• Email daily digest notifications for administrator only

    Dear All,   On Trimble Connect web, how is it possible to enable notifications only for the administrator? Only the administrator receives notifications email about downloads, uploads, visits activity so to say....
    Yanick Lusson
    created by Yanick Lusson
  • How to find a specific assembly

    How do you search for a specific steel assembly and have the model highlight it so it can be located?   Thank you.
    Ron Allen
    created by Ron Allen
  • TC SDK and Shares

    This is in regard to the Trimble Connect SDK and sharing.  I noticed that there is documentation regarding shares for the API, but I can not figure out the correct procedures to share (View only share to an email...
    Bill Scoble
    last modified by Bill Scoble
  • How to view Trimble connect models in VR using HTC Vive ?

    I am trying to view .IFC models uploaded in Trimble connect in VR using HTC Vive , When I launch the Trimble connect vizualizer from the desktop app ,I am not getting any buttons/options to view model in VR mode. Ho...
    Kishlay Kumar
    created by Kishlay Kumar
  • wie versende ich hochgeladene dokumente direkt aus Trimble connect an andere fachplaner?

    Wie versende ich hochgeladene Dokumente direkt aus Trimble Connect an andere Fachplaner?
    Patrick Schönenberger
    created by Patrick Schönenberger
  • Measure coordinates of points in Trimble Connect desktop

    Hi all, I would like to ask you if it is possible to measure coordinates of points in Trimble Connect desktop. I enclose pictures with some examples how it could be solved into attachement. This solution offers poss...
    Pavel Vlasak
    last modified by Pavel Vlasak
  • Where do I find my license number and how do I enter it into this trial version?

    Where do I find my license number?  It shows I have an active subscription but when I downloaded the program, it is a trial only and my days are running out.  I can't find my license number on your website o...
    Joseph Downing
    created by Joseph Downing
  • Update account email address

    Hi,   Is it possible to change my contact details for my trimble account or should I simply create a new account?  I will no longer have access to my current registered email address so need to update with ...
    Sarah casey
    last modified by Sarah casey
  • Integration between TrimbleConnect and Solibri

    I would like to know how can I find the SERVER URL in TrimbleConnect? If I had the url, I can connect Solibri to check and send the issues to TC.   Thanks in advance.
    created by Cristiano
  • consulta

    hola, descargue el trimble connect, lo instale pero no puedo visualizar archivos, anterion con tekla si lo podia hacer
    Eduardo Ibarra
    created by Eduardo Ibarra
  • Trimble connect objects attributes not showing (Desktop Version)

    Trimble connect desktop version not showing all object attributes exported but shows in web version.  Desktop version:   WEB version:   This was working last week but not sure why it stopped ...
    Barry De Beer
    last modified by Barry De Beer
  • Sync Tool -  Mac version Release Notes - May 22, 2020

    New features & Improvements We now support Sync Tool over macOS Catalina.   Bug fixes There were issues while syncing project , especially since we didn't support macOS Catalina earlier. The relevant problems...
    Darshan2 Rajaram Kamat
    last modified by Darshan2 Rajaram Kamat
  • I cleared my browser (Chrome) history and now I can't find my saved files. Can I get my files back.

    I was using SketchUp Web to build two complex models. Overall, I had saved 3 files to Trimble Connect. Yesterday, SketchUp Web was sluggish and driving me crazy, so today I cleared my Google Chrome history, think...
    created by Jill
  • Why will one Revit family, with embedded Markers, not populate Field Points?

    Hello! We have two Revit Families with Markers embedded. Field Points are able to be populated for one of them using "Place Points over Markers". The second family gives the error, "System.NullReferenceException: Obj...
    Sara Troy
    created by Sara Troy
  • How Do I Convert an Alignment to a Linestring?

    Is there a way to quickly convert or copy an alignment and make it into a linestring?
    Brandon Knight
    created by Brandon Knight
  • *Feature Request* - Display alternative file name/description in Model Tree

    [On medium and large projects with strict Doc Control] Model files will typically be given document names/references that are difficult/impossible to interpret what the actual content of the model file is. &...
    James Thorpe
    created by James Thorpe
  • hi sir, i am designing bracket with angle section for support canopy , to export my shop drawing from structures to structural designer material not showing how o analysis without this export completely satisfies

    we are fixing aluminium canopy directly to the roof slab so i am designing brackets to hold this structure there is no verical support directrly we are fixing to the slab
    created by sudesh
  • How to see my 3D en perspective

    Hi, When I import my 3D drawing it always looks like a camera (Parallel Projection) style... So, sometimes I lose some of the parts of the components. I do not see that when I orbit it in perspective on SketchUp ... I...
    Helia Gaudet
    created by Helia Gaudet
  • Dashboard for Trimble Connect Sync

    Hello,   Is there a dashboard for Trimble Connect SYnc that will show a user which projects have active sync schedules on them and which don't?
    Paul Jennings
    created by Paul Jennings
  • Todo with Revit

    Is there a tool to exchange todos with Revit? Without going through bcf which does not work very well.
    Alexandre COLLIN
    created by Alexandre COLLIN