• share button not available

    I have a user for whom when selecting a file to share the share button was not available. I removed him from the project and re-added him and it appeared but has since dissappeared again.
    Travon Price
    created by Travon Price
  • Trimble Connect ToDos

    Hello,   I would like to ask if it is possible to lock the ToDos after they have been created and only the project admins to be able to change or delete the ToDos.   From what i have seen so far, when a no...
    Nikos Christantonis
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  • Trimble connect Installation

    I received an email to get Trimble Connect to replace Tekla Bimsight.  I use Bimsight to look at IFC files.  I managed to download a file called  "TrimbleConnectSetup-[2]".  It has no ...
    last modified by Jim
  • Heads Up: Browser clash check feature will move to the new 3D Viewer during January 2020

    The clash check feature in the browser will move from the legacy 3D viewer to the new Connect 3D Viewer during January 2020. This means that the "Clash sets" panel will stop being available in the legacy 3D Viewer and...
    Jari Juntunen
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  • New Trimble Connect 3D Viewer - Release Note - October 22, 2019

    User guide for the new 3D Viewer Benefits Main Features What we are working on next Useful Tips Internet Explorer browser support Old 3D viewer availability How to clear your browser cache (e...
    Jari Juntunen
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  • Trimble Connect 3D Viewer Release 1.0.24 - December 12, 2019

    There is a new version of the Trimble Connect 3D Viewer available in  https://3d.connect.trimble.com. Version identifier for this release is: 1.0.24.    To load the new version to your browser, cli...
    Jari Juntunen
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  • ifc Models not displaying

    Hi i'm getting started on Trimble connect Desktop. I tried to create a project and adding ifc files, but after a loading time they don't appear in the 3d view.  This is what i get.   Is there a problem ...
    josselin faure
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  • Trimble Connect Desktop Clash analysis

    Hello,   We are trying TRIMBLE CONNECT DESKOP for our BIM Collaboration and clashs analysis. We are currently using TeklaBimsight for this. The problem is we do not find the same results between Tekla...
    Olivier Pellegrin
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  • Hola, manejo una estacion trimble M3 y me a pasado ya varias veces q se queda en la pantalla de escritorio y no me deja entrar a trimble acces . ¿Por que pasa eso y como lo puedo solucionar?

    No me deja entrar a trimble acces y no puedo trabajar 
    samuel hernandez
    created by samuel hernandez
  • Hola, manejo una estacion trimble M3 y me a pasado ya varias veces q se desprograma y no me deja entrar a trimble acces. La prefunta es ¿cual puede see la razon por la que suceda eso ? Gracias .

    1ra. Vez entarva al trimble acces pero no abría ni topografia ni carreteras 2da. Y 3ra. Se queda en la pantalla de escritorio no abre el trimble acces. 
    samuel hernandez
    created by samuel hernandez
  • How to download pictures created by ToDo (batch download)?

    Hello, during SiteVision presentation I took a lot of pictures via ToDo's, so all of them are stored in Trimble Connect. I know that I can open each ToDo, click on the image and click on Download button and ...
    Quido Květ
    created by Quido Květ
  • Changing profile (Compagny)

    How can I change the compagny (bedrijf) name? It is saying mdarchitects I did not put it there and it is not my compagny name. I can not change it. 
    Richard Muller
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  • Offline och registrering

    Behöver använda programmet i en offlinedator, vilket innebär att jag inte kan registrera mig. Hur löser jag detta? Jag kan registrera mig på en online-dator men kan inte arbeta i den.   ...
    last modified by Tobias
  • how to delete a project

    We created a test project and I would like to delete it.  How do I delete a project?   THanks,   Kelci Hagen 406-205-8217 khgaen@loenbro.com
    Kelci Hagen
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  • reports in trimble

    can I make reports like in tekla (load list, assembly list, etc)?
    Raul Raquid
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  • Why wont the TC Menu show up in Hololens?

    When launching Trimble Connect in Hololens, after the air tap confirmation screen the main menu is nowhere to be found.  How do i fix that?
    John Stergakis
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  • Is it possible to get an report from Trimble Connect Status Sharing 1.1?

    Assambly position and date of assembly.
    Alec de M?nnink
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  • User rights

    Wouldn't it be a good idea to have the possibility to add specific rights to members or member-groups? Now everyone in the project can remove everything.   I know that removed models can be restored, but i thin...
    Yves van Loon
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  • Trimble Connect Project

    Hi, Is there an option to save current projects and store them locally? (like this was possible in Tekla Bimsight)   Kind regards Martijn Gielkens
    Martijn Gielkens
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  • Trimble Connect Desktop - updating IFC models

    How do I update/reload IFC models if I have generated a new version of the IFC model? In Tekla BIMsight the program itself detected the new version and it was possible to reload the new IFC model. In Trimble however...
    Hendrik Talvik
    last modified by Hendrik Talvik