• Integrate Trimble Connect

    Hello,   - I would like to integrate the "Trimble Connect" into a backed webapplication.   - Like showing the exact same files i have in "Explorer" - basically just linking it.   - Can you point...
    Johan Nyman
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  • HTTP Status 400 - Bad Request

    Hello,   Over the last days, I'm trying to login to Trimble Connect and I'm getting this Error: HTTP Status 400 - Bad Requesttype Status report message Bad Request description The request sent by ...
    Bruno Ribeiro
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  • additional language

    Hi, is possible to get additional language (besides available ones). how is with the translation ? we could provide it if you have translate tools available or we can provide translation from english table of us...
    Peter Kobal
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  • Information table

    Hello, we have a problem opening project. Each time, asking to fill out information about user (street adress, country). After saving and trying to open in new window, it appears again. 
    Justas Sturis
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  • Searching in Model

    When searching model using unique code, in this instance cage 1, Trimble also displays cages 10-19 as well as cage 1. Is it possible to have an "Equals" function in search as opposed to be a default "contain"?
    Paul Jennings
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  • Web 2.57 and 2.58 Release Notes - Sep 14 2017

    New Features Interactive uploads now go to the current folder in middle panel instead of selected folder for improved user experience and context           ...
    Karthik Rajagopal
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  • Project Settings

    Click the icon to skip to the section you are interested in. Trimble Connect WebProject settings are used by project administrators to set project wide preferences. These settings are in 4 categories, Sync settings, ...
    Jonathan Watson
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  • Upload Download and Sync Files

    Click the icon to skip to the section you are interested in. Feature supported in shown platforms only.   Trimble Connect Web  Trimble Connect provide onboarding experience for users to upload files ...
    Jose Gonzalez
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  • Trimble connect worklow

    Hi, we are going to use the Trimble Connect desktop, mobile and Tekla Structure Worflow content. It seems to be a great tool, and I am looking forward to use it on site. We have an Ipad Air 2 64Go, the status Sharing...
    Olivier Pellegrin
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  • Support for other mixed reality headsets

    Will Trimble Connect support provide support for other mixed reality headsets, besides Microsoft Hololens, like Meta 2? 
    Arquiteto Raposo
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  • Folder permissions for root folder

    When creating a new project there doesn't appear to be any folder permissions settings available for the root folder.  This means that however many sub-folders are created and folder permissions added, the root ...
    Stephen Chudley
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  • Synchronization Problem

    My views from the desktop program are not synchronized. Any suggestions?
    Sven Jung
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  • Invalid Client

    Dear All,    How could I solve invalid client?   Thanks, Naing Oo
    Than Naing Oo
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  • Revit Plugin, unbale to use

    We are trying since few days to test the Revit 2017 plugin. My account on TC Web and Desktop (after updating the config file to remove default proxy) works well. On Revit 2017, after clicking on the plugin, we get t...
  • Trimble Connect App

    Dear Developer,   I am studying trimble connect API with youtube Video.   I downloaded the sample code in github(GitHub - Trimble-Connect/samples: Sample applications ) but it is different with y...
    Than Naing Oo
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  • How do i change todo label?

    Currently all ToDos begin with "STR--x" where "x" is a numerical counter.  Do I have the option of changing this to "RFI-x"?
    Mike Soyring
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  • System Requirements

    Click the icon to skip to the section you are interested in. Trimble Connect Web System requirements: Supported browsers Google Chrome 64-bit Recommended hardware, desktop and laptop CPU x86 x64 recommen...
    Jose Gonzalez
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  • Error with deleting folder and files

    Greetings,   We are admin on our project and we are not able to delete some files and folders. Its says "An internal error occurred, please contatc support".   We tried multiples times on different admin t...
    Olivier Pellegrin
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  • How do change IPad units?

    How do you change the units from Metric to Imperial on the IPad?
    Aaron Beaver
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  • How can I get projects json data in Europe or Asia with Trimble Connect API v2.0?

    I am developing applications using the Trimble Connect API v2.0. I am trying to display information on the project by referring to this URL (https://app.prod.gteam.com/tc/static/apidoc.html#projects). However, I can ...
    Yorihiko Machida
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