags but that is it.

    I would like to know if there is a way to change the models member colors to differentiate the beams and connections that are approved by other team members to have the quick visual instead of note tags cluttering up ...
    Eric Berger
    last modified by Eric Berger
  • Extract Rebar info using Trimble Connect API?

    Dear all,   Let's say, I have received an IFC file (the original model created with Tekla Structures). If we want to extract the Bar Bending schedule from the IFC, can we use the Trimble Connect API to extract?...
    sathiyanarayanan manickam
    last modified by sathiyanarayanan manickam
  • SketchUp exporting IFC -> Trimble connect

    Is there a way to upload an IFC file in SketchUp to a Trimble Connect project?
    Rogier Schenning
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  • Comment recevoir une facture pour l'achat de ma licence Sketchup Pro ?

    Comment recevoir une facture pour l'achat de ma licence Sketchup Pro ? Je n'ai jamais reçu le mail après mon achat et j'en ai besoin pour ma comptabilité. 
    Atelier Deltaedre
    last modified by Atelier Deltaedre
  • Measure tool Font Size

    Is there any way to increase the measure tool font size. We're attempting to use Trimble Connect in the field, but if we can't read measurement information on the field then what's the point?   Surface Pro 4, fu...
    Ervin Tarkhanian
    last modified by Ervin Tarkhanian
  • Model filtering in TCM

    I have loaded multiple models into Trimble Connect to view together. Occasionally I need to view all these models simultaneously, but sometimes I wish to view only one. There is a function on the mobile application w...
    Paul Jennings
    last modified by Paul Jennings
  • Trimble Connect Desktop on Microsoft tablet

    Has anyone ever tried to use TC desktop on a Windows surface Pro tablet?   Just wondering if it can run the software and models without any issues   Regards   Paul
    Paul Jennings
    created by Paul Jennings
  • A useful tool for a TC admin

    Greetings, I would like to submit an idea to make the life of TC administrators easier. It would be great to have an option as an admin that make us see the project as a user (and possibly a user of a pecu...
    Olivier Pellegrin
    last modified by Olivier Pellegrin
  • TC Revit viewer Online

    Hello,   We can’t open Revit files anymore on TC Web? Even after using the Revit plugin to export Revit files to Trimble connect? The “view window” just gives us an infinite loading (tried on...
    Olivier Pellegrin
    last modified by Olivier Pellegrin
  • I made a emty basis, for folder-tree-tructure, can I copy this?

    I made a emty basis, for folder-tree-tructure, can I copy this for new projects?
    Leo Rieswijk
    last modified by Leo Rieswijk