• Importing of gsi data (from total station) in TBC

    What is the reason and how to solve the interchanged grid coordinates values of imported points from *.gsi format (data from total station) in trimble business center?
    Yonah Jalbuna
    created by Yonah Jalbuna
  • When I power on Trimble tsc3, it says Windows ce not installed. Can I still sell this for an estate with that error code on There? I know nothing about them, and the original owner has passed.

    Any way to get past the error screen? 
    Angela Coffey
    last modified by Angela Coffey
  • Background Color

    I know this is a minor thing and don't know how many times, if any, this has been brought up.  For the Background color for Business Center, you have the option to have either Black or White.  I use Black 90...
    Alex Freeman
    last modified by Alex Freeman
  • Trimble Connect + HTC Vive

    Is there any development in Trimble Connect regarding VR? We own HTC Vive VR-goggles and are very interested in using them with Trimble Connect I saw that there is a Trimble Connect version for Microsoft Holole...
    Michael Steinacher
    last modified by Michael Steinacher
  • Trimble Connect Account Upgrade Process

    Trimble Connect license entitlements are being enforced for new user signups after Jan 16 2018. Existing users, projects until Jan 16 2018, can continue to use Trimble Connect without any changes until further notifie...
    Sandeep Thomas
    last modified by Sandeep Thomas
  • antenna mismatch

    TDL 450 Hx   : 1) What is a good VSWR? 2. Has anyone noted antenna mismatch error display when a) power is tuned off at the supply/battery, b) when battery is level is low, and c) when the radio gets ...
    Farshad Behbahani
    last modified by Farshad Behbahani
  • Add Design Point # to Data Collector Report

    I'm trying to create a custom style sheet for as staked export on the data collector. I'm using the CutSheet 3 (Slightly edited to remove north/east) I found in the trimble documents. I'd like to add the Design Poin...
    Robert Martin
    created by Robert Martin
  • Clash

    Hi there, I would like to ask you for information concerning clas report. 1)You claim that "Once the clash has finished processing, the clashes will be shown on the model with the list of clashes on the right pane....
    Pavel Vlasak
    last modified by Pavel Vlasak
  • Web 2.64, 2.65 and 2.66 Release Notes - Feb 15 2018

    This is a release focused on improvements and bug fixes only.   Improvements Performance Improvement: Changes for faster querying with Read replica Performance Improvement: List Items in a Folder [GET] P...
    Karthik Rajagopal
    last modified by Karthik Rajagopal
  • todo modell version

    someone creates a todo with link to models. afterwards one of these models is replaced with a new version (same name). is the todo connected with the older version of the model? it seams so. how do I see the version o...
    Jan Gloeckner
    last modified by Jan Gloeckner
  • IFC files not loading

    Hello,   A colleague has uploaded a series of IFC files into a project (in the same folder), but I cannot load a couple of them. They show up as downloaded files, and up to date, but when I try to see them, the ...
    Dan Chereches
    last modified by Dan Chereches
  • Trouble downloading and viewing some of the Revit files

    Hello everyone.   I am having issues downloading some of the Revit files hence being unable to view them. Upload seemes to go fine using Revit addon provided by Trimbe and the file shows up at server however wh...
    Denis Cugura
    last modified by Denis Cugura
  • Transferring Trimble Geo7x data files to arc GIS

    I know I have done this before without pathfinder. However, its been a few months and I seem to be having issues now. Is it possible to transfer gps data to arcgis without having pathfinder, or am I crazy? I swear, I ...
    Nathan Podany
    last modified by Nathan Podany
  • Ipad - viewing Attachments using 3D Viewer

    Hi, After downloading the Ipad app for some testing I noticed that Attachments can't be viewed when clicking the associated object in the 3D viewer. Is this an additional feature that could be added? Alan
    Alan Day
    last modified by Alan Day
  • Is there anyway to sign into Trimble Connect directly through Trimble Business Center? 

    Trying to avoid having to open up a internet page in order to upload/download files to the cloud.
    Marc Olmeda
    last modified by Marc Olmeda
  • Hololens v1.0 Release Notes - Jan 25 2018

    Trimble Connect for Hololens v1.0 app can be downloaded from Microsoft Store on your Hololens device.   New FeaturesLoginUser will be able to login to the  app by scanning the QR code generated from Trimble ...
    Karthik Rajagopal
    last modified by Karthik Rajagopal
  • We've been hearing that our GeoExplorers require an operating system update. Is this true?

    What's the scoop? We've been hearing that our GeoExplorers require an operating system update. Is this true? if so, why hasn't Trimble notified us?
    Lindsay Large
    created by Lindsay Large
  • Viewing Link attachments in Ipad App

    I've noticed that Link attachments don't show in the DATA view list in the mobile App, only models and files. Is this something that could be added as an additional feature?   Also, it is possible view the Atta...
    Alan Day
    last modified by Alan Day
  • Trimble Connect API Authentication

    Hello all,   I'm trying to develop a simple app in C# to manage the 3D Models in a Project, but I have many problems with the authentication method. I tried to follow the Trimble Connect API tutorial vi...
    Gonzalo Alcalde Vicente
    last modified by Gonzalo Alcalde Vicente
  • Upgrade of Trimble Team Licenses from Free Version to License.

    I created a  project under Trimble Connect account and invited a team. presently I am not part of the team. now we purchased the licenses. just I want to know, how I can allocate the licenses for the team.
    Munawar Saeed
    last modified by Munawar Saeed