• .tzf into .las

    Hi,    If any possiblity for  .tzf  format into .las format or .bin  format without TRIMBLE REALWORLS ?
    prabakaran alg
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  • Post Procesing Data of Phantom 4 RTK using TBC

    Hi, i just bought a phantom 4 RTK and im using a free software for the ppk process that seems to be harder to use than TBC, thats why i want to know if anyone could give me a brief explanation of how to import the .ob...
    Mauro Arzuaga
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  • Can UASMaster processes imagery from a Parrot Sequioa sensor

    Hi I'm trying to run UASMaster on 4-band Parrot sequoia imagery and I'm having some problems. Does UASMaster support imagery where every band is a different file, i.e. a tif for the ted band, a tif for the green band...
    Atman Prins
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  • I am having an issue with the date of my .T02 files. Instead of having a year of 2018, it shows that the year is 1882. Can somebody please help me?

    I am having an issue with the date of my .T02 files. Instead of having a year of 2018, it shows that the year is 1882. Can somebody please help me? We had a recent PPK Survey last October, when we were processing the ...
    Cathy Pogay
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  • is possible to convert a flight mission from a dji to .jxl format file for TBC?

    Good day, I have to generate a point cloud from different pictures taken by a dji. I have to create an ortophoto mosaic data, generate the 3d surface and finally calculate the volume (I have to do all these operation...
    Stefano Ruben Presezzi
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  • how to process phantom 4 pro 2 block data

    When I run the tie point extraction command during the process of 2 block flights data acquired by phantom4 pro, this error "The bundle block adjustment is singular, please check that you have enough measured GCPs and...
  • Trimble Catalyst precision issues

    I'm interested your experiences of the Trimble Catalyst product. I purchased the DA-1 antenna and a Catalyst precision subscription six months or so ago and for me it's been less than awesome in its performance. ...
    Tony Gilbert
    created by Tony Gilbert
  • Point Cloud from V10 pictures. Process Failed

    Good afternoon, We are doing a big excavation and I was planning to do some volume calculations using the V10 we own in the company. I planned to take pictures from the surroundings buildings to create a point cloud ...
    William maestre larrad
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  • Melding a CAD file (2D) into a SX10 3D VCE.  Possible?

    Hello, I'm trying to stretch my limits of TBC knowledge by superimposing an AutoCAD DWG into TBC and registering with tie points an SX10 project.  I have older DWG files (1999 vintage) that are working and valid...
    Joel Cusick
    created by Joel Cusick
  • Virtual Walks from V10 pictures

    Good afternoon, We own a V10 and we wanted to use the pictures we take with it to do some kind of Virtual walk in the line of Google Street View. I believe that TBC doesn't do that kind of things. What about Clarity?...
    William maestre larrad
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  • any reason why TDC100 4G uses Android 6 instead of 8?

    Why if the TDC100 4G was recently developed it is using Androide 6.x instead of the latest version 8.x?
  • How do I solve this error in EarthWorks Simulator?

    Since the Trimble EarthWorks Training in Brazil I have not been able to use the online platform because it says it can not find a Controller (EC 520). Unfortunately, and fortunately, this is only happening in my machi...
    Ana Machado
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  • What Is The Future Of Photogrammetry?

    Hi,   I have been reviewing the results of POB's latest study on laser scanning trends, and the use of photogrammetry appears to be declining. We asked what imaging tools surveyors are using, and photogrammetry ...
    JohnHale JohnHale
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  • Is there a Trimble app for starting an RTK Base ?

    Recently I was at a senseFly eBee Plus RTK drone demo and they were using an R10 as the RTK base for the flying mission so they had to use an TSC3 with ACCESS to configure and start it and then do nothing with the dat...
    Alexander Holsteinson
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  • How can I export Image Position or  Event mark interpolation in TBC

    Hi all, Am using TBC 4 and am doing aerial mapping jobs with custom made UAV running with PIXHAWK ,recently I installed a PPK board into the UAV and am able to collect the continues log data with #event marks. How c...
    binoy ks
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  • Can I work with Worldview-3 (Digital Globe) in Inpho 5.4?

    Also, worldView images are cut in various parts. Can I join them using Inpho?   Best regards,   Juliana
    Juliana Takahashi
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  • Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation

    When attempting to open TBC, I get the error:   "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation."   Does anyone have any experience with this?   Thanks
  • TBC Google Earth Issue

    TBC Google Earth Issues: I am having problems with viewing my data on google earth in TBC under the view tab, when I click google earth under the view tab it creates a notepad document automatically showing a bun...
    Patrick Tora
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  • Why does Trimble Access 2017 not measure a compensated point with Trimble R10?

  • Map Orthomosaic to Arbitrary Coordinate System

    I have a geo-referenced TIF of an area I flew over. A client has asked that I tie the image into an arbitrary coordinate system, with no transformation readily available.   I have 5 points in the new, arbitrary...
    Ben Jarrett
    created by Ben Jarrett