• Open and save projects with Trimble Connect for Desktop?

    In TeklaBIMsight, it is possible to open and save Tekla BIMsight project (.tbp) files and BIM Collaboration Format (.bcf) files to exchange whole projects and to-dos to other project members working off-CDE. Where has...
    Nicolas Kuthan
    created by Nicolas Kuthan
  • Can`t invite new member

    Hi, I have upgraded Trimble account to Business, Project GR H&M. Subscriptions is paid for 6th persons including current month, but account does not allow me to invite more than five persons what is limit for free...
    Rolands Bruzgulis
    created by Rolands Bruzgulis
  • how can i work offline

    we need to work off line on a model in a place without internet connection or wi fi
    last modified by enarch
  • Trimble Connect - IFC default Colours not coming through

    Hi,    I have created an .ifc which has default colours linked to each element. In Tekla Bimsight the colours come through - but in trimble connect they do not. Can you please confirm what the issue is?
    Joseph Thiang
    created by Joseph Thiang
  • Export ToDo's to Excel

    Just a suggestion: Wouldn't it be great if the pictures from the model would be added to the excel list automatically?   Best Regards, Yves
    Yves van Loon
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  • Problems with color

    Most of my sketchup models loosing color/material inside trimble connect. Sometimes it helps to explode groups and components, but having the whole model exploded is a little bit inconvenient. Any tips how t...
    last modified by armin.krause@greif-lab.de
  • view can not be updated

    In Trimble Connect web, if I update model, when I open views which create use last version model, but the view can not be shown latest model view, can help me to solve this problem. I just want if model update, view ...
    Andy Zhu
    created by Andy Zhu
  • Does Trimble have an SDK that would allow me to create an app that can connect to a Trimble CORS network?

    I developed an app that uses GPS to determine locations in the field of construction projects. I'd like to get an accuracy boost by connecting/communicating with an established CORS network in the area. The CORS netwo...
    created by JB
  • Opening IFC model direct in Trimble Connect for desktop v1.7.1.140 not possible

    With the last update opening a IFC model direct in Trimble Connect for desktop v1.7.1.140 is not possible. When I open direct a IFC model this doesn't work anymore. I see that Trimble connect starts, but not opens. Th...
    Peter-Paul Brans
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  • Wrong models positioning in TC web

    I have two ifc models for wich the positioning is correct when viewed in TC Desktop, but in TC web there is a shift of several meters between the two models in 3 directions (cf captures of both viewers) It is the sam...
    Laure Delaporte
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  • Find coordinates

    I would very much like to have a tool to pick a point and get its coordinates.
    Andreas Zieritz
    last modified by Andreas Zieritz
  • combine models

    how do I combine models in trimble connect to see 2 models in the one view
    Jason Gray
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  • Cant complete my profile.

    I cant complete my profile  It pops "Please enter a valid value for State/Province  I am from Sarajevo , Bosnia and Herzegovina  what ever I enter it says the same thing I cant use my sketchup viewe...
    last modified by Selena
  • I can't complete my profile. It says I've entered an invalid name. I don't know why my first and last name would be invalid?

    Invalid name. Please try again notification?
    Sharlene D Lisenbery
    created by Sharlene D Lisenbery
  • Trimble non TSC3 upgrade

    Hi   i have a non radio TSC3  ‘wondering if buy installing the spare part replacement 2.4ghz radio set would this then work ? ie is not having the radio installed all that is different between the n...
    Mick Raspin
    created by Mick Raspin
  • Installed terrasync after hardreset

    hi dear, 2 years ago, I sold handheld juno sb gps from other one or second gps condition. Before the gps has installed the terrasync standard version but after the hard reset the terrasync is gone. I try to installed...
    created by fajri
  • State pull down menu not working on profile setup

    help me
    created by Doug
  • Cannot save to trimble Connect

    Internet connection is fine as evidenced by my posting this discussion. When I try to save my sketchup in the on line - free version I get a red box asking me to check my internet connection and asking if I want to s...
    Mark Nohr
    created by Mark Nohr
  • Trimble quick Link Hub

    I am installing Trimble Pipedesigner 3d software and the instructions are asking me to install a Trimble Quick Link hub. Where can I find this link to download?
    Glenn Tait
    created by Glenn Tait
  • Viewing STEP files in TC Desktop

    I am having issues for visualizing a STEP file en TC Desktop. The size of the file is 503 MB, could that be the reason?
    Laure Delaporte
    created by Laure Delaporte